Touching Base

Hello to all, and to all a hello!

Some of you may have noticed less comments from me, and less posts… well there are a couple of simple explanations.  The most obvious, which I can make public without fear of being investigated is that I’m suddenly very busy in the other real world, working on jobs, ones that actually pay, can you believe it?  So that means long hours in Daylight Saving Time pretending I’m enjoying myself as Spring very reluctantly begins to show his face and the snow line hems are rising up the side of those hills that surround this area.

The second reason (which of course I can’t make public, or tell anyone for fear of serious reprisals by the powers that be) is that I’ve become aware that I am a Russian agent, and that means I’ve awakened to my pre-birth training in some Siberian camp where I was indoctrinated in the doctrine of Putinism and trained in demagoguery (Heck I couldn’t even spell that!)  So now I have to spend time reviewing.

I don’t know yet what they’re going to ask me to do, but I have to be ready.  This is serious business and the competition is truly  fierce.  According to mainstream media, just about everybody (in North American at least) is now a Russian Agent, or claiming to be one because the scuttlebutt is that all awakened agents get free credit cards with very high spending limits, and as Jon Rappoport says, when the cards are maxed, the Russians pay the balance.  So you see, I’m motivated.

Of course, I didn’t write the above paragraph, didn’t post it on this blog and if you receive it, it’s your own fault for downloading it.  And by the way, that’s not me in those CCTV shots and in that video dancing with a bear.  It’s a look alike trained by my enemies to make my Russian masters disown me and refuse to give me my free credit cards.  Dirty pool but what can you expect with so much rampant corruption?  That bear isn’t even real: it’s a Sasquatch in a bear suit.

Sorry, the dishes need washing, tomorrow’s lunch needs putting together (or thinking about) and… and… something else…



27 thoughts on “Touching Base

  1. Regis Auffray

    Gotta love your tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

    I, for one, am not a spy.

    Just an ordinary Régis.

    From: ~Burning Woman~ Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2017 7:45 PM To: Subject: [New post] Touching Base

    Sha’Tara posted: “Hello to all, and to all a hello! Some of you may have noticed less comments from me, and less posts… well there are a couple of simple explanations. The most obvious, which I can make public without fear of being investigated is that I’m suddenly ver”


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Lisa… part of me is still in that “laugh at all of it” mode…! I mean, it’s really really difficult to take “the world” seriously these days. Some insist we’re living in a simulation. I wouldn’t mind, but couldn’t it be less painful at times…?

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      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        I’m with you on that! Some days it hurts so much, all I can do is laugh. Which seems odd, but feels right in the moment.

        No wonder people think I’m crazy… lol!


      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Gold normally, but sometimes they send you transcripts of the thoughts of 8th century scholars… I never ask why, after all look at the record:
        China- Xia Dynasty 2000 (ish) BCE; Qin Dynasty 200 (ish) BCE first unified empire….annnnndddd China 2000 (ish)CE is still ‘there’ (buying up chucks of the UK)


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “sometimes they send you transcripts of the thoughts of 8th century scholars… I never ask why, after all look at the record:…” Indeed, China is still here, and it looks like it will remain while the upstart empires of the West seem poised to disappear as surely as did the Greek and Roman empires. It seems a question of wisdom and philosophy, two aspects of being human the West doesn’t seem too interested in. All empires that resorted to violence, war and enslavement as last ditch efforts to sustain themselves have destroyed themselves.

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      3. Woebegone but Hopeful

        What fascinates me is that various Chinese regimes have been guilty of all these crimes down the centuries…and yet, there they are; still on top of the game.


      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Earth, (at least man’s earth) methinks, functions, for better or worse, through a balance of terror. Peace in the absolute sense is simply not possible here, only chaos seems equipped to give man a reason to exist. Man can’t seem to find a balance between violent interaction with “everything” he encounters, or becoming a “Lotus Eater” of Homeric fame.

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      5. Woebegone but Hopeful

        One possible line of thought.
        Looking at the history of Earth through the perspective of the journey of life.
        Forms arise they dominate for a while but events over-take them and another form evolves from the fall.
        Are we simply part of that passage.
        Will we be a very slim piece of the fossil record, for future beings to puzzle over?


      6. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks for the thoughts, Roger. Of course we can be just a part of a natural movement, and make ourselves extinct through just allowing things to take their course. Sadly though, we now have the intelligence and the power to change the course of history of both the planet and man’s. We don’t have to be dinosaurian victims of events beyond our control: we can take control, at least to some extent. The problem is, man seems to be totally uninterested in securing his place on this world, preferring to ride his Thanatos demon to extinction. Choice is choice. My personal “fate” is no longer tied to that of earth, or man’s so I don’t mind observing and commenting…

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      7. Woebegone but Hopeful

        There are some scientific schools of thought which view Humanity itself as an ‘extinction event’.
        As you say we do have ‘the intelligence’, but as a species we are not using that gift. Hence we become, in planetary terms both historical and environmental no more than some of the massive tectonic events which shaped the environment and life.
        Thus if we do wipe ourselves and most of life with us, the Earth will continue, will adjust, Life will adapt and we will become a ‘smear’ in the fossil record and maybe be labelled by future beings as an ‘event’.
        Geological evidence and Earth History can offer up some very sobering lessons.


      8. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Kinda noticed that. If “Man” had there wouldn’t have such a great deal of military history to read.


  2. Phil Huston

    Do you go to work in speedos and check William Shatner’s trash for his cast-off hairpieces? Have you waxed your entire body until you appear to be a pudgy hairless chihuahuha? I’m not sure of your authenticity. Quick. What eastern block country exports the most brides?


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    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      What…what? You missed out on becoming a Russian Spy? There’s always the odd one who falls through the cracks, isn’t there. Oh well, maybe you can apply in Beijing. Roger says China pays its spies even better, and in gold no less.



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