Folding Space and other Tales

         [voice from the other side – by Sha’Tara]
    Parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.” (The Mountains are in labour, a ridiculous mouse is born.) – Horace
“A beginning is a very delicate time…  In this time the most precious substance in the universe is the spice mélange… The spice extends life; the spice expands consciousness; the spice is vital to space travel.  The Spacing Guild and its navigators whom the spice has mutated for thousands of years use the orange spice gas which gives them the ability to fold space – which means travel to any part of the universe without moving. (Excerpt from Princess Irulan’s “Opening” – Dune – by Frank Herbert)
    Some may remember the movie, “Phenomenon.”  At the time the movie came out, I was asked, “The light George Malley saw, where did it come from?” (I’ll get back to that)
    I had a dream some time ago, location a “parallel earth” – same as this one in general aspect, but containing serious differences.  In this dream I was looking for an animal that was a cross between a squirrel, a cat and a rabbit.  I did not believe such things existed, yet I saw them.  I took a picture of one with a digital camera (in the dream – I don’t have it to put on this screen unfortunately ) and was almost able to pet the animal.  There were many people in this world I recognized, though none of them live on this Earth. 
   Where is this “parallel Earth”?  Where does that particular reality reside in space?  If we answer, “It does not – it’s just a dream” – then how is it we can interact with it with such detail?  Where do dreams come from?  Who does the elaborate “staging” so we can just walk in and experience it all as if it were home?
    How did Frank Herbert perceive his characters “folding space” and traveling to any part of the known universe without moving?  How do you move something without moving it?  Does it come to you, or do you go to it?
(This reminds me of the saying, “if the mountain will not come to Mohamed, then Mohamed will have to go to the mountain.”)
    Our type of life exists as a blatant, in your face, contradiction.  Some call it polarity.  Opposites.  It doesn’t matter what you call it – it’s the contradiction that makes it real.  So real we lose track of the contradiction and create mountains from mole-hills – our sacrosanct belief systems.  We are infested with belief systems, every single one a complete brainwash.  We can’t see the forest for the trees and we spend our precious illusory ‘moments’ going through the invisible (indivisible) forest, counting trees, deciding which are good, which are bad, cutting some down, planting others, sawing them up into lumber and building our castles in Spain; sad remnants of consensus-driven belief systems.
    Eventually, our limiting belief systems based on body-maintenance energy tell us that the “forest” is running out and in our quest for “new” sources of energy we move from trees to coal, to crude oil, to electricity, to hydrogen, to whatever – each a limiting and destructive concept of energy misuse.  We cannot see that the “forest” did not get destroyed – it simply disappeared into the mists of Avalon where our Matrix-induced lives cannot go. 
    As we move deeper into the illusion of the physical, the mists that hide reality thicken and we simply turn away thinking we’ve seen to the end and there’s nothing beyond.  Sure, we can  plunder a limited-concept world of its resources.  We can, through belief systems imposed upon a mute world condemn billions to horrible death, but can we plunder life itself?
   George saw a light that struck him down to the pavement.  It came from the stars, but the canopy of stars were in his head – part of the great consensual belief system that sustains people in this world.  By introducing the “alien” in his thought patterns, everything changed for him.  Unfortunately, he didn’t know how to deal with it – it overloaded his brain circuits and he died.  He saw too much, too fast, of a reality not bound by his Earthian consensus beliefs.  He became a mutant without shores.  The new world he interacted with was too big, did not have the necessary boundaries his will demanded and it tore him apart.  To survive such an “awakening” one must have spent a lifetime learning to detach from consensus reality, even while functioning within it without violating its basic rules – being a fringe dweller by choice.
   The Space Guild Navigators “folded” space by using what George could not.  They had learned to transcend consensus reality to some degree and to  superimpose a greater reality of their own upon it – that of “distance” as a mind concept.  They became adepts at this and were able to bring “things” into their reality in order to “move” them from point to point.  The object to be transported was brought into the greater navigator mind (dream), and “translated” instantly in the other part of reality in the navigator’s mind (or dream) – the part agreed upon earlier where the object wished to be.  Nothing moved.  A reality shift, that’s all.
    Once the “translation” was accomplished, the object was again in its smaller, space-bound reality.  If it left planet “A” and traveled to planet “D” 20 light years away, it believed it had actually “traveled” that entire distance because of some strange power kept secret by the Space Guild navigators.  The object (person) could not return to planet “A” without going through the Space Guild or, if the technology existed to physically travel “real” space with a machine, or ship, at the speed of light and finding everything on planet “A” now twenty years older.
   Yet even so, the spacing guild was itself a slave.  Every guild navigator was a total spice addict.  Without the spice, the navigator was blind in space.  Yes, even the ability to fold space was but a mountainous effort giving birth of a ridiculous mouse; on par with the (did they, or didn’t they?) Apollo moon landings and moon walks.
    I knew someone working with a concept called “the law of attraction.”  That supposed “law” only works for those who write and sell books, or make movies, about it.  It’s just another aspect of religious faith.  Isn’t it interesting that something so basic to the workings of life’s contradictory flow would be so little understood?  That any power that can be called “the law of attraction” or “faith” resides within my own mind, nowhere else? 
     That is as it should be when those we trust to be teachers are bound brain, hand and foot to quantifiable observations, even when they speak holy, invoking divinities and/or spirits.  They have no imagination because long ago they bought the Matrix lie that imagination is for children and is useless in the day-to-day workings of the “real” world.  These “teachers” then become the living dead, zombies bound by their lesser reality of a physical universe that exists only in a tiny part of their mind – the part their brain can electrically interact with and be affected by.  Everything else of necessity must remain myth, fiction, fantasy; the unreality of dreams not understood.
    To travel in space you must leave the old verbal garbage behind: God talk, country talk, mother talk, love talk, party talk. You must learn to exist with no religion, no country, no allies. You must learn to live alone in silence.” — William S. Burroughs

