Desperate Times

[thoughts from ~burning woman~ by Sha’Tara]

It is said that desperate times call for desperate measures. Undoubtedly another of those truisms bandied about but not really well understood. That’s not exactly a surprise, that, is it.

The problem for mankind caught in the clash of civilizations, such as, for example, the onslaught of the European empires upon Africa, the Americas and the Far East, and even for many European nations, is the inability to recognize the coming of desperate times thus remaining wide open to any better armed or more hypocritical predator. By the time the people realize they’ve been conquered, it’s too late for any “desperate measures” short of committing tribal suicide in bloody battles that have no hope of succeeding.

But desperate times do not come only in times of war. They can arise in times of economic oppression conveniently labelled “depression” as if it was somehow a natural event. If the oppressor is able to hide his intent by fomenting hate, fear or greed (the basic formula for any conquest), those being economically conquered will be so busy hating, fearing and exploiting one another they will only realize their real plight when it’s too late to do anything about it; when “desperate measures” will no longer work because they can no longer be enacted.

It is my contention that both, the USA (and satellite or militarily dependent nations) and the European Union have now reached this “desperate times” condition. Predatory capitalism has firmly established itself over these lands and their benighted occupants. These occupants are now boxed in; incapable of coming up with any viable way out of their occupancy. In a very real, para-military way, all those nations reeling under unimaginable debt loads and sucking off the hind tit of international banksters are in fact occupied nations.

They are more firmly controlled and being systematically plundered than were conquered nations under the Third Reich. Banksterism is far more deadly than Nazism yet very few actually recognize this danger. That’s why the growing hype about resurgent Nazism: keep the hate and fear going, hide the plundering.

Banksterism is the traditional snake that ensnares with its eyes before it strikes. The victim is incapable of movement, unable to realize the death blow is coming. “You know this is being done for your own good now,” say the snake eyes. The victim remains hopeful until after the death strike.

It’s not that there was no warning. The “Desperate Times Ahead, Use Extreme Caution” signs have been posted planet-wide for generations, if not ages. It’s not as if there never were mass victims of desperate times which should be a warning for those heedlessly plunging ahead thinking only of the next pay check, the next purchase, the next “fuck” if you will.

The problem is, who is it that’s going to get royally “fucked” this time around? Will it be the “dirty Indians” or the “soul-less blacks of darkest Africa”? Will it be the “godless Arabs” sitting on veritable gold mines of black gold? Will it be the last tribes of the Amazon or the Malayan jungles?

Well no. Civilization has run out of those. Massacred, enslaved, bought out into hopeless poverty and refugee status, they no longer matter. They can no longer feed the banksters of predatory capitalism. Since the System can only feed itself on living flesh that produces, reproduces and reduces, the new victims are Americans and Europeans, and following that, those of China and India. All those who now depend entirely on the World Bank; the IMF; the Fed, (or any other similar agency, regardless of the name it uses) for everything, even in increasing instances for the very air they breathe.

Few ever saw the warning signs of long ago (it’s called history, for those who think studying history is so very boring), fewer yet can sense the perilous condition they’ve willingly let themselves be ensnared into. There are no desperate measures being talked about or even considered, just same old, same old, (replace the Conservatives with the Liberals, the Republicans with the Democrats, the “This” with the “That.” Add a touch of icing on the cake, like alternative energy sources and such, pathetic and pitiful handouts to the clamouring who suspect something’s about to seriously go south… to shut them up, to keep them believing and voting and consuming, even when they know they are believing in a pathocratic deity, voting for a deadly enemy and consuming each other.

Sure, fine, have your “climate change” meetings. Have your Tesla technology and pretty (or ugly) electric cars. Have your windmills of your mind. Feel better? That’s what was intended, that you feel something is being done, by somebody, about something important so you’ll remain compliant. Suck on that nipple. We don’t mind you fussing when less and less milk squirts from it, just suck harder.  It’s that trickle down thing.  It works for us, make it work for you.  Read those self help books we keep grinding out to keep you believing.  Pray to the Universe: it’s just one great big wish granting machine  eager to satisfy your every whim.  Buy the book.  If it works (guffaw!), it’s just more taxes in our pockets.)


22 thoughts on “Desperate Times

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Rosaliene. The way I see it, well it’s pretty well game over. No matter the heroics now, the score against the home team is unbridgeable. There is however one “last?” way the home team can avoid a crushing defeat. It can leave the game. It can turn to the opposing team players, offer a hand and say, let us stop this competition and live together in peace and harmony as we were meant to live. Then it can turn away and do that, whether the opposing team agrees or boos. You see, without the home team, the opposing team cannot compete and becomes redundant. It’s a simple lesson, if terribly costly upon implementation. For too many it remains the Jack Heath quote: “Better the Devil you know than the Devil you do not know.” Unfortunately for the home team it knows very little about the Devil it is so sure it knows just because it votes and “believes.” It could turn out that “the Devil you don’t know” isn’t a Devil at all but a healing angel.


