The Age of Dissolution; the Demise of the Powers

 [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

How I see it, as if it mattered (though it certainly matters to me) is that we have entered willy-nilly into the age of dissolution.  And what does that mean?

Think: dissolution means to end: termination, dissolving, dissipating.  What was is no longer.

You can’t tell me that everyone below the age of 70 has forgotten, or never known, what the word “virtuous” or “moral” means!  Even the young, as brainwashed by TV, computers and cell phones, the ubiquitous violence of cartoons and modern fantasies, not to mention public education, must retain an inkling of the presence of that light that makes a person a human being and not just a brain-dead consumer or an android.  Surely something remains?

But you would not think so by observation.  The observable, obvious “good” is few and far between in modern societies.  If one takes into account the general swing to right-winged politics, it puts a case-closed on the argument.  The Hardening of Society and the Rise of Cultures of Cruelty in Neo-Fascist America  by Henry Giroux, published in engages this topic in 14 points.  Well worth the read, if you live in America, Canada… or any where else in the world!

Back to the topic: what is being dissolved?  Not “us,” as individuals, nor this world, as part of a solar system and greater universe, but a System that has driven itself off of its own rails.  Can you see that?  Sense that?

One could say, fine, why not just let the System, which is neither us, nor our world, crash itself on its own breakers?  Why not just stand back and watch the fireworks, regaining our virtuous and moral sense as human beings, and get ready to rebuild in cooperation and general consensus?

The problem with that is we have identified with that killer System for so long we have forgotten what it means to be human, and humane – or maybe we never quite did know how?  Maybe we heard the calls; we read the books and felt the yearning to be good people, and I mean “good” in the ultimate sense, yet never managed it “in real life” when confronted with the demands of our System?

What is that System that has robbed us of our humanity and turned us into dancing dried bones of desiccated selfishness?  That has subtly pushed us to value a gallon of gas or a toe ring above the value of a child?  What could have done that?  It’s not a complex or complicated or difficult force to understand, it just needs to be broken down into its individual parts and suddenly it stands out for anyone to see, because everyone will realize how it is shackled to this Hydra.

The System, as established long before man thought of itself as a society, much less a civilization:  Religion, the State and Money.  That’s it, that’s all there is to it.  This is the Demon that robs mankind of its humanity and turns it into a selfish, fearful, ignorant, disempowered, bigoted, needy, greedy, murderous rabble of seven and a half billion unaware individuals, all seeking their safety, fulfillment and salvation through the aegis of its Evil Trinity of Powers.  All handcuffed securely to the apparatus and believing itself unable to function without worshiping, praying to or paying for, some aspect of the Powers’ domination.

Now that this great ruling Trinity of Powers is dissolving from over-reach of its own powers; from mocking the basic substance of life source as far as this one world goes at least, the crawling, groveling masses attached to this dying monstrosity are simply freaking into melt-down or numbing themselves into complete denial.  One bunch runs around on the Internet screaming that the sky is falling while the greater unwashed masses of unknowingness simply choose to believe that the sky does not actually exist, thus how could it fall? It’s all a conspiracy, however you look at it.

Meanwhile the Evil Trinity, knowing it can no longer back away from the abyss it has created; knowing its days are severely numbered, is developing ways to use the unwashed masses to block its fall into the abyss, if only for a time.  Every moment of respite is precious to the System.  It needs to slow down its fall; it needs to believe that it can “do something” to prevent its dissolution.  It doesn’t want to die.  Though old, decrepit and utterly pointless, it enjoys the taste of blood; it loves eating life alive and it dreads having its banquet of living flesh taken away, for without the living blood it dies.  It has none of its own.  Its entire life; its entire time has been made possible by gorging on the living.

If you look at the “nature” of man’s Trinity of Powers, and its rulers, and you consider how every man, woman and child is attached to this monstrosity, then it explains how man is the selfish, brutal, inhumane construct it has become: it responds to the goading of its Master.  The “Attached Man” also believes, through his soul-programming (the soul being a Matrix implant) that the dissolution of his Powers means his own dissolution.  That is what he is being told, what he senses at the deepest levels of his awareness.  This is Power programming, making him feel an ardent urgency to defend his Powers.

To do religion though it makes absolutely no sense in light of common sense and global observation.  To obey his government in voting, paying taxes and of course, joining up to go and kill “those others” who threaten his programmed beliefs.  To believe that life is tied in to “the economy” and that money is the root of all life.

The Powers are nothing but lies; life-destroying predators and parasites.  They cannot be anything else, having no life of their own.  Their sycophants, or priests, police, salesmen, politicians, militaries, preachers, lawyers, judges – the entire bureaucratic apparatus of power, are saprophytic, feeding on the dead matter discarded by the greater gods.  At the bottom of the mounting pile are the masses of believers, from those being born (decanted would be a better word) to those dying in various conditions of torment or emptiness.

The Power Matrix isn’t without its own set of virtues, or morality either.

Religion promotes three virtues: faith, hope and love, and claims the greatest is love.  It is: it’s its greatest achievement in fakery.

