A Single Rosebud

[a poem from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]
Do you remember, it was so long ago,
before the time of earth’s labour
and the sounds of chaos made unbearable?
We stood alone, you and I, on the shore
of a black sea scape.  The wind blowing,
ruffling our hair in each other’s faces
and waves crashed upon the wet shale.

There was no moon; there were no stars,
it was our world nevertheless and love,
how we loved it just as it was.  Did it love us back?
We assumed so.  It took care of us,
just the two of us, do you remember well
before there was anyone else to care for?

Do you remember the cries and moans
of all those as yet unborn, inexperienced.
Were they eager to enter; or frightened?
It was our own love that calmed them,
and gave them substance.  We made light
so they could see their way from shore to land.
You watched, I held them and nurtured them.

So you do remember, so long ago, after
when we believed we had done all that was needed?
We stood again alone on the shore, waiting.
Waiting to go home, to be taken aloft to our stars,
certain the ship would arrive in time. Instead
a single rosebud fell down between us.

There was a single thorn attached to its stem:
it pricked both our chests, our blood mixed
and we understood the meaning of pain.
We knew then no ship would ever approach
this frightening world of light and darkness.
We knew then we no longer had each other.

Abandoned and lost, you repeated in anger,
abandoned and lost, I replied in my sorrow.
We walked away from each other then,
unbearable to one-another, unspeaking ’til now
old we are, and grey, together again, but not
to be taken home, only to touch once more and die.

15 thoughts on “A Single Rosebud

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Haunting imagery Sha’ Tara. Can be read on the allegorical and literal levels. Works so very well.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you George. Whatever, however those two got there. This image of that “time” remains etched in my memory. The dark earth, without sun or moon, though usually there are stars, the dark sea and yet a sense of total well being until something else awakens, perhaps the coming of time, and the sun rises, to reveal the moon and the world is completely changed and everything begins to age. You may want to read “The Memory of Lavender” as comparison, (it’s linked at the bottom of this post.)


    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Clarissa. What can I say? There is the aspect you mention, certainly, though for me it’s something deep, deep in a long lost past that I touch every so often and prompts me to write about that time before time. It was the end of something that should have (according to me!) lasted forever into infinity. But that wasn’t to be. There was a change, a powerful universal change and I happen to remember being caught in it totally unawares. I have some explanations for that which I will be posting on another blog page I just created yesterday called appropriately, I think, “It’s not what it Seems” Eventually I’ll figure out how to link it to this blog. Thanks again, Clarissa.


  2. Phil Huston

    Well, you nailed that one. Drop the Ancient Alien space ship line and the heartbreak of reality is palpable. Do you remember the end of “Shakespeare in Love”?

    You will never age for me, nor fade,
    nor die.

    Nor you for me.

    Good bye, my love, a thousand times
    good bye.

    Write me well.

    And as such all will live, eh?

    And so with age we discover what as youths we failed to see. How hearts were broken and then spared. How in a dream that came dressed as a memory we unknowingly danced with the bride of mean, dying man. To a song unheard but drafted on the waves of the stream that runs through everything. Like I said. Nailed it. But the space ships? Save that for the goofy guy with the big hair. It’s way bigger than space ships, and you know that.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ah, ornery as always friend Phil, I saved you for last, doesn’t that feel awesome? So, when did you retire from teaching and writing novels, O Master? 🙂 Surely the way you express isn’t just the result of blogging, huh?

      You don’t like stuff about aliens, do you? Well, you’re in for a treat here, I live for it. Not because its all conspiracies, little green men and mother ships coming to save us all. It’s not about those nuts on “Ancient Aliens” — that’s the false flag. The reality lies deep into man’s pre-recorded history, friend. And luckily for the rest, some of us know this and have very powerful memories attached to the star-faring aeons. Many of the Star Trek and Battlestar G episodes, if somewhat cartoonish were little trips down memory lane for me. It’s in the DNA, Phil. It’s in your physical records in solid stone. It’s in “holy” and ancient manuscripts and books. It’s in tribal memories… it’s everywhere. (check this link, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=59&v=p5ucwGAYmUg

      The problem is, if we allow ourselves to remember such times, we will also begin to remember how we were taken over, enslaved, mind-twisted as Melkor and Sauron twisted captured elves into their horrid Orcs. We’ve become dummied down slaves of an incomprehensible force that translates on earth as the Powers of Religion, the State and Money. They are the controllers, the slave drivers, the mind-twisters, the killers of all that is good in Earthian humanity, turning us into gobbling, consuming pigs, and against one-another. The longer we choose to deny this controversial reality, the longer we will experience the destruction of our planet and continue to slaughter each other for absolutely no good reason. The day we awaken and start to reason our place in the scheme of things, that’s the day we realize who and what we are. That’s the day we turn away from our psychopathic and insane rulers and “leaders.” That’s the day we see each other as equals and there are no longer any enemies.

      Apparently this “poem” can be taken as a love poem. As you know, I don’t do love so that was lost on me. I was dreaming, keyboarding an old dream. I’m an old person, earth-wise, now. I’ve seen a lot of “stuff” in this one tiny little life. What few credit me with is… credibility. I’ve met “my people” in this life. They showed me things strange and wonderful. They taught, they explained. They took me on trips to… beyond this universe. There were no actual “ships” in their traveling from ‘there’ to ‘here’ but long ago in their history there were ships, before they learned how to travel more freely. They likely still use “ships” on their worlds to move stuff from planet to planet, just as there are “ships” in our own history

      The memory of “ships” frightens us because the ones we could remember, the recent ones, brought the bad guys and they did horrid things to us. They changed us; tore us from our natural environment and practically made androids of us. Certainly they reprogrammed our minds and turned us into monsters: fearful, hatefilled and often times, maniacally crazy. We became lustful for sex, possessions and blood. We thrilled at the sight of spilled blood. We still do. This is what we need to remember and set straight in our programmed minds. We need to break out of our mind-numbing denial of a reality the programming insists doesn’t exist. Well, here I am! It exists because I exist and I can “make it so” if to you, only in words.
      It is that troublesome and unwelcome memory the “poem” is alluding to. A time before time so carefully hidden (but never wiped out) from our consciousness. Food for thought, anyway.

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      1. Phil Huston

        Something, someone, whatever, I buy that because the mythology of humans and the inexplicable monuments left behind are evidence. But. I’ve known the star gazers and the shoe gazers and art lives in between where the grand consciousness requires no magic carpet. The shortest distance from here to there is beyond physicality.


  3. Lisa R. Palmer

    * sniffle *

    Yes, I’m actually crying… There is something so profound and real in these words! I am caught up, remembering…

    Thank you, Sha’Tara! For the memory. For the reminder. For the vision of something beyond Time. For the “hope” a single rose can bring – pain, for sure, but also the promise and tragic beauty of Life lived for good or ill…

    Blessings, dear Friend! ❤


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment Lisa. Glad you caught on that there is a whole lot more to “us” than we are allowed to know. As Phil says, “The shortest distance from here to there is beyond physicality.” It’s not a question of “time” or “distance” but of daring awareness; breaking the chains that have bound us to the Matrix until now.

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