  2. rawgod

    Sad yes, but true nonetheless. Sha’Tara, you are simply amazing. And I can see why you are Burning, Woman. I too am burning, ready to explode, even. But explosions are just another distraction, as are the flames of fire. I can be very vocal, as you already know. But at the same time I simmer, like the hot ashes of a campfire not properly extinguished that will build into a forest fire. Yell loud, someone will hear you, as even you heard and recognized me today, but keep the ideas repeatimg in the minds of those who will eventually hear. I love it when people actually open up and debate me, argue with me, and especially hate me. That keeps my ideas awake in their minds. And the more they debate, argue, and hate, the more times they have to think of what I have said, and the more opportunity there is to have their consciousnesses raised. Have you ever read the book “Black Consciousness in South Africa”? It is a legal courtroom history, attributed to the key witness, Steve Biko, so he is the “listed” author. It is by far the most important book I have ever read in my life, though copies seem to be getting harder and harder to come by. Please let me know if you have read it, or ever get to read it. It changed my approach to “Burning.” ‘Nuff said for now…


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, rawgod. Yes, debate is good when it comes from sincere seekers. I don’t spend much time debating believers and defenders; you can’t take away the soothers. We seem to be of those born to “save” and “heal” a world. Neither a brag nor a complaint, it’s what is. The problem at first was figuring out how (not “if”) that could be done. As a religious child, with help from visions, I realized the need for self-sacrifice in the process. That was both, exciting and frightening. I read a lot about saints and martyrs, trying to imagine being crucified, or burned alive. That was the dramatic part, a necessary foundation to the separation from full identity with the world I lived in. Then came the action years, complete with a few death threats but a far cry from the burning pyre! 🙂 These times were necessary to teach me that no solution can ever emerge from any concept once tried and failed. Any solution would have to be from an entirely “new” base. Enter “the Teachers.” Choose a life goal you can never fulfil or complete. I chose compassion. Compassion can only work if you are fully self empowered, they said. So I gave up all my “isms” and beliefs and attachments. In my pre-teen years I was very much a loner. I returned to that mind space. I began to understand what it meant to say, “whatever is required of me, that I will freely give including my own life.” I understood the meaning of freedom from that moment. It wasn’t just words, or feelings: I was tested in a life-trade situation where I offered my own life in exchange for that of another. In the end, after 3 years, that person was exonerated and freed. But my willing participation was enough to convince “the Teachers” that I’d passed their test. I could become an avatar of compassion. As to the ~burning woman~ that refers to two things: my childhood certainty that I would burn for my stance (literally or symbolically) and that I would burn mentally and spiritually for the life purpose I would choose to pursue. Passion… there is more passion in compassion than in the most ardently expressed love story but unlike the love story there is no “til death do us part” in being an avatar of compassion: that is the path into infinity.

      Being born of those whose purpose is to heal a broken world is an awesome awareness and responsibility. However in the cosmic “range” of thought and action, we are far from being alone. Broken worlds abound in this universe alone. From those broken, enslaved worlds, many have escaped and formed support worlds from which they seek to free their home worlds from the bane that has taken them over. Those support worlds they dub the hidden worlds. One of my Teachers was from earth, no surprise there. I don’t know how much of this “greater picture” you are aware of, but consider this an introduction, eh? Cosmic history 101! We don’t express, or fight, alone. We are both, called and self-chosen. Our greatest asset in all of this is humility. I may be “right” about a lot of things pertaining to the oppressive hegemony that rules earth, but I’d rather be wrong. I’m not here to win arguments, or even to convince. I’d like to demonstrate though, that compassion is the greatest “Force” in existence, rivalling even the “Force” of Star Wars because it doesn’t have a dark side. All ISSA (intelligent, sentient, self aware) life is equipped with compassion, or to express it in computer terms, it’s a downloaded, ready to install, over-riding operating system. Once compassion is installed as the operating system, all the old systems and their programs are systematically flushed out until only compassion remains. I am here, now, to complete this flushing out process.


      1. rawgod

        7So much to say, so many comments to say it in. I’ll try to keep this short and pointed. I chose to dedicate myself to the actuality of life. For me, life is not a state of being, it is “being.” I have no ISSA friends as such, at least none have revealed themselves to me. Cosmic history? The history of the Earth probably encapsulates other cosmic histories, at least as far s the Earth has come, and as far as history is not a bunch of dates, but a living story.
        And, in my worldview, the two most important words are “role model.” Every day of my life now, every minute of my life now, my duty is to role model the possible, to show people what it is to life of life of self-responsibility, and it’s corallary, other-responsibility.
        We are using different words, but I feel a kinship in what our words are meaning. You “demonstrate” (you demon, lol) and I role model. Seems to me the same thing…


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Socrates is quoted as having said, “to know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” When we exist within the programming of “the Matrix” the main emphasis is to discourage any attempt at knowing yourself. From religious preaching, to public education, to self-help books (oxymoron claim) to most acceptable conversations, the point revolves around dismissing yourself in favour of adapting to some aspect of the system. It is usually counterproductive to counter the System’s invasive brain washing process through argumentation, which leaves us with only one way to remain true, sane and unchallengeable: role modelling or demonstrating a working alternate way of life. That puts an individual in the category of an image that is worth a thousand words. It may seem an infinitesimally small process, but I learned long ago that it’s not about success at all, it’s about changing my own nature. The change I demonstrate (or role model) can only be the change I’ve undergone. Such change is irreversible because our way of thinking and perceiving is forever altered. Against such a thing no Matrix belief system can prevail.

        Other things Matrix programming does not want “Earthians” to know: the history of their world and their own history, or beginning. To understand earth, one needs to realize, to intuit, to sense, events greatly predating any known or speculated “history” whether written in books or the so-called fossil record. We have a real history we are not permitted to think about. We have an ancestry that goes back into space and the stars. What we are today is a pathetic remnant of a once mighty spiritual people who walked and lived between worlds, who danced with the stars and nebulae, who sang with the spheres, whose knowledge made Earthian gods look like broken puppets.

