Confessions on War Day

[thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

Have you ever had those moments in time when you just can’t get out of your own mind?  It’s like those dreadful days at the corporation they call “stock taking” where the business is literally shut down and everybody is expected to become, if not an accountant, at least a counting machine.  The word “boring” doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Fortunately for some of us, we were the “cutting edge” of techie support, always on call and if Lady Luck was in the mood for granting us a boon, we’d get an emergency call, preferably from some McDonald restaurant with a problem that would take at least a day or so to resolve.  We’d make sure to call in the reserves on that day, make friends all around… I digress…

In the many pigeon holes that make up the mind, there’s one large one, generally and thankfully covered over with cobwebs where we file personal information we’re not so fond of, memories of less than scintillating performances among kin, clan, fellow and fellowette students, co-workers, and drib-drabs of conversations held after mass on the church porch while our priest walked around the disappearing crowd shaking hands and soaking up congrats on his sermon.

Taking a huge leap here: I’m in one of those “stock-taking” phases, so I may as well clear the cobwebs and start pulling out the scrolls, rolls and polls.  If you already know even just a little bit about me, you know I’m inclined to tell stories.  I’ve always been able to do that and convince myself that a well told story passed off as truth isn’t a lie, it’s a skill.  It’s art.  I figure that as long as I’m not using it to suck money from the unsuspecting, no one’s hurt.  Mostly it makes it easier to live with myself, whoever that is, I’m still looking for whomever stands behind the mirror.  I don’t like surprises so I cling to my stories so that I never realize that the character behind my mirror is a crazily grinning rattling skeleton.

Be that as it may, if I have to be honest here, after scanning through some of the memory rolls I have to admit that for about half of my life I was an insufferable egotist.  I enjoyed being “in charge” and calling other people short on their performance.  I’m being truthful now, the stories will resume again later.  For the second part of my life unto this day, well, despite a lot of life changing moves, I remain a driving bitch.  I get an idea, see?  I put it through the meat grinder, observe what’s left and woe unto my immediate world if anything remains that shows it’s a valid thought.  I say what I mean and mean what I say.

I did learn this though, and that is to not impose a “new idea” upon the world until I’ve fully tested it.  If it’s going to blow anyone up, it should after all be me, not some poor unsuspecting victim.  So, you’ll ask with bated (baited?  Nah, let’s stick with the other spelling), what’s the new idea then?

I’m going to close off the memory hole now, having taken stock and looking a bit green, and let’s talk about that new idea.

In keeping with the “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God” here, this isn’t a story.  The new idea isn’t new at all.  I’ve already been bashing all and sundry with for quite some time, and I call it compassion.  “Oh yeah… (yawn) don’t we know it.  All that stuff about compassion being the great idea to save the world, and how it is incompatible with love.  Can’t you talk about something else?”

I suppose I could but remember I said, “No story: the straight goods this time.”  Yes, I am being annoying.  Yes, I am proposing a world-changing concept that people in general will do all in their power to deny, refuse outright or insist on mixing with a whole lot of sugar so it tastes basically the same as any other world changing concept ever presented to be played with and dog-fought over and thankfully amount to nothing more than establishing another money-sucking group or collective with a colourful title and great mission statement.

The sugar in this case is called love.  A cornucopia of beautiful white granules that can be spread over, or melted in, just about any other idea confection to make it palatable or even a delicacy.  Love, man’s greatest of all feel-good drug.  A spoon-full before sex legitimizes a terribly taboo performance and makes it feel even better.  A meal or two of it just before plunging in the battle of the Somme or the Gallipoli campaign.

Yes, of course love is the great sweetener of war.  No one goes to war just to kill an enemy, or just to be killed.  There aren’t that many outright psychopaths out there, or assisted suicide hopefuls.  Of course not.  And we have, at least in the West, November 11 to be reminded that our wars were and remain wars of love.  Love is what made those “fools” rush in where angels would never tread.  Love in defense of the home land and to keep our loved ones safe from a barbaric enemy.  Does it matter if your commanders, your leaders, are themselves obvious psychos and often the real aggressors?  Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do or die.  We do it for love.  Then we die in love, in heaps and heaps of love.  What I don’t understand is, why are these heroes of love mourned when they should be cheered while we do all that we can to ensure we too get to embark upon another warring love adventure and die for love?  Could it be there’s something not quite right with the picture?

