Sermon on the Mound

Always feels good to realize I’m not alone in throwing up a good rant – there are quite a few adepts here on WordPress, so here’s one more.



A for-profit religion where nothing is sacred, and human sacrifice is obligatory

Eve of 2007

The following sermon was delivered at a 2007 New Year’s Eve bonfire


Dear Worried Souls:

Take Heart! the Worst is yet to come.  Witness this miserable mound of machine age offal.  Wasted resources compounded daily–advertising, packaging, junk mail, paperwork, broken equipment—a sorry heap of worthless Trash reviled by all.  The costs have become unbearable.

It does not live so cannot die.  We must dispose of it anyway, and we aim for the Sky.  We plead for help from the great Mother Earth and Father Sun. Open our senses to the stench of Burning Plastic.  Burn our Lungs with Particulates and Smoke. Singe our eyes with the Motes we scatter.  Spread sparks of Common Sense wherever Smog may go.

On this eve, the Church of…

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4 thoughts on “Sermon on the Mound

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your response, Rosaliene – knowing you and Frank Parker approve takes the mental “edge” out of posting and reblogging “rants” that expose our sins and force us to look at ourselves and our so-called accomplishments. A better put way would be to say, they demonstrate our status of accomplices in all the great sins of our leaders and rulers: the financiers, the elected rabble, the lying televangelists and last but certainly not least, the corporate exec ownership of virtual slave compounds. For example, ever since I read about the horror conditions under which employees of Amazon must function and read about Jeff Bezos psychopathic personality, I’ve been forced, morally speaking, to boycott Amazon. This has left me with a moral dilemma since so many good writers on WordPress use Amazon to promote and sell their books. To make things worse I recently discovered that Goodreads is also an Amazon company. That seems to leave Smash Words as a possible independent? I don’t know, yet what their connection is to the Matrix grid, or where that will leave me if I discover they too are expoiters and oppressors of immigrants, the poor and the desperate jobless. I’m glad of one thing Iearned growing up in a Catholic community: I was taught to recognize sin and not to think of the concept as politically incorrect. …


      1. Rosaliene Bacchus

        Sorry about the delay in responding to your comment.
        I’ve tried boycotting Amazon, but their arms have grown so long and their reach so wide that it has become difficult to avoid doing business with them. I didn’t know about Goodreads.
        There is no place on Planet Earth that’s safe from exposure to the sins of multinational and transnational corporations.


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “There is no place on Planet Earth that’s safe from exposure to the sins of multinational and transnational corporations.” Every individual should take a moment, each day, to ponder that statement and ask, “What does that say about us, about me?” “They” use us to prop themselves up, make us believe that it is us who need them – the great lie – then they force us to buy from them what they take from us and from our world. They force us to provide their services, their entertainment, destroy our planet and kill one another in order to gain more power over us. We, well some of us, get to have some sort of life in the exchange; most get to eat; the rest die. Neoliberal capitalism in a nutshell.


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