        Earth is but a few billion years old, this universe but a few more billion years (in terms of Matrix imposed time) but when we begin to remember, these billions, these numbers, these events in time, fade. What was majestic yesterday becomes a ride in Disney World. We may be enthralled into bondage to a time-space “continuum” but our minds have never ceased to attempt to break free to return to our cosmic heritage. Find out who imposes the limits and their agenda. As below (earth) so above (the universe). We live in a violent cartoon reality and instead of exposing it we spend our time trying to make the characters “more real.” We are given three set of paints and brushes for this pre-school function: organized religion, politics and money. That’s it. Nothing else.
        You’d think then that it wouldn’t be too difficult to see through this kindergarten silliness but we’ve suffered so much oppression we have shrunk into tiny obedient mice. We’ve had millennia of traditional brainwashing. Our history has been all but eradicated from our minds. Human-wise we’ve become walking skeletons and zombies. In the words of “Kansas” we’ve become “Dust in the Wind.” But “they” haven’t broken the link – they couldn’t, not without killing us outright and “they” need us to feed on, to worship them, to adulate and emulate. We give substance to their depraved ways, their greed and corruption, and I’m not talking about Earthian people here, but (to quote an interesting passage of Scripture) “our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against powers, against authorities, against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Even in the most compromised of places, truth will out.


      3. rawgod

        “Organized religion, politics, and money.” I call them my “3Gs”: God, Gold, and Government. I do not believe in good or evil, one needs to be a theist (my apologies) to believe in them. But having said that, the 3Gs are the biggest obstacles to allowing living beings to take responsibility for themselves. To let people be themselves, take care of themselves, decide for themselves what they are willing and unwilling to do, that is what the top echelons of the power structure are most afraid of, and most determined to weed out. Without followers, there can be no leaders. Without spenders, there can be no buyers, and without voters there can be no elections. Yet people play their games, and admonish me for not playing them. Little do they know I had already played those games. and found them lacking in personal satisfaction. Believing in a god forced me to question where I learned everything I thought I knew, only to discover “everything, literally everything” was learned at a young age from authoritarian teachers. Nothing I believed came from me,.. and I was the one who should have decided what it was I believe in. In making those choices I came to discover things I had never heard of, things I had to give names to, starting with spiritual atheismn, and running through responsible anarchy. And for this discussion’s sake, atheism and anarchy are not defined as a dictionary would have us believe them to be defined. Atheism is merely a rejection of any and all forces that might be in charge of how the universe runs– no one is in charge of how the universe runs. It runs haphazardly, dare I say chaotically. Oh, that sounds like anarchy… Anarchy for me means each person governing themselves according to their own rules. So I wrote my own “Golden Rule”: I can do unto others only that which I am willing to allow others to do unto me. And the corollary to the Golden Rule is what we called the Hippie Law: Be whoever you want to be, do whatever you want to do, as long as you do not hurt anyone or anything in the process. I can freely say “I used to be an asshole,” and unfortunately I can still be an asshole at times, but I no longer try to be one. I learned from my mistakes, and as long as I remain aware of who I am, I am generally a very nice person. And I try to help my fellow living beings whenever I am able.
        There are still more things I can talk about, but I think I have said enough for now. Peace be with you always.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Open mind blog here. Say what you want, how you want, when you want, for as long as you need to, make clear what you mean. Don’t sell your thoughts short! If I disagree, as I often do with many ideas, it’s not your problem, it’s up to me to explain why I disagree. How else to discover the validity in our thoughts?
        I like your “3 G’s” approach. Same ruling forces, different labels. God, Gold, Government.

        I have a working saying (among many) that reminds me to “believe all things, believe in nothing.” Good and evil certainly exist if we don’t spiritualize their meaning. That which gives life, nurtures, protects, heals, is good. That which causes harm, pain and death; that which condemns for its own profit or satisfaction is certainly evil. Defined properly, and in keeping with the term “evil” I have no problem using the word “sin” – a perfectly good word for a state of mind that results in the perpetration of evil. As you can see, I was raised very Christian, first as a Catholic, up to teen-age, then it all went kind of crazy: atheist, which I found untenable, agnostic, also untenable, then I think what you call theistic. (Have to take a few moments and refresh my memory on the meaning) I later returned to the faith as a “born again” evangelical. That lasted about 4 years.

        Then I figured it out. The key to understanding religion. I realized that, of course, god exists! Not by faith but by empirical proof. What so many are trying so hard to prove and disprove is right in front of their noses and they can’t smell it. God.

        I’m sure you are familiar with the proverb, “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” which means the real value of something can be judged only from practical experience or results and not from appearance or theory. There you have it. According to recent stats, the actual numerical figure of people who believe in God is approximately six billion and twenty million people. So let’s say that 6 B people believe IN God and 1 B do not. Obviously God exists or we reject majority rule as a valid concept. For believers however that’s a catch-22. It means that God’s character is also explicitly expressed by those 6 B people.

        When I say to Christian people here in one of Canada’s versions of Bible Belt, that I know God exists, that I don’t need faith to believe that and I can prove God’s existence, they don’t understand until I explain how it works. Then they get excited… then they get angry! Oh yes, they like the idea that a non-religious person knows God exists. They enjoy the validation of their faith. What they balk at is being made responsible for God’s character. Then it isn’t miraculous anymore, it means taking responsibility. Never mind that their Jesus insisted on that, they can’t abide it. Why? They’ve never weighed the costs of discipleship, never understood, never bothered defining their terms such as ‘love’ ‘faith’ ‘sacrifice’ or ‘voluntary dispossession in service of the poor.’ Like Mother Teresa for example, but most of them would despise her or venerate her from a distance, safely undefined.