My father, for all his faults, was a veteran of WWII.  He participated in the complete defeat of the French army in 1940, was finally captured and sent to a German prisoner of war camp.  There, despite unbelievable conditions and near starvation, he survived, met people from all over the conquered world and interacted also with German soldiers.  Surprise: they were no different than he was, if only better fed and better educated.  He rubbed shoulders with other Third Reich slaves: gypsies, not yet slated for the slaughter, communists, homosexuals, writers, philosophers, any sort the Reich saw as dangerous enemies and would squeeze to death in the war effort.  Dad, being a great communicator, made friends where it mattered and basically talked his way out of the camp and returned to Brittany to work the fields growing food for the German army holding the coast.  From there into the underground (tracer bullets, he said, are really scary shit) and from there to become a landless and penniless recently married family man forced to emigrate to Canada to try and make a living.  Love was in short supply in the real war and post-war world so maybe I learned to function without much of it myself.

So you see, I’m not the one who’s spreading bullshit stories by proposing we give “love” a break, cast it adrift, and look for something a bit more realistic upon which to build a future.  We’ve already spent all the love we could through our endless wars, and we’re expending a whole lot of that sugary nonsense in the Middle East right now.  We’re eager to cover North Korea with war-love sugar and those crazies don’t understand and want none of it.  Can’t they see how well our love has worked to this day?  Can’t they marvel at how our love wars have made the world a wonderful, humane, free, clean, safe, world where no one need ever again worry about waking up starving, to be blown up or on the wrong side of some great big beautiful wall?

Assuming I’m being just a tad sarcastic, do you see why I would propose we look at something else, something other than, something we’ve never, ever tried in its unadulterated state?  It’s so simple.
a) stop defending love as a legitimate form of interrelationship.  Admit it doesn’t work.  Let it go.  Don’t worry, it won’t go far.  It will keep braying at the barn door day after day to be re-admitted and fed in the hope of engendering new conflicts.
b) just think about compassion, nothing else, as the means to change the world.   Define it for yourself without, just this once, throwing a pinch of it in the mixing bowl amongst a heaping pile of sugary love and calling it compassion.  Try it raw, show your mettle.

That’s the challenge from this honest certifiable bitch.

The alternative is simple: find another means of change that can accomplish the same thing without all the bother of self empowerment, detachment and willingness to give to all who ask; or declare that it is preferable to stick with the tried and failed because, well, it’s what you’re used to and it’s comfortable this way.

36 thoughts on “Confessions on War Day

  1. katharineotto

    I’ve been thinking about your previous blog on love vs. compassion. I’ve never understood the word “love,” myself but believe it’s more complex than you describe. My feelings for my pets (chickens now, cats and parakeets before), for instance, is intense, and more than “compassion.” Is that love? By your definition, it isn’t, but it has made me a more aware and vigorous opponent of factory farming, and I can’t eat chicken anymore. It’s a small-scale war, in reverse, for love.

    The things people do in the name of love can be horrendous, as you point out above. Does love–in the context you describe–require hate as its counterpart? And, should I accept your view that compassion is preferable, what would be an acceptable definition of “compassion?” Neither of your blogs on the subject has really defined it.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Katharine… thank you for your comment, and questions. I think I’m up to explaining it perhaps more clearly than I’ve done so far. I will try, just wait for it. Instead of a comment I’ll just write another post on it, it’ll be easier to format and flesh out on the word processor. Tomorrow, being Sunday, should give me time to do it.

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  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    I’m back having forced WP to behave.
    I’m still sticking with Love, because I believe in Love on the personal basis maybe that starts as sexual, or maybe as a result of sexual it becomes family; there again it may be borne of a relationship non-sexual forged under duress or other intense relationships; it seems personal.
    This notion of loving one’s country and dying for it, I don’t hold with. That seems to be a romanticised label for the age old tribal or individual feeling to defend one’s turf, which goes back to our fauna cousins in all shapes and sizes.
    We’ve been splashing the word ‘Love’ about too much over the ages. I see Love as something deep and difficult to define.
    Compassion is easier to reason, caring for another, someone you don’t know, for all manner of positive motivations.
    Love? Positively Quantum to define, but without the calculations