The State promotes love of nation, patriotism, nationalism, and it works though many see where it always invariable leads: to doubt, fear, dictatorial security, prisons and endless war.

Money’s great virtue is a kind of unholy grail called greed.  Greed, not as a terrible curse, but as a mighty achievement.  The more one accumulates of money and resources, the greater one is believed to be.  Those “Accumulators” become the rulers over the ignorant worshiping masses always looking up, endlessly hoping the crumbs will trickle down into their own mouths opened in praise.

The dissolution of the Powers cannot be prevented though it may be postponed at great costs of pain, loss and bloodshed as we see happening now, as we pass through the postponement stage.  They will fail, make no mistake about that.  Sadly, those attached to any aspect of these forces will suffer great loss in their downfall – a foregone conclusion.

There is a way, however, that can break the chains, the shackles, the brainwashing from the soul implant.  We were given an antidote to the Powers when we were designed originally to become human beings.  That was the plan, the goal, the great hope.  But we had to encounter our nemesis before we could activate our human template, and we had to learn, on our own, case by case basis, how to break free of our great and powerful Warden.

We were given compassion, the one thing that evil cannot corrupt because compassion can only function through self-empowerment and detachment, and such a condition is totally inimical to the Powers’ programming.

How about that, huh?  We had it, all along.  We never had to murder all those people; we never had to destroy the planet; we never had to poison, slaughter and destroy innocent wildlife.  In short we never had to do any act of evil we have done, nor do we need to continue doing the evil we do, and choose to believe we must do, in order to survive.  It was all a massive lie, from God on down to the last penny dissolving at the bottom of the sea.

Yes, we can, by personal choice, become virtuous and morally accountable for our passage here.  It was never dependent on anything, or anyone, else but me.  Just me.


12 thoughts on “The Age of Dissolution; the Demise of the Powers

  1. Bélanger Robinson

    Nice, Sha’ Tara! I hear you loud and clear😊 In the program I was in several years ago, I was challenged to reject materialism for all the harm it brings to others and myself. I had to try to slowly get rid of certain vices related to consumption (I’m still working on it) because I am so attached to the system, as you say, that cold turkey would be a mountain to climb, for sure. I hope to one day fit into my own view of a minimalist-one step at a time woth fingets crossed. It takes a lot of discipline.

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    1. cadxx

      As an over-seventy who has seen it all before but not so bad, I can appreciate your trinity and your humour – Religion, the State and Money.
      Religion has its own trinity of Sin, Guilt and Unworthiness. The state has Deceive, Inveigle and Obfuscate. Money(banks)have Loans, Debts and the Money Printing Press.
      Every one of these things that supposedly supports our cockeyed system is totally worthless (the antithesis of actual work added value) in both monetary and spiritual terms and ready for the crash that will surely come.

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  2. franklparker

    You are back on a familiar hobby horse, here, Sha. As you must know by now, it is one based on a premise that I find impossible to accept: the idea that those you describe as ‘the powers’ are not themselves human, a different race from the rest of us. Being one of life’s optimists I take the opposing view, that ‘the system’ is a human construct. As such, humans made it and humans can destroy it should that be desirable. They can, also, improve it, as they have been doing for centuries.
    Consider, if you will, one of the 3 pillars of the ‘system’, in your world view: religion. Except for a few dangerous fanatics most humans now pay far less attention to the teachings of religious leaders than they once did.
    Now consider another: the state. Once, not so long ago, the majority of the land on this planet, and everything under it belonged to the Royal families of Europe. They fought over it and granted permission to their supporters to occupy it, subject to being kicked off if that support wavered. Now the power of those royal families has been vested in the people, via democracy and the very ‘State’ you despise. For some, control of the apparatus of state is vested in a single individual, a dictator. For most of us, democracy gives us the power, should we so choose and be able to agree among ourselves, to transfer that control from one group of individuals to another.
    Finally, consider money. I agree that money has been diverted from its original purpose, but never forget that purpose: the need to facilitate the exchange of one man’s labour for that of another. I keep struggling to get people to understand that nothing of use to humanity exists without the application of labour. I’ve said it before and I think it bears repeating: If you have a shelter you did not build yourself, clothing you did not knit or weave from fibres you sheared from an animal and spun into yarn – or the skin of an animal you did not hunt down and kill yourself then tan and prepare by your own hand; If you have food you have not sown and/or harvested or hunted and killed yourself, then you owe the people who did all those things a duty to do one or more of those things for them. Money, as I say, makes that transfer easy. It has no other function. And, if you think of it in that way, as representing someone’s hard work, then you will have a proper respect for it and not expect to be given vast – or even small – quantities of it for nothing.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well Frank, the fact that you need to work so hard at “disproving” my approach to this obvious trinity of forces says something in itself. Religion, for example, is still very much a part of Earthian life, and over 90% of the entire population believes in “god” in one way or another, and that belief can do more than launch a thousand ships any day of the week. The State is actually re-asserting itself after the brief play with so-called (and fake) democracy. There has been no new democracy “launched” on earth since the 90’s, so goes the stats, and many democracies are rapidly sinking under attacks by “right-winged” or “left-winged” basically totalitarian forces that barely pay lip service to the will/wish of the voters, and such desires being bought by propaganda in any case. America, for example, is now a totalitarian world. As for Money, as a force, it has bought preachers and politicians (leaders of the other two forces) and created a one percentile elitist group that is plunging this world into war, and seeking more war for profits. You can say it’s people doing it, but I see much deeper into it than that. I think that left to their own devices, take away organized religion, centralized state and banking, there would be much less evil in the world, much more individual freedom. But people are scared of personal freedom. What frightens them? Programming.