        If we are to communicate with the natives we need to speak their language and where there arises semantic problems, we need to be willing to explain to them the need to define their terminology, what they actually mean when using a particular term. Defining common terms is important since their meaning is forever morphing through propaganda and of course a changing language. All the more necessary for those common terms riddled with emotional content. In other words we need to practice humility as our modus operandi. {thus endeth the sermon!}


      5. rawgod

        Good sermon, Sha’Tara, and wish that I could go along with it. But I have never (read the last 40 years of my life) allowed the majority to rule. Due to all the things you just said above, like not being able to define what they are discussing even though they swear they believe in that something cancels their right to have a say in what is and what is not.
        And you may have something in “meeting them at their own level of understanding,” which is what I learned in my Social Work studies in university, but what I was NEVER allowed to actually use in the field until I went rogue there too. Good and evil, as defined above, great! But common usage (read majority rule, lol) redefines your intention and believes that you mean what they say you mean, therefore I have dropped them from my vocabulary. But the meanings behind your usage, priceless, to go all commercial on you.
        Sha’Tara, I do enjoy talking to you, it’s like talking to a me who thinks differently yet the same. It is a novel experience for me. So keep on keeping on the way you see things, and I will keep on the way I see things. You’ll reach more people, as is evident in the number of your followers, but I am not out for, never aimed for, any followers, or likes even. I agree with what a lot of people say, but to get me to push a “like” button is like pulling a tooth, and I don’t have any of those left to pull. Maybe I should be more open to compromise, you give it more value than I can, (not that you are compromising yourself, but you are using tools that don’t exist in my toolbox, for better AND for worse) but my vision is more narrow than yours. There is no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, no god. Those things and others destroyed my life even while forcing me to relook at my life, and finding out what I truly believe in. Both approaches are probably needed, or maybe mine is too restrictive and therefore unnecessary. I don’t know. I think I’m getting “over my head” in this discussion, and possibly coming across as pedantic, judgmental or even condemning, but I certainly do not mean to be any of those. I love your way of spreading our ideas, but it can never be my way. Simple statement. Getting to know each other talk. Acceptance of other views the main theme. Yeah, the man doth probably protest too much, but that is the male gene in my DNA. But that male gene cannot stop change, or progress. Perhaps in a year or two I will be all over your way of thinking. As Doris Day sang back in the 50s, “What will be will be, The future is not ours to see, Que sera sera.”
        And, poof, I am a ghost. I have work I have to do today. Have to allow the physical some time to support the spiritual. After all, no matter where we exist in space and time, as long as we are alive on this Earth, samsara’s dues must be paid, eh, what?
        Hope to speak with you again tonight.


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for that wonderful, “meaty” comment. Lots to chew on here; to think about. Some of the “narrower” approaches you mention, I had to work through long ago. But as a very public person once upon a time, I had to learn the art of communication and as I swam along aboard various executive memberships, compromise and often just remaining silent, was the best response. “Why didn’t you attack that motion? We discussed this, we’re against it!” “Because my position is too strong and we are a democratic group. If we are not, then we are hypocrites.” I lost many times when I could have won because it wasn’t about me, or what power I held. It was about… everybody.

        Gradually I became more of an individual and left all collective efforts at betterment of the “polis” so to speak. It really is up to the people, if they want to exist as a society; as a civilization, to learn to govern themselves with restraint and acceptance. Granted, some things are unacceptable, but what is to be done if such emerges with popular and majority support? Do Americans, for example, really want to be ruled by KKK types and Neo-Nazis? If the popular will indicates it is, and they believe they are in a democracy, what’s to be done to prevent this from becoming fact? Alternative: counter totalitarianism? The problem lies in the felt need for some sort of rule imposed from some sort of power source, from “God” on down. The great weakness, the Achilles’ heel, of Earthian humanity.

        I decided decades ago to take the stance of the Jedi Knight. Nothing and no one can ever be recognized as having a higher authority than my own. To “enforce” this stance, I became what I call an avatar of compassion, compassion being what I call my “Force” – which is much superior to the Force in Star Wars as this one has no dark side. You don’t need any armour or weaponry to walk with compassion. That’s what makes it stand apart from every other force or rule or power or authority. Even “God” must ultimately bow before Compassion though “God” will never understand it, nor ever be able to wield it, for “God” is of love; of a duality principle however much it tries to hide its light/dark source by claiming to be One. It isn’t and never will be. For love can only exist where there is hate, within attachments and jealousy, thus within an endless feed of violence.

        If you are an avatar of compassion and you know you are more “powerful” than anything else, walking between the worlds of the material, the mind and the spirit, you will look upon the various aspects of such worlds with understanding. Never in fear, never in arrogance, never in superiority, never with constraining force, never in judgement leading to condemnation and never slavishly. You will never be a leader and never give special recognition to followers or sycophants. You cannot contemplate nor do evil for that no longer has any place within yourself.

        Why I chose compassion as my Force, as that which I would serve body, mind and spirit, was ultimately because it is incorruptible. You have heard it said, and undoubtedly seen it written many times that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is a truism of the duality principle within which the material order must exist. Compassion is of non-duality; does not have a complementary/dark side, thus it can wield absolute power and never “fall from grace.”

        So, no attachments; no emotions; no “special” anything or anyone. Ultimate freedom, ultimate aloneness. Ultimate responsibility. I can predict that as I proceed on this irrevocable path, there will come a crossroads where I will have to give up my now necessary concepts of good and evil. I must trust the process and try not to second guess what that will mean for me, but when I finally cross beyond all uses of the duality principle, “good” and “evil” will most certainly no longer apply.

        So, that’s what your comment brought forth. Your turn, whenever you feel like, and time permits. I wouldn’t want you to feel constrained to respond when more important things need attending to.