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      If it works for you on a personal basis, then it’s a good choice. When it became obvious to me that man was on a collision course with global disaster my first choice was to go with love. I called it unconditional love and I certainly studied and tried the concept. The problem I encountered was that it didn’t feed me, it fed off of me. I couldn’t sustain it. Once the “Teachers” satisfied themselves that I’d done the work and learned my lesson on entropic forces, they then introduced compassion as the energy I was looking for. Interestingly it began with me proposing a life trade for a woman accused of adultery under Sharia law and condemned to be stoned to death. The deal was, my life for hers as she had three little children depending on her and I had no dependents. Two years of legal wrangling and she was freed… and I’m still here. Even then, I couldn’t get stoned! 🙂 It was, of course a test. Would I do it? That’s what I’ve come to rely on with compassion: the power to act is always there, no hesitation once one knows the right way to proceed. As they say in the movie, The Confession, it’s not hard to know what is the right thing to do, but once you know, it is a very hard thing not to do it. Ultimately we all must go with what we are convinced is the right way. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments, Roger.

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        That was an amazing act Sha ‘ Tara putting your life down. Y’ see to me that is courage, fired up by a belief; which I feel is different to Love. This is where some folk get the two muddled up, particularly when they try to make War romantic (wrong).
        The important objective is to try to move forward, onward. There is enough space for everyone. If we only think beyond our fears and our bank balances.
        Keep up your good work provoking thought.


      2. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Have done Sha’ Tara; it’s 5:30pm GMT. A busy productive day. (and still not finished) 🙂


  3. Phil Huston

    You need a new vocabularly. One that isn’t tainted with predisposition. Vonnegut was good at making up words. Because all this semantic ranting rolling in and out of culture and history is a distressing thing. But the Aliens need to give you the “word” so that Hallmark and Enlightenment stop doing battle in your head.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      New words have a serious drawback: they aren’t part of the ethos and while effective in a popular novel, they don’t last long past the book or movie’s popularity. For example how many people today use the word “grokk” to express deep understanding of a concept? It’s just not part of the common domain. Yes, I struggle with the semantics of love and compassion. Yes, I know these terms are used to the point of becoming trite. But I need to define what lies underneath, a sort of word archeology – like how was the great pyramid really built, who built it, and why…why…why???

      We have in this discussion two very significant, powerful terms which have been cannibalized, denigrated, misused, profaned through the years yet without suitable synonyms. Now let me ask you: why, when the Teachers explained these concepts to me, did I understand exactly what they meant? Why didn’t I fall for the semantics? I have a saying: if I can understand it, anybody else can. If I can do it, so can anyone else. Is that an error in thinking on my part? Or are people so brainwashed, or stuck in their social rut they simply won’t accept what seems to me so damned obvious?

      Remember the starting point: we’re looking for “something” to solve man’s relationship issues that has never before been tried and failed. It doesn’t have to be new, it just has to be in quasi-pristine form. It has to be something of which an individual can say, “I’ve never done this before, seems like a plan, I’m going to do it.” Until it is followed rigorously and fails it can’t be honestly argued against.

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      1. Phil Huston

        The one that bothers me the most? Stonehenge. I mean WTF? Really? People have been living on that island non-stop since forever. And Stonehenge just pops up in some farmer’s back yard, jolly good show, but we don’t who or how? Puh-leeze. And like Egyptians have in been Egypt for how long, and the Pyramids are some big secret? Get out.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I blame the “Deep State” for hiding the truth – half joking here, but really, this is calculated ignorance. It’s just so darn difficult, being a dummied-down descendant of star beings… 🙂 (again, only half joking, for I too know much more about those things than I let on, the advantage/disadvantage of being one of those who “walk between the worlds.”


      3. Phil Huston

        And vocbulary (words) are so cross culturally contaminated, as are their emotional triggers. Get to theroot of language and you’ll find GROKK was anything but meaningless.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh, no doubt – I can “feel” its deeper meaning when I say it. Undoubtedly an aspect of some long forgotten star language. Could we revive some, and would it help awaken the species this day? I vote no.


