Whitefish Puerto Rico Contract Cancelled, Now How About Letting Renewable Industry Leaders Step in?

A must read article for anyone who has thoughts on climate change and how to approach a dangerous future.


At this blog I often cover how climate change is worsening the global weather situation. How fossil fuel burning is the primary cause of climate change. How renewable energy adoption is the primary means for removing global carbon emissions. And how bad, on our present track, climate change outcomes could become.

What I often do not talk about in main posts (though we see quite a bit in the comments section) is how underlying factors such as political corruption and the ideologies supportiing that corruption can harm effective responses to climate change.

Witness Puerto Rico. A U.S. territory that has suffered a very severe blow from one of the worst hurricanes ever to make landfall in the Caribbean…

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9 thoughts on “Whitefish Puerto Rico Contract Cancelled, Now How About Letting Renewable Industry Leaders Step in?

  1. Woebegone but Hopeful

    No doubt someone, somewhere has spread the notion that renewable energy is a plot to…….
    Oh, I don’t know, but someone is bound to.
    In the UK (a collection of islands) the majority of people agree on one thing, whatever the source of energy is, they are against it. Energy to power all their devices, light and heat their homes should be produced by magic. Everything else is ugly and spoils the landscape.


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Grazie per il tuo commento e gli auguri, Shera
        Noi otteniamo molta pioggia qui e novembre inizia con la pioggia di oggi. Ma si sa, la pioggia è qualcosa che chiunque può abituarsi a se passano abbastanza tempo fuori di casa in natura. Ci adattiamo e c’è tanta bellezza nel tardo autunno e all’inizio dell’inverno. Mi piace sentire le foglie scricchiolare sotto i miei piedi. . . e sì, io cammino a piedi nudi la maggior parte del tempo, anche in inverno. Mi piace l’atmosfera della terra e il flusso di energia che ne deriva. Forse è una sorta di energia d’amore. . . Io penso che sia.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Magic is great, Roger. The only little glitch is, someone has to first produce the magic. Who would be responsible for that, I wonder? Ah-ha: the Patchwork Warriors, that’s who!

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        The Trio send their thanks for you affirmation. They said they would like to help out, but it looks like they’ll be getting involved in something in their own locality.


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