      7. rawgod

        Hey, girl, I want to be esponding, as often and as volubly (in the sense of having much to say, talking until there are no words left to say) as time and space allows. As I said, I enjoy talking with you. This is a learning experience, for both of us. learning who the other is, learning why the other is, learning “how” the other is. As, for example, your above communication speaks volumes, and there is so much to respond to that I know it will take years to get that done. But yet there are so many other things to say, some related, most unrelated, or with a clear relationship path. And besides that, there is another comment pending, but because I read this one first, the other has to wait…
        First off is the “felt” need to be governed. That is actually not true. The “perceived” need to be governed is taughtfrom the moment of birth. I am going to hope (assume) you understand what I am saying, and can move on from there. (If nt, just ask, and I will address it in the future.) WE humans do not believe we can govern ourselves, and especially NOT in a life-affirming way, because we are surrounded by governing bodies before we can even realize the possibility of awareness. Yet, why do so many teenagers rebel against the authorities in their lives. It is because they feel the need and desire for to be in charge of themselves. It is the enslaved spirit crying out for self-autonmy. But whatever authorities there are in that person’s life refuse to give up their authority. For example, my spouse is now in her early fifties, and is a fairly autonomous person. Yet, her mother still treats her like a six-year-old. She (the mother) still after all these years refuses to let her daughter be self-autonomous, and my spouse will not let me intervene because she fears the wrath of the mother. This is not healthy for mother, daughter, or me. But for now I bide my time, respecting my spouse’s wishes, putting upwith the status quo, knowing it is only a matter of time before I have to take the mother aside and explain the facts of life to her. While it is unlike me to acquiese in such circumstances, but I understand what the daughter is going through, and she is not ready yet to have this battle take place. But meanwhile I am helping her prepare, hoping that she will eventually fight that battle for herself.
        This is a microcosm of the world at large. As long as authorities exist, they do not willingly give upthat authority untilthey are no longer allowed to keep it. Democracy is just such an authority. There was a time is was needed, to take away the arbitrariness of royal rule, where life depeded on the whim of a person who believed himself or herself to be a monarch. But such was not the case. In some democracies the monarch was allowed to retain vestiges of their power, but their ability to rule on a whim was taken away. Jump ahead to the present. Donald Trump is now ruling a perceived democracy on a series of whims. He has not been given absolute power, yet he rules as if he has it, just like Hitler did in Germany of the 30s. And he didn’t even hide his disdain for the people he was elected to lead. But those same people allow him to rule because they believe in democracy, rather than believing in themselves. Yes, they think they need to be governed, but only because they were taught to feel that need.
        You and I, we are different, as you say, we are incorruptible. You, though compassion. Me, through respect for life. Both of us through understanding who we are, and our places in the world at large… You accept your role as an avatar, but I reject such a role, even though that may be who or what I am’ I call myself a pathfinder, but really there are as many paths to find as there are beings living in or out of our univeerse. But all paths lead to the same place, and so I call myself a pathfinder…
        Ah, Sha’Tara, I would love to go on, for this set of ideas was all inspired by just a bare few of your words. Imagine what I could inflict upon you and any readers who might be following our conversation right now. But I have more of your words to read. I go to them now, but not without adding I hope someday I can touch upon some of the other themes you wtrote to inspire me…
        I’m a ghost, for now…


      8. Sha'Tara Post author

        This is a wonderful conversation, and I’m definitely “reading you.” Just enjoying, holding off on comments for now. Thank you.


      9. rawgod

        You give me too much honour, Sha’Tara, but thank you just the same. I am now going back to your “Lots to chew on” comment, because so far I have barely scratched the surface of all the inspirations I found while reading it…


      10. rawgod

        “I lost many times when I could have won because it wasn’t about me, or what power I held. It was about… everybody.”

        A very noble sentiment, Sha’Tara, but in my mind not always a practical one. Sometimes, I am sure, you knew the better way to arrive at a particular outcome, and others may have suffered because you held your tongue, not wanting to dominate the situation. I mean, I know how you were feeling, and there is no way to ever realize all the ramifications of a non-action, just as there is no way to realize all the ramifications of an action, but putting an idea out there is not true domination. The “majority” could still have rejected it, but at the very same time, by holding your tongue you are not giving them the chance to accept it. This is probably a male/female type of thing, though I would not say even this were I to hold my tongue here. What I am about to discuss is only connected to this discussion in a weird sort of way, yet to me it has far-reaching relevance.
        Circa 1980 something I was volunteering at a Jazz Winnipeg event, and I decided to go to the wrap-up party for some reason, which was not my usual style. At the party I watched as a well known TV broadcaster in Winnipeg was continually accosted by a drunken ass whom I eventually learned to be one of the higher-up mucky-mucks in the Jazz Winnipeg Foundation. I mean, this asshole was all over the broadcaster, determined to wear her down and have her submit to his sexual advances, as ungraceful and disrespectful as they were. He somehow thought himself privileged to grab her boobs and ass whenever he wanted, and to stick his slimy booze-smelling tongue deep into her throat. I mean, I wasn’t looking to be a witness to this ugliness, but the guy had no class, and forced everyone to look at what he considered to be his public right. I was a nobody at the time, a driver for performers to and from the airport, and to or from their gigs. I had no power whatsoever. But I had to make a choice, and in retrospect what I thought was the respectful choice was not the right one. Instead of openly embarrassing the fool of a mucky-muck I was able to get the broadcaster aside and talk to her about what was going on. In my mind the overt aggression was sexual violence, and needed to be reported to the police, or someone in some kind of position of authority. But the victim begged me to say or do nothing at all. She told me she was used to such male behaviours, and that she just shook them off as the unavoidable costs of being a “beautiful” (my words, not hers) public figure. It was her obligation to be at this party, as she was also a member of the Foundation board, and she could not leave early, no matter what she had to endure in the meantime. I tried to get her to see how his actions were not only unlawful, but also that she was probably not the only woman he was treating in this way. Our conversation ended when she asked me to mind my own business, saying that she was in control of the situation, and come morning the guy would be sober and full of apologies. (She had obviously been through scenarios like this before, and thought that she was surviving them.) I left the party, sickened by what was going on, and feeling totally inadequate to change the situation. Powerless was the way I felt.
        As a male I had wanted to act, to stop the violence I was being subjected to. But in the end I respected her wishes, and abandoned her. You can tell from my words I still feel guilty today for not taking the correct action that day. I thought it was out of my control, but really I should have taken control. Instead I let her words affect how I acted, or failed to act, when I saw other women dealing with other unwanted sexual advances in other similar situations. Having failed to act once, I failed to act time and time again.
        This was all brought crashing down on me this year with the Harvey Weinstein episode. The fool in Winnipeg was blood brother to Harvey Weinstein. Privileged, unchecked. Never called to account for his actions, as far as I know. Weinstein eventually got his comeuppance this year, but the fool in Winnipeg, and most of the men and some women like him will never face public judgment, though I hope they are shaking in their boots wondering when someone will reveal their stupid actions.
        If I had spoken up all those years ago, I may have inspired others to speak up too. I had it in my hands to short circuit years of male abuse, but instead I “blamed” it on the women for putting up with it. That one moment in time when I chose to talk to the TV broadcaster in private, rather than publicly confronting the real sexual predator, coloured my life and the lives of others from then to now.
        Inaction, or the wrong action, can have far far-reaching repercussions that I could never have imagined in that instant, had I only taken the power upon myself. The worst part is, while I hope I have never done anything so overt, I know I have done small things to others that would be classified as sexual violence today. Touching another person inappropriately, kissing the cheek of someone who did not want to have a cheek kissed, even holding a hand that did not want to be held. I am guilty of those kinds of things. I understand now how wrong they were, and I apologize to anyone I ever violated, but really it is an empty apology, because I don’t even know the names of some people I need to apologize to, and I have lost contact with the ones whose names I do remember. I am sorry, but I don’t know what to do about it, other than to make sure it never happens again…