    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Sorry, forgot to ask: how did Hallmark and Enlightenment get into this? I don’t get the connection, but I’m sure you have a very good reason for the connection… 🙂

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      1. Phil Huston

        Love and Compassion…I could have brought in an old Kodak or Timex commercial, sung “Where Have All the Flowers Gone” but you know, when WILL they ever learn?


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Ah yes, and the song that follows that one is “Who will Answer” by Ed Ames. I listen to those songs quite regularly to remind myself that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But then, I think of myself as a messenger of the “gods” you see. They told me to spread a certain message and after checking that there was nothing nefarious or death-dealing in it, quite the opposite, I decided to use my blog as one of the means to do so. One other means, the more significant one is of course my own living example.
        Will it get anywhere? Honestly? OF COURSE NOT! We’re on a collision course with extinction and eventually yes, all the flowers will be gone. The last human child will have laughed, then cried, then coughed. Then merciful silence and… “That’s All” she wrote. But know what? When they ask, did you even try, I won’t have to answer that: it will be on the record. “Here, play the “Documents” files on this thumb drive, see if I did or did not!” That’s the wonder of compassion Phil: it has no expectations and knows nothing about success. It just is, expressing itself when it finds a proper channel. (Or even an improper one like yours truly.)
        Two things I will never apologize for: being an advocate of compassion as a planet-saving force and exposing the lie that love and compassion can work hand in glove, or that they are similar energies. I’m a stubborn Breton babe. We’ve always had the power to choose death over apostasy (big word…)


  4. theburningheart

    If you notice, and I am sure you do, my handle it’s The Burningheart, as I notice your blog it’s named the Burning Woman, I suspect you named it for a big reason, well I also have a story of how I come with that name.

    What you are doing it’s commendable, and praiseworthy, but believe it’s not a choice of choosing Compassion, over Love, but a process we all have to arrive, not using our Western educated mind, like if you go to a market and decide to pick a brand, over another one, and stick to that brand because you believe it’s better than the other one, and will do the job better.
    The problem with word definitions it’s meaning it’s not a fixed thing, and we all carry our own slightly different idea of what that word means, as Explained by Ferdinand de Saussure; A written word is an image of a vocal sign. Saussure argues that language is a structured system of arbitrary signs, and since we all have a different picture in our minds, therefore the problem of explicating our meaning.

    Therefore the use of parable, and metaphor, to better understand an issue, so here is another poem of Rumi:

    Look at the chickpeas in the pot, how they keep on jumping up, driven by the fire.

    At every instant the chickpeas boil up to the top and let out a hundred cries: “Why are you tormenting us with fire? Since you showed your appreciation for us by buying us, why do you treat us with contempt?”

    The housewife keeps stirring with the ladle:

    “Now, now! Boil sweetly and do not jump back from the one that made the fire.

    I do not cook you because I dislike you: I want to gain taste and savor.

    You will become food and then mix with the spirit. You do not suffer tribulation because you are despicable.

    Fresh and succulent, you used to drink water in the garden; your water-drinking was for the sake of this fire,”

    His Mercy is prior to His Wrath, so that Mercy could acquire a stock-in-trade: existence. For without pleasure, flesh and skin do not grow.

    If they do not grow, what can love for the Friend waste away? Gentleness will come again, asking forgiveness:

    “Now you have purified yourself and jumped across the stream to safety.”

    She says, “Oh chickpeas! You fed in the spring pasture, and now suffering has come as your guest.

    Receive it well. So that the guest may return in gratitude and tell of your generosity before the King.

    Then in place of benefits, the Benefactor will come; all benefits will envy you.

    I am Abraham, you are my son. Place your head before the knife: I saw in a dream that I must sacrifice you.”

