Thanks for all the Likes and the Comments

Thoughts from   ~burning woman~    by Sha’Tara

That reminds me of Douglas Adams’ book title, “So Long, And Thanks for all the Fish” only this isn’t about fish, it’s about pink elephants, but I’ll get to that.

OK, I’m not saying, “So long” – at least not yet… I like blogging, such as I do it, and learning day by day by following a lot of other blogs and practicing the great art of flattery which is imitation.

First I’d like to say, once again, THANKS FOR ALL THE LIKES, AND ALL THE COMMENTS.  Hopefully by watching carefully, and engaging periodic skirmishes with Akismet, (and no, I’m not talking about the conquest of Jerusalem, just the fight over spam) I get most of your comments, and comment back in turn.  If I don’t return a comment, let me know, or fire another over the wall, I might respond with more alacrity knowing I’m under siege…  

That being said of first importance, here’s a secondary matter that needs saying… again.  Some bloggers get frustrated with me.  I think it’s the way I state things as if they were facts, written in stone.  You spend enough time in politics, whether environmental or social, and certainly in organized religion, you develop a certain amount of “declared certainty.”  When you are making a point on a public forum you can’t afford to be wishy-washy about it.  Either you know what you’re on about, or you don’t.  Most of the time, I do know what I’m on about.  Or, I do, but it’s only MY PERSONAL OPINION, ALL OF IT unless it’s a reblog from someone else.  All of what I write is wide open for re-interpretation.

So listen here, before you lose any more sleep over my fiats, I’m not stating, or claiming, that I’m right.  Being sure isn’t the same as being right.  Stating something in a way it comes out as if it was a fact does not make it a fact and I’d be the first to laughingly admit that.  Actually I don’t care if what I say is right or wrong: there is no right or wrong here.  There’s just a point or two being made using words as props.  Unless I’m losing my mind and memory I don’t recall ever defending a point of view, ‘cause one’s point of view is either self-evidently “right” or it’s out in left field.  More often than not when it’s more philosophical than “factual” the same point of view wanders happily from left field to right field to the open fields without being in the least bothered.  That’s true freedom of expression.  

So no need, or point, getting one’s thong in a knot on this blog.  This is an opinion/rant place.  Not just for me, but for anyone who wants to just “Like” or agree or disagree.  Just give me (us) a good argument for or against, hey?  But let’s forget the right or wrong of what we think about something.  I’ll tell you this, I believe that Unicorns exist, as do flying pink elephants.  I’ve never seen either, but then I’ve never seen Donald Trump either (maybe I should be thankful from what I hear?) but the point is we can discuss things that don’t exist in some particular dimension if we realize that when we mention these non-existent “things” we bring them alive, but in a different, usually a private, dimension and context.  My Unicorns won’t crap on your birthday cake if you fail to fight for their non-existence.    

I say flying pink elephants exist.  You say they don’t exist.  Philosophy goes one better and says, can either of you use the concept, pro or con, to make your own life, or your world, a better place?  Does the idea of a pink elephant help or hinder your life’s goal, or purpose, or are you just being childish by insisting such exists, or such does not, cannot, exist?  That’s the bottom line, isn’t it.  All our ideas, thought, verbalized and finally acted upon, should they not all serve but one purpose: to make ourselves, and our world, a better place for all?

That’s where the “right” and “wrong” comes into play: my (your) interaction with others.  To help or to harm.  To protect or abuse.  To give or to steal.  To take responsibility or act irresponsibly.

As Forest Gump would say in his inimitable simple way, “That’s all I gotta say about that.”



28 thoughts on “Thanks for all the Likes and the Comments

  1. Lisa R. Palmer

    Hear, hear!! And thanks for the gentle push…

    And by that, I mean I started a piece that included this very point, and then life got in the way again, so that it was marooned in that damn draft folder, with so many other lost, but great, ideas.

    And for the record, I have nothing but respect for your wisdom and your surety. And I have never felt disrespected by you, even when we disagree. I love coming here to learn, to laugh, to ponder things I hadn