5 thoughts on “Folding Space and other Tales

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    I have updated this post. I apologize to those who got the original post with typos and one phrase of misinformation that was supposed to have been deleted. This one passes muster now.


    1. adamspiritualwarrior

      Email to my friend Orionra on Aug Tellez’ website. In response to this
      I didn’t want to send more to the issa thread. I respect you and your blog and even though I do have very random mind want to do the right thing and be respectcful even though im grateful you allow me some passionate leeway when I get on an energy thread train.


      Weird stuff going on above us. I even now doubt, have thrown out any preheld beliefs, that the ”stars” out there are supposed burning nuclear fission suns with spinning spherical spheres planets going round them. I have a feeling this entire model of things weve been told could be garbage, a well thought out scottish rite freemason and Jesuit and others, lie, to conveniently steer the man in the street who has a questioning mind of where we are and whats going on, away from any realisations of the multidimensions and artificiality of things here, suppression.

      The one thing that does make me still wonder though outside this quarantine, spinning spheres with so called gravity making oceans cling to them, is that the ocean planet Tiamat supposedly got blown up in previous interstellar interdimensional intergalactic wars. Star Wars. ShaTara said she used to live on Tiamat. But it might have been a dimensional realm, not a spinning sphere. At this point Orionra I don’t know whether the asteroid bet is real or fake. Its said its remnants of Tiamat and Earth itself is a chunk of Tiamat. But dimensional planes, dimensions, and multiverses, etc, at this point seem to be feeling more correct to me. Advanced technology making bibbled off dimensions universes too. Its a confusing can of worms but theres a pure FREE SPACE our higher selves are residing in now away from the quarantine


  2. franklparker

    You’ve done it again! Brought back memories of my younger days and reading “Dune” for the first time. One of the early tributes to the science of ecology – and one of the greatest. I’m not sure I agree with you about teachers who deny the importance of imagination. I’ve never encountered a teacher who did not encourage imagination in his or her charges. Imagination is necessary not only for ‘art’ in all its manifestations. It is also necessary for scientific enquiry and for entrepreneurial endeavour.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your pointed comment, Frank. When I use the term “teachers” I am not thinking of classroom teachers, but of all those who put themselves in front of others and claim to know better, or know something, and proceed to push this purported knowledge into those they rule (as bosses or doctors, lawyers, etc.) or those they con, as televangelists, preachers, writers of religious fiction, and of course the plethora of thankfully now fading New Agey esoteric claims. I don’t have a high opinion of the effectiveness of classroom teaching by rote. My “fondest” memories of school days were reading under the desk or staring out the windows at the real world and watching the clock tick so slowly on the wall above the teacher. Prison would have been an apt description!



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