      11. Sha'Tara Post author

        Hey rawgod, I just had to take time out to respond to this. Here goes:

        Interesting. I think we’re talking about two quite different subjects here. One is about democratic “rights” and the person with superior authority holding back to allow the rank and file to decide how a certain situation is to be tackled or resolved, thus making it government by the people, of the people, for the people. If what I think is best isn’t seen as best by the majority, then it doesn’t matter what I think. Majority must rule, or we must face the fact that our entire system is a farce and totally hypocritical. We have this problem right now world-wide. The leadership knows best. That is not democracy and we can see that the leadership does not know best. Who creates the wars we are fighting not knowing why, or even against whom?

        The other issue is an entirely different bag of cats. It is one I have very strong views on, and all of those run counter to the general, popular (or not) bandied about understanding of interactive sexuality. The human species is a sexually immature species. That goes without saying. This immaturity is grossly manipulated in every possible way, half of it using women as sex objects; the other half denying women equality within the patriarchy. To counter this women have used their sex to survive and battle their way into, and through, said same patriarchy. It’s a power struggle within duality. To add fuel to the fire, the System or Status Quo has added a new twist: ascribing criminality and guilt to those who use sex for survival, as in prostitution or for personal satisfaction, as in those who use their positions of power and authority to demand sexual favours. We have this situation. It could be resolved in an instant by a change of nature wherein sex is no longer much of an issue. The compassionate being (back to that) doesn’t need sex as an emotional soother. It may indulge in it in the tantric form, or for procreation, but that would not happen very often.

        Meanwhile back at the ranch, men need sex and women are physically, emotionally designed to be the providers of such sex. That’s nature. Proximity of bodies as we’ve gone from scattered millions to crowded billions has exacerbated a volatile condition, exploding an awareness of need, especially in high schools and colleges. You’re in the middle of an unholy mess of feelings angels could only run away from. Some things I know about it though. Women like the attention their bodies and sexuality brings them. It’s only the programming that has so twisted both sexes that natural, normal, exchange of sexual energies is suddenly declared taboo and perverted. Thank you so much, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and the rest of you perverted patriarchal sickos who have managed to infiltrate your filthy evil minds into the legal framework of almost every nation on earth.

        Men need sex from women (with exceptions proving the rule). That is not evil, that is nature. Women like to give sex to men when not pressured into it, or made to feel guilty about it, because when a woman satisfies a man’s sexual needs, hers are fulfilled also. All that bullshit that passes for sexual inappropriateness between unequal yoking of males and females is a result of meddling by organized religions and sycophantic law makers. There are many reasons why power groups would want to keep men and women sexually apart. One of the oldest, to keep men so horny they could be promised “free” women and sex upon joining an army to go out and conquer another nation. Rape, plunder and pillage were the payments.

        Going against nature is irrational. Any normal male needs sex from a normal female and vice-versa if not so obvious. Ancient, pre-civilization tribal groups didn’t have a problem with endemic rape and oppression of women. Each understood and accepted the role their sex gave them. It’s this civilization, running helter-skelter off the rails that has brought us to this shameful pass: that a man and a woman cannot consent freely to satisfy one-another, with or without the bullshit “sanctity” of marriage. Earthians are not naturally monogamous, that’s another religious lie.

        A man who thinks he may have “inappropriately touched” a woman has no reason to feel guilty at all, unless of course he really forced himself on her and she indicated a definite “no”. In a normal society, the man would simply try with another woman until he found one who said “yes”. No jealousy, no guilt.

        Here’s the revelatory one: once all men realized they could have “free” sex from any woman without fear of some kind of later retaliation, the problems of violence against women, especially rape, would dwindle almost to being rare.

        Corollary to that: peace, acceptance and understanding between men and women is something the Status quo is dedicated to prevent at any cost. Remember the great maxim: divide and conquer. Another reason the System will not make contraceptives easy to access, especially for young women.