    Thank you for your patience with me. 🙂


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: “Thank you for your patience with me.” Oh, it’s not a question of patience, much more of understanding and extracting the meaning you would have me grasp. While I tell a lot of little easily understood “parables” I have much trouble with the deeper stuff, particularly when it brings in terminology I don’t know, or is used in ways I am not familiar with. After reading on your blog about Rumi, I read about him on the Internet. I had never read any of his material and I see why now: I have negative reactions to any material that speaks of “God” in the way Rumi does. I know “God” exists: his followers attest to that, but by the same token his followers also attest to “God’s” character and I can do without that! God is not “omni” anything but constantly needs proof that he is loved, and needs to be worshiped. That’s the dysfunction of all those who install themselves as superior to others: they become narcissists and psychopaths. God needed to see his own son tortured to death simply so he could then forgive humanity for functioning according to his own design? Why not blame himself for being a faulty engineer in the first place, and why not just fix the creatures and be done with it? Epicurus put it best:
      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

      The problem with “compassion” as a word is not with the concept, it’s with people trying to define it before they enter therein. Once “inside” there is no longer any need for interpretation: it does what it claims it will do. The world and its twisted ways tries to do with compassion what it has done with love: adulterate it, twist it, denature it, turn it into religious/social pornography. By mixing it with love it confuses many people. Is it love? Is it compassion? Is it both? They don’t know, and cannot know because they are not entering in. Love’s easy, it’s everywhere, as Leonard Cohen wrote, “in every shade of passion.”

      Compassion is never found where love performs and does business. Compassion is a nature changer and the only real “enemy” of the system I know of from my extensive quests in search of a healing balm for the spiritual sickness that is destroying the people of earth. That is my only reason for presenting this ostensibly well-known yet utterly alien concept. Welcome to the future, if earth is to have any, Burning Heart.


      1. theburningheart

        Compassion it’s just another word, which it’s meaningless without a practice, just like Love, both are verbs, and therefore the imply action!

        I do not see Compassion, as more effective than Love, both would work if only people will practice them!
        Compassion it’s also an emotion, and emotions are what make us Human, we live in a dualistic illusion, where extremes are manifested as a polarity, like Love it’s no different than hate, or Compassion to lack of compassion. which the word we use is indifference, not caring, or the usual not giving a damn about it.
        So I do not see that using Compassion vs Love, will bring better results as a consequence.
        Both can be used on the positive term of the words, and that will be the Wise thing to do.
        Dispelling Ignorance should be the goal, not choosing one method over another one, why not use both?
        A Teacher of mine used to say when people would start debating about the meaning of Love:
        ‘Good deeds are Love, the rest it’s just talk!’

        And therefore Compassion, or Love the old English phrase apply:

        ‘What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander’

        Practice of both it’s what’s needed! 🙂


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for your comment. I’m afraid that “compassion” is not a verb, it’s a noun. As I have been trying to explain for years, compassion isn’t action, it’s a state of being or “beingness” but it isn’t at all the same as being “in love” for example. If time permits, try this link, then this one, to compare. They still mix up love and compassion, but they do give a detailed description of the various types of “love” in vogue. If you insist that compassion and love are equal then fine with me. I didn’t write my experiences with both, love and compassion, to get into arguments with people. If there’s one thing reliable about Earthian people, it’s that they will defend to the death their belief systems. When such systems don’t work they’ll blame each other, sometimes themselves even, not realizing the utter contradiction involved. So let me ask this: having made the claim that love and compassion have both failed civilization because people don’t practice either or both, how do you look at your own exeriences in this matter? Have you found through determined personal application, that love and compassion are equally effective at changing your own nature, and the world around you? That was my entire point: discovering the ONE thing that could change me, my very nature at the very core of it, then that would expand from me to change the world around me. I wanted this when I worked strictly from application of unconditional love until Idiscovered that’s oxymoronic. So, with some prodding from “the Teachers” (not people from earth but from a place they call “the Nexus”) I switched strictly to compassion. It worked. Whereas loved tired me out and took energy from me, compassion did the opposite. Hence why I expound on this. Remember, the Earthian species is belief oriented (or programmed). It does not easily give up its pet beliefs, preferring to kill or die for them; with them; from them. Compassion can never be a belief, nor inculcated as a belief. It’s a living energy, the immune system of the mind.


  5. theburningheart

    Noun, or verb it’s something you got to enact, or have, it doesn’t make a difference, semantics it’s not the problem
    I have compassion
    You have compassion
    He/She have compassion
    They have compassion
    It’s an Spiritual goal, and therefor a PRACTICE, which means you got to acquire, and enact.
    Yes it’s state of being. but something you got to bring out of you so it becomes an attitude, that be manisfested in action, otherwise is useless, and will not serve a purpose.
    Even at it’s basic level of make you a compassionate person, it means it has achieved something!
    Love can be also a Noun and and an Adjetive like:
    Love is a noun:
    Cats need love.

