Random thoughts, Frank Herbert Quotes, taken from the science fiction series based on the “Dune” novels.

Quote- prequel to Dune: The Swordmaster said solemnly, “Bushido. Where does honor begin? Ancient samurai masters hung mirrors in each of their Shinto temples and asked adherents to look deeply into them to see their own hearts, the variegated reflections of their God. It is in the heart where honor is nurtured and flourishes.” With a meaningful glance over at Trin Kronos and the other Grumman students, he continued. “Remember this always: Dishonor is like a gash on a tree trunk — instead of disappearing with age, it enlarges.”  He made the class repeat this three times before he went on. “The code of honor was more valuable to a samurai than any treasure. A samurai’s word — his bushi no ichi-gon — was never doubted, nor is the word of any Swordmaster of Ginaz.”


THOUGHT (from the above):  If you are not an honourable person yet insist on believing in God, then such a God is an evil construct of your own design.  Honour above all else must be the recognizable, recognized and trusted hallmark of the true believer.  False believers are many, and they are the ones who believe that their God loves them and will save them.  True believers do not entertain such foolish thoughts: they seek only to serve God without question, without excuses for failure and without expectation.


New knowledge changes the past.

What is “democracy” but the tyranny of a minority cloaked in a mask of the majority?

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty. – Frank Herbert (Chapterhouse)

Ultimately, all things are known because you want to believe you know.

Answers are a perilous grip on the universe. They can appear sensible yet explain nothing.

When you think to take determination of your fate into your own hands, that is the moment you can be crushed. Be cautious. Allow for surprises. When we create, there are always other forces at work.

Without a goal, a life is nothing. Sometimes the goal becomes a man’s entire life, an all-consuming passion. But once that goal is achieved, what then? Oh, poor man, what then?

Any path that narrows future possibilities may become a lethal trap. Humans do not thread their way through a maze; they scan a vast horizon filled with unique opportunities.  –The Spacing Guild Handbook

Hatred is as dangerous an emotion as love. The capacity for either one is the capacity for its opposite.  –Cautionary Instructions for the Sisterhood, Bene Gesserit Archives, Wallach IX  

What senses do we lack that we cannot see or hear another world all around us?  –The Orange Catholic Bible

Innovations seem to have a life and a sentience of their own. When conditions are right, a radical new idea — a paradigm shift — may appear simultaneously from many minds at once. Or it may remain secret in the thoughts of one man for years, decades, centuries . . . until someone else thinks of the same thing.   How many brilliant discoveries die stillborn, or lie dormant, never to be embraced by the Imperium as a whole?

When the center of the storm does not move, you are in its path. –Ancient Fremen Wisdom

Progress and profit require a substantial investment in personnel, equipment, and capital funding. However, the resource most often overlooked, yet which can often provide the greatest payoff, is an investment in time.  –DOMINIC VERNIUS, The Secret Workings of Ix

A requirement of creativity is that it contributes to change. Creativity keeps the creator alive. –FRANK HERBERT, unpublished notes

It is said that there is nothing firm, nothing balanced, nothing durable in all the universe — that nothing remains in its original state, that each day, each hour, each moment, there is change. — -Panoplia Propheticus of the Bene Gesserit

Nature commits no errors; right and wrong are human categories.

What is this Love that so many speak of with such apparent familiarity? Do they truly comprehend how unattainable it is? Are there not as many definitions of Love as there are stars in the universe? — -The Bene Gesserit Question Book

The purpose of argument is to change the nature of truth. — -Bene Gesserit Precept

Infinity attracts us like a floodlight in the night, blinding us to the excesses it can inflict upon the finite. —Meditations from Bifrost Eyrie

Freedom is an elusive concept. Some men hold themselves prisoner even when they have the power to do as they please and go where they choose, while others are free in their hearts, even as shackles restrain them. —Zensunni Wisdom from the Wandering

There is no such thing as a law of nature. There is only a series of laws relating to man’s practical experience with nature. These are laws of man’s activities. They change as man’s activities change.

The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.


My comments on some of the above: 

How does new knowledge change the past?  Mostly by forcing us to detach from superstitions, traditions, caveats, beliefs and assumptions that new knowledge exposes as false, or fraudulent. It also forces us to rethink our past, thus changing it.

In the current global upheaval due in large part to our facile acceptance of Western style political systems and our crass and ignorant belief that such systems are the best and should “rule” the word, we should pay heed to the statement made about democracy.  Never has it appeared as true as it does today.

Inevitably and inexorably, as we are learning from recent history, when we create, we do indeed create other forces and these will take on a life of their own as diametric opposites to our own.  The wars we fight to try to hang on to our creations, insisting that they should rule the world, are utterly useless.

“Hatred is as dangerous an emotion as love” – Indeed.  It amazes me that in the midst of rising waves of hatred on this world, so much effort is expended in opposing it with the call to love.  Can’t people see that what you resist, not only persists, but increases in intensity until both sides are locked in a death struggle from which more evil proceeds?  Yes, a great war may be fought to topple an evil regime (Nazi Germany and WWII as a prime example) but the hatred, now from both sides, is not diminished, just gone to ground, waiting for another opportunity to rise up and rule again.  Love is not the antidote to hate, only compassion has the sustaining power to accomplish such a task.  Love confronts hate, seeking to turn it into an image of itself (reciprocal action) whereas compassion destroys any force that would support and feed hatred.  It can do this because compassion is not an emotion  but an empowered personal choice. 