        As I said, Earthians are a sexually immature species which hasn’t learned to coexist in its current unnaturally crowded reality. Thus it is an easily manipulated species in that regard. Women need to grow up sexually just as much as men do. That means realizing our mutual natures and making them work together rather than against each other. How can something to obvious have become so darkened and dirtied? You want it? Then do it.


      12. rawgod

        I cannot argue with anything you say, S’T. Nor would I want to, because I agree almost fully with you. “Almost fully”???
        From a male point-of-view, there is a sexual mystery (mystique?) which plays a big part in sexual violence. I may not be using the best available word here, mystery can be a great thing. But in the way I am using it, which definitely comes from the Puritans and probably others, the hiding of sexual matters behind closed doors, ankle length skirts, baggy tops, and, in many countries, veils and hijabs causes certain men to want to rip off these coverings with violence. It is an insanity, but it is real. I am not saying a woman should not dress the way she wants to, but “normalizing” sexual parts could go a long way to ending male violence, taking the mystery out of sex. This is not a gender condemnation but a social one. There obviously has to be a male education compondent in this, I am not trying to put the onus on women in any way, but I am thinking to a woman this is exactly what I am doing. But what I am trying to say is hiding certain parts prolongs the mystery, when exposing those parts when appropriate can help to normalize them. (I literally hate when I become finger-tied, tripping over the keys to create the words that make what I am trying to say crystal clear, but knowing I am failing miserably at it. Revealing clothing and unpornographic pictures normalize women’s bodies, and that will help normalize men’s understanding of women’s bodies to the point where the mystery is removed, and men don’t have to over-fantasize, and thus unhealthy lust to healthy desire. Oh, I do hope I am making sense here.
        Because I think in my last post, when talking about the TV broadcaster and the Jazz Winnipeg Foundation mucky-muck, I let the sexual theme override the self-responsibility theme. I tried to tightrope a very fine line, and reading your response makes me feel I over-emphasized the sexual and under-emphasized the responsibility choice. But, .life is never easy, no matter who you are, so, I’ll just let you tell me how you reacted to what I tried to say…


      13. Sha'Tara Post author

        What you tried to say, you said eloquently. I not only understand what you are saying, I fully concur. I’ve always opposed and mocked taboos on nudity. Restrictions designed solely to keep the fear and unhealthy lust fully ramped up. I know you don’t go along with “good” and “evil” as useful terms but bottom line, we live in a top down controlling system that is evil from the get-go. And it makes us evil in turn.


      14. rawgod

        Hi S’T, you may understand, and thank you for that, but I am not sure if the majority of people will. My own partner thinks I’m crazy. She thinks if she walked around in revealing clothes she would be verbally and physically assaulted. She doesn’t trust any man to be able to control his sexual urges. I really hate that there is such distrust between the sexes. But I would rather not continue along these lines… At least not now.
        You have again brought the words, or should I say concepts, of “good” and “evil” into our discussions, And, you rightly say that I do not go along with them. I did give you one reason why I do not believe good and evil even exist, but I would like to take this opportunity to and at least one other reason, and maybe more. To retell, I do not accept the concepts of good and evil because they are religious concepts, given to man by the Hebrew/Christian/Muslim /Mormon “god”. And, since I do not believe in any kind of superior and controlling power, I cannot believe any concepts attributed to a non-existent power can exist. That, I think, is simple and to the point. But that is not the only point.
        Good and evil are also divisitory words, words that divide one set of beings from another set of beings. Anything that divides is harmful to a living being, but most beings don’t even think about them as being dividers. In my life I have met saints and dinners, if you will allow me such words for a moment. The saints of course are good, and the sinners evil. But knowing these saints and dinners has taught me that saints sin, and sinners are capable of doing saintly acts. I have never met anyone who is all good, or all evil. The lines blur all over the place. To meet someone under average circumstances, such as in a line st the grocery store short of the other person pulling a gun and robbing the store, or shooting a clerk, there is absolutely no way to tell if a person is good or evil. Everyone has to eat, and for the most part grocery stores are neutral ground. Most everyone is being polite, unnoticeable. If anyone at all is being impolite, it is usually the “good” person thinking only of himself or herself trying to cut in line, cussing out clerks for not being faster, stepping on peoples’ toes as they rush to get out of the door, and driving aggressively to get out of the parking lot. Criminal types are not wanting to stand out in a crowd, so they go about their business politely, while the so-called good people stand out in a crowd for their meanness and self-centeredness,.
        Another reason I don’t accept the existence of good or evil is because time might change peoples’ minds about whether something is good or evil. Imagine a man robbing a bank. He is so scared that he doesn’t always realize what he is doing. He sees a guard about to shoot him, and he fires first, killing the guard. An evil scenario if ever we have seen one. But later in the courtroom we discover the man was being threatened to rob that bank. His wife and kids were being held hostage, and would have been killed if he did not come back with the money to free them. After weeks of deliberstion the jury is hung, and the case gets thrown out of court. Was he a sinner to rob the bank and kill a guard, or was he a saint for saving his wife and family from certain death? Six jurors saw it one way, six saw it another. The man was not truly evil, but he committed an evil act when he shot the guard. One life was taken, but three or four other lives were saved. Can you judge that man? I cannot, nor would I even try.
        I would go on about one of my pet-peeves, the non-existence of man-made concepts such as time, ownership of goods, the existence of nations and their borders, and good and evil. In all my life, I have never once seen a border, or time, or good, or evil. These things do not exist in nature, in the physical world. Trump can build a wall between the USA and Mexico, or the USA and Canada, but that will only create a barrier, not a border. Mental concepts are amazing things, but they are not real. They only pertain as long as there is someone alive who believes in any particular concept. I do not choose to to believe they exist, and so they don’t, for me.
        These are some of the reasons why I refuse to accept the existence of good and evil. They do no “,good” for anyone, yet they can do a lot of harm.
        And so I take my leave of this writing session. Talk to you soon.