      You and I live in different worlds, Frank and on that score we can never agree, nor do we need to. I’ve experienced near death, and I’ve had visions since before puberty – seen and interacted with people who do not exist on this world. My “Teachers” except for one, are not of this universe, and yes, I have seen them and spoken to them, and could easily describe them. I have seen a world I am going to (as a student) which is called “Altaria.” It is outside this universe, in what can only be described as a non-place (not locatable by any physical means) called by those people “the Nexus.” I have traveled to many worlds beyond this galaxy, and been beyond amazed. I recall past lives and I’ve seen up to a thousand years into this world’s future – a vision that remains constant should events continue as they do now, with a certain plunge into what I “charitably” called a dissolution in my essay. Let that description stand, for the world will experience it. This is my reality. I express it; I use it also as a warning since that is what one does with such information. This expanded awareness I was blessed or cursed with is inherently what I am; it is part of my nature, just as the way you understand and explain your world is part of your nature. That’s how life functions; how it goes forth, adding to itself, experiencing itself. Some of us ride ATV’s, some of us ride unicorns.


  3. franklparker

    Thank you for that comprehensive response. There is a world of difference between believing in ‘ “god” in one way or another’ and being in thrall to the priesthood, of whatever religion. Most educated (you’d say ‘programmed’!) people are no longer subservient to religion in the way they once were. I believe it to be the case that there was always a 1% that controlled 99% of the wealth. I also can see that today’s 1% is neither the same people nor descended from those who constituted the 1% in the past (the royal families of Europe as I stated in my earlier comment). People become materially rich either by being stronger or more clever than the rest or by getting a lucky break – the one gold miner out of thousands who finds the one rich seam.
    As for riding unicorns to worlds beyond the universe – I cannot comment on matters beyond my knowledge.

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  4. Carol A. Hand

    You have eloquently described what I sense is coming, Sha’Tara, and as a mother and grandmother it brings me little comfort. I do meet many people who are on the path of compassion, but I’ve met many more who appear to be more concerned with their own individual comfort and status. Knowing that I have no right to tell anyone else to live, I share my version of the truth in simple, practical ways. I’m grateful that you share your truth with such compelling clarity..


  5. polymath0

    Can I have a favorite part? “Unwashed masses of unknowingness” made me laugh out loud. You have an excellent way with words. I couldn’t describe it better.

    I’ve been having the same thoughts about morality, nationalism, religion, etc. lately. I’m guessing many have started looking with fresh eyes, thanks to Trump and Brexit era politics. I had a discussion with a co-worker the other day. The two of us are unalike in pretty much every way, except that we both claim to value morality. I sense that he genuinely thinks that he is a moral person. He believes that his church involvement and commitment to family makes him a moral being. I would argue otherwise. Church involvement is great, but simply having religion means nothing when it doesn’t extend beyond Sunday services. The conversation started when he told me that he took his kids to the zoo and saw homeless people outside. He said it makes him angry that they exist and that he wishes we could just ship them out so his kids won’t have to see them. I retaliated with numerous examples and studies that showed compassion up-front to be extremely valuable. Even a greedy person like him should find personal value in the little houses, which cost tax-payers tens of thousands less per year than homelessness. (By the way, I’m using the economic argument, because it’s the only one I thought he’d care about.) It wasn’t good enough, though. He refused the idea to pay up-front to help a homeless person, even if it saved him money in the end. He simply does not believe in helping people who, in his mind, don’t deserve it. He also praises the American bombing, without actually knowing why or even what country was bombed. And, as for the family involvement…I would never think to talk poorly about my husband as he does his wife. He can’t let a conversation pass without claiming his wife to be the ultimate hateful person.

    I know he thinks he’s moral, but I doubt he knows how to think. The majority of Ben-style moral Americans believe that worshiping a striped piece of cloth is more important than taking care of the land it sits on. They believe that “Thou shalt not kill,” but love war, get hard-ons for bombs, and think the death penalty should be extended to pretty much anyone they don’t like.

    I know I don’t always make the best decisions, but I try to really be a moral person-one who cares for the planet, for the people, and for the animals too. I believe that morality extends beyond the offering basket.

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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Quote: “I believe that morality extends beyond the offering basket.” So – well – stated!!! Your comment needs no other commenting from me – it stands clear and firm on its own.

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