Depersonalization or Scientific Enlightenment?

Been waiting for this one! Well said. Too much of modern science is not only contradictory, but entering into the realm of faith, a very bad religion.

There’s a rare and miserable condition called depersonalization disorder (DPD) that takes away the sense of “self” so there’s no “I” causing things – regular things like walking, talking, thinking and deciding.

There’s a loss of the “sense of agency,” a loss of the normal feeling that you’re initiating, executing and controlling your own actions. Patients describe “the suffocating pain of unreality.”

DPD patients show increased prefrontal activation as well as reduced activation in insula/limbic-related areas to aversive, arousing emotional stimuli.”

The DSM IV says they “may feel like an automaton.

An automaton is “a machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of instructions.”

But why would science considers this a disorder?

If we take scientific materialism to heart, then everything truly is mechanical (reducible to matter and energy). We are automatons. No alternative exists in science.

Sure, Heisenberg’s uncertainty may limit our predictability, or not, but…

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11 thoughts on “Depersonalization or Scientific Enlightenment?

  1. gserpent

    In the world of philosophy, materialist are known as being in the Newtonian Sleep. Science gives us a base for consistency, not truth.


  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Good share Sha’Tara, just spent 30mins pondering this and replying.
    Sorry I’ve been away; in the words of the old King Crimson song ‘I’ve been here. I’ve been there. And I’ve been in between’
    Catch-up underway.
    Best wishes


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      I felt sick just reading about it – can’t imagine living like that. Sadly it’s how our “controllers” would really like us to be, or to exist: as automaton. “Do what you’re told, don’t question, and you have no reason to complain no matter what conditions you exist in. Nazi and Stalinist work camp/death camp slaves went into that mode, given no choice. Grim. But he does make a good point: why would “science” per se consider the automaton human suffering from a disorder?


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        We started out as powerless, wordless slaves of the “mighty” gods. Then we began to evolve and discover the self. Since then, the gods, now hidden behind the Matrix, or System, have been doing everything in their considerable power to convince us that as individuals we are meaningless, powerless and deluded victims. The opposite has always been true, but every “power” that set itself up over us, from Religion, to Government, to Money, and now Science, has designed its “teaching” to push us into group think so we would eventually return to the status of mindless slaves. So far it’s working quite well under the aegis of consumerism. Earthians are being dummied down in droves. We’ll see what happens when resources become irreversibly scarce and consumerism turns into a sick joke. The more money is lavished upon the military and armaments, the sooner that is going to happen.

        As I’ve said many times, we’re entering the crucible in which civilization as we know it is going to be crushed out of existence. We have no idea, as yet, how horrible the coming times are going to be; how pain-filled; how devastating. So now is the time of choice for those still intelligent enough to see the writing on the wall and teach themselves two “survival” techniques: detachment and self-empowerment.


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