Let’s Turn it Around

Sort of a reblog.  Artist illustration demonstrating how backward and ignorant this society really is.


Personally I titled this one “Capitalism Feeds Consumerism… and vice-versa”

There’s more at  http://awarenessact.com/theses-disturbing-art-illustrations-show-just-how-backwards-our-society-really-is/

Enjoy the artist’s alternate viewpoint, well worth the time.

14 thoughts on “Let’s Turn it Around

  1. kalyansparks

    Hii..if you don’t mind..I need a help from you..I am unable to comment on akhilas posts..can you please tell her to check the spam of her..please


  2. The Grateful Dead

    I like your title. I have been thinking about this vicious circle. The more money I have, the more things I want. The more things I have, the more money I want to buy even more things. And honestly, I don’t end up using either or properly. Not the money or the things. Hoarding up on so many things just because I want. Not need. When everyone knows that we come empty-handed and leave the same way. I wonder how this started.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi, thanks for your comment. It’s all a simple matter of self-control and common sense. I got out of the “insanity” by turning my resources into helping those around me, thus keeping my “lusts” in line with my remaining finances… until compassion and empathy kicked in and now I prefer the giving out than the taking in. Yes, the greedy animal in us can be tamed.

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      1. The Grateful Dead

        Maybe you’re right. It’s only with time that the grapes mellow into the rich wine. I am still struggling with this phase in my life but hopefully things get bettter.


  3. Phil Huston

    Chicken or egg. The old marketing theme of “software sells hardware” and everyone needs a bigger, faster, keep on buying them because it’s healthier, cleaner, and sorts your email in color!



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