    Love is a verb:
    I love cats.

    The present and past participle forms of the verb love are participial adjectives:
    I have a loving cat.
    My cat is a loved pet.

    The noun love functions like an adjective, but it is called an attributive noun or a noun adjunct:
    I wrote my cat a love letter.

    It can be either of those, depending on usage.

    As a verb: I love you.
    As a noun: He has immense love for me.
    As an adjective: All this love talk is making me uncomfortable.

    Love is a noun and a verb. It’s certainly not an adjective, though some other answers suggest it is.

    I love her. (Used as a verb here)

    I am in love with her. (Used as a noun here)

    Remember, love affair, love birds, love letters, love triangles etc are compound nouns. In these cases, love does not act like an adjective. Here love itself being a noun modifies another noun. Hence, they are called compound nouns.

    All that it’s just an example of how words can be transformed and used on a different level, but that it’s not what’s important, what’s important it’s the Practice of Love, and Compassion.

    And to your question has Love, been a Practice of mine, and if I had traveled through the Path of Love?
    A rotund YES!
    And that’s why I am the Burningheart and why I am here answering your questions. 🙂

    As for Rumi has been described as the “most popular poet” and the “best selling poet” in the United States, despite he died centuries ago on 1273. He wrote over 62,000 poems, just because you read the two poems I send to you doesn’t mean it’s all you need to know about him.
    He wrote also:

    Love is the Water of Life

    Everything other than love for the most beautiful God
    Though it be sugar- eating.

    What is agony of the spirit?
    To advance toward death without seizing
    hold of the Water of Life.

    As a matter of fact they call the Path of Rumi, the Path of Love.

    Now please do not believe I am putting Love above Compassion, my point is Love it’s as worthy as Compassion, both are Virtues, and need to be practiced, period.

    As an end to this response I will quote Hafez another Mystic and poet who wrote:

    The subject tonight is Love

    And for tomorrow night as well,

    As a matter of fact

    I know of no better topic

    For us to discuss

    Until we all

    Die! 🙂


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A great discusion, and I’d be willing to bet, if I were the gambling type, that if a million people read the entire discussion, 999,999 (give or take 2 or 3) would unhesitatingly agree with you! Thus do I rest my case. 🙂


      1. theburningheart

        You are very kind, in thinking almost a million people would agree with me, however I would be happy if only you agree with me, after all these lines were wrote for the sake of you. 🙂


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Aw, c’mon burning heart, you needed the typing exercise! Really, I mean, you were trying to convince me, or “bring me over” to the other side? Told you, I’ve been there and, well, it didn’t do it for me. So, with tears in my eyes I rode into the sunset looking for another concept I could serve as the ever valiant knight in tarnished armour. Wouldn’t you know but after castle after castle said they didn’t need any knight, I finally found a suitable sort of employment as a knight errant. Been busy shining my armour ever since, won a few tournaments too. The trick is to never lift your visor, never show your face and ride away at the end. “Who was that slim black knight?” And the question remains unanswered, as it must.


      3. colettebytes

        Wow, have just read this interchange between ‘The Burning Heart,’ and ‘The Burning Woman.’

        I think you might find the answers to your discussion on ‘heart’ vs ‘compassion,’ in the monikers you chose to portray your blog ideals.
        Burning Heart – you have limited yourself to heart-answers.

        Burning Woman – you have limited yourself to physical answers.

        You will find common ground in your ‘Burning’ aspects. It suggests cleansing of old thinking patterns and laying the ground bare for new ideas.
        In that regard, you are both right.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you Colette. It was a good exchange though, I think. And now, to ponder your point, which I don’t quite get now, but may. If not, hey, you’ll hear from me!!! 🙂


      5. colettebytes

        I think the point was that you are both perceiving the same problems with society, humanity, earthlings, but from different angles. Answers are complex and come in different forms for you both, but with the same end goal (in theory).


  6. theburningheart

    Agreeing is a different word, I never would care into converting people to my way of thinking, I realize we all have a different life, and have our experiences, and our own path, and your own knightly quest, as you put it, which I respect. 🙂



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