Re: the purpose of argument – is it wrong to seek to change the nature of truth?  Why should it when truth is nothing more than a chimera invented by mind controllers?  Truth is what is believed, therefore truth is based on numbers and force.  


8 thoughts on “Random thoughts, Frank Herbert Quotes, taken from the science fiction series based on the “Dune” novels.

  1. cadxx

    “What is “democracy” but the tyranny of a minority cloaked in a mask of the majority?”
    I had just finished reading Jon Rappoport’s daily blog, Historic: Trump rejects Paris climate treaty when I read your own Sha Tara and the quote above stood-out like a sore thumb.
    I have always had my doubts about “Climate Change” that in the seventies was global cooling (another ice age predicted) and more recently “Global Warming”. The name was applied when it became public knowledge that the globe had not warmed for decades. The climate is always changing, as changeable as the weather, we say. The words climate and weather are synonymous with change.

    I recall thinking that even though I don’t believe a word of it, the idea that we are all going to fry may induce the controlling powers to seek alternate and cleaner energy sources. But Jon Rappoport reminded me that this is not the way the oligarchs work. They love shortage and poverty – as long as it’s not their own. Climate Change is an excuse to turn off the lights…and the wheels that turn industry…and the fuel that drives our vehicles to work… and make us all more poor and needy and open to ever greater debt slavery. So Trump has done something for those who voted for him after all; even if he works on the toss of a coin.

    Like everything else, science has become ever more corrupt with passing years until now it is mostly lies with one or two “truths”! (they call them facts) woven in. I had a file, now lost, by a scientist of a hundred years or more ago – from a time when most of them were honest. He did the math and said that to create an ice age it would take a huge amount of heat energy to transport the water from the oceans and deposit it in Northern and Southern regions. Such was the energy needed it would be like melting iron of an equal volume to the ice deposited. His point: That an ice age requires heat, and lots of it, not cold. We are told the direct opposite by todays science, a massive drop in temperature is needed. A drop in temperature will freeze but will not move the huge amounts of water to the poles.
    Science has become a paradox and it is the paradoxites who tell us that the climate is changing whilst getting tomorrows weather forecast wrong.


    1. franklparker

      Anyone who understands science knows that man-made global warming is fact. The reason the planet is kept at an inhabitable temperature is because water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane prevent the heat absorbed by the sun from escaping during the hours of darkness. Adding to these gases increases their ability to prevent the natural radiation, thereby increasing the mean atmospheric temperature. The problem with this is not that we will ‘fry’, after all we are speaking of only a degree or two. The problem is that raising the temperature of the sea increases its volume, as dose the melting of ice over polar land masses. This causes the sea level to rise leading to flooding of low level areas. There is also a problem of feed back caused by two things: the reduction of the area of polar ice means less of the sun’s heat is reflected back into space, causing further heating of the land mass and the sea; and melting of tundra (frozen organic matter near the poles and left over from much warmer eras in the distant past) releases more methane.
      You don’t need to be a mystic or believe in conspiracies in order to understand what is essentially a fairly simple mechanism that has been understood for more than a century. Fluctuations in average temperatures occur over time due to various complicating factors like the way the planet moves closer to and farther from the sun in a predictable cycle. But the long term trend is upwards.


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Well put, Frank. Not everybody agrees, of course, and there is quite a bit of confusion over how much this trend is natural, and how much is man-made. I see a combination of both, but as our dependence upon fossil fuels diminishes (it’s going to become too expensive, and alternate sources of energy are popping up, become more efficient and affordable) perhaps then we’ll be able to tell whether we’re facing a situation over which we have no control, or whether it was just exacerbated by man-made pollutants. I think this is something for the much younger generation(s) to worry about and focus on, and if they are not willing then let the results be on their own heads. We’re the old folks, supposed to be sitting back now, in a rocking chair, watching, and ready to give some really deep advice on any topic, due to our age and experience, you see. 🙂


      2. cadxx

        Apologies for the wait as my system did not register your post – just found it a few minutes ago. I welcome questions about my posts.
        What you have written is the standard scientific paradigm that I’m sure we have all heard before. You seem to be upset by my use of the word fry? Well, what happens when all the ice is gone as we are told by science has happened in the distant past? There is ample evidence that the far polar regions, like Northern Greenland, the most northerly landmass, were temperate and green in the past suggesting that tropical regions would be so hot as to be uninhabitable. If this is not the case then where is the evidence?


    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      What’s that bottom line again? Money and public recognition? Under an all encompassing (but fortunately dying) capitalist system, who cares how you get your money and notoriety, as long as you get it? The numbnuts will continue to believe, to cast votes and to slave, just as long as we remain politically correct and don’t call it slavery. Facts don’t matter, it’s what they’re seen as that matters. Slavery doesn’t exist here, just subsistence labor and unmanageable debt which means we can blame and punish the victims of a trumped-up system. Americans even have a prez whose name is representative of that system: doesn’t get better. How does that go again, “It’s all good”?



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