World Refugee Rights Situation In 2017

I like asking the tough questions, and the one that comes to mind here, as I reblog this article is, how much of what we do consciously or unconsciously, colludes with the forces responsible for this horror and curse upon our global “civilization”?

The Human Lens

With the year end approaching, we are all immersed in festivities and relaxation but let us take a moment to recall that millions of war and conflict affected refugees; women, men and young children have had their lives destroyed and put at risk during this year.

Global situation is getting bleaker and tensions are rising all across the First World and the Third World where politics and poverty is playing games with humanity. Some of the worst situations for refugees are found in:

  1. Greece, a European hellhole for the thousands of refugees that are imprisoned in Moria, this refugee camp is a stain on the so called civilized principles of Europe. Living conditions in this overcrowded and mismanaged camp is so desperate that Greek authorities have warned against life threatening consequences.
  2. Rohingya refugees, in thousands lavishing in different camps at Bangladesh, on boats to and fro ASEAN waters…

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2 thoughts on “World Refugee Rights Situation In 2017

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    I was reading this from the original. There have always been refugees and movements of peoples, but the numbers are increasing and manufactured excuses for hostile reactions to them are getting more strident.



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