      15. Sha'Tara Post author

        Good and Evil. You’ve made your point eloquently again. Unfortunately we approach these concepts from opposite directions, methinks. I read you as saying that good and evil would be a like a tattoo, a permanent stamp on someone/something making that entity either good or evil, therefore there cannot be such things as good and evil since individuals can do good or commit evil interchangeably. Labels. We have languages. Languages are labels. That man’s suit doesn’t fit him. That man’s suit fits him. That man wears a very fitting suit today but yesterday he wore an unfit suit. How can that be, when yesterday he was an unfit suited man? How could he change? Well, he did not change, he changed his suit. If there is no suit, is the problem solved by the man walking around naked, or in shirt and pants while it’s snowing? Fit suit: good. Unfit suit: bad/evil. No suit: neutral ground? Or fit suit, unfit suit, doesn’t matter? Labels. Applied to “good” and “evil” are we to say that it matters none whether a person is kind, charitable, caring, selfless; that there is no difference between that person and another who is selfishly inconsiderate, greedy, uncaring, rude, imposing her/his will on others, namely helpless victims because it is just possible that today’s “good” person can be tomorrow’s “evil” person?

        When I use the terms good and evil, I am thinking thoughts and acts, not an actual person. If a person thinks and acts in ways that are helpful to others, in selfless ways, that, in those thoughts and acts, is a good person. Conversely, if a person thinks and acts in selfish ways that hurt or even kill others, that is a person thinking and acting under the influence of evil. It isn’t about individuals at the source but when the individual espouses the concept and lives it, that individual becomes the concept. I was once a Catholic because I espoused the concept. Then I gave it up and I was no longer a Catholic. Then I espoused the concept of evangelical Christianity and I became an evangelical Christian. Then I gave up that concept also and I was no longer an evangelical Christian. Now I’ve given my life over to compassion. I believe that will make me a compassionate person/being. If the shoe fits…

        Further back in this dog’s breakfast of a blog I wrote something to the effect that we need to define and redefine our terms, especially of emotionally-laden words such as love, hate, jealousy, faith, evil, peace, goodness, etc. These are not thought-out labels but dangerously emotional trigger words, not because of the words themselves, but because they are not constantly reined in, re-defined, kept in proper context. It’s not laziness that prevents us from keeping our emotionally-charged words on a short leash, it’s that we intend them to confuse or convince; to throw someone or something off stride, thus making them more vulnerable to our attack on them, or padding our intent to seduce them to ourselves. I have met people who were/are simply good people. To my knowledge, my observation or my experience interacting with these individuals, I can only “label” them good. I have also known evil people; people driven by greed and lust, some in my biological family. People essentially incapable of any real good unless it served some selfish end, such as short term reputation in front of a temporary guest, or, as I pointed out, a desire to suck someone into their sphere of influence quickly before their real character is exposed. Sociopath are great seducers and always end up being equally great abusers. That is evil personified. Would it be better if I said that’s not evil behaviour, it’s abusive behaviour? What would that change? My take.


      16. rawgod

        After re-re-reading your comment, I think my last comment was way out of line. I reacted to certain preconceptions, rather than reading what you were actually saying. But, having said that, I am going to bypass the whole sexual discussion, and reply to the earlier part of your comment, “Majority must rule, or we must face the fact our system is a farce…” I may be wrong, S’T, but I think the system has already proven to be a farce. Democracy, government of the people, by the people, for the people actually requires two separate conditions: first, the people must be informed on what they are choosing to create a majority to do; second, they must be offered worthy choices of who to give the power to govern to. Without those two conditions, there can be no true democracy was. Starting with the second condition, when was the last time you were given a choice of someone worthy to vote for. For me, the last time I saw a worthy choice to vote for SINCE I BECAME POLITICALLY AWARE was, let me think, it might have been… no, it definitely was…never! I have never met a politician who was honest, trustworthy, intelligent, compassionate, and respectable or respectful. And I am including every election at every level of government in every democratic or seemingly-democratic political area on Earth. This is not to say there had not been one, but I have never been aware of such a person!
        As to the first condition, poll booth exit interviews have often showed that the person most people vote for is the person whose name has been most prominent in the newspapers and other media in the weeks and months leading up to the election. Name recognition, I believe they call it. So is such a person an informed voter? Not a chance. In fact, they are the most dangerous voter there can be. (As in the election of The Donald). You tell them they should vote, but then do not give them the tools to use their vote wisely. Yes, like it or not, democracy is already a farce. In my mind, any kind of **ocracy” or “archy” is a farce in one way or another. To put your faith in majority rules to condemn your nation to rule by fools.


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    Again, I fully agree with you. How do you demonstrate empirically to a group of people that what they are doing is dumb, counter-productive and injurious to their health and well being? You allow them to do it. You allow them to bear the consequences and you give them no one else to blame but themselves when things go south. Sounds naive but it’s the only way to expose the lie that is “democracy”! Because it is a total lie. I stopped voting the year I awakened, spiritually speaking. Yet I did not stop voting. I searched for an honest, responsible, totally other-minded person to vote for and I have since then voted for myself. Then simply put, based on the resources I have available, I proceed as the one in charge. No conflict of representation. No one making decisions in my name I find repugnant after I voted for her/him. Essentially, I consider my life as being lived in a concentration/death camp. Though there are all those psychopaths having power over me, over us, I remain in charge of my own thoughts, and within whatever space I am allowed for myself, I live my own life by my own code of conduct. Oh, and I don’t have a nation/nationality. No home planet. Like you, rawgod, I am forever turning into a ghost.

    Thank you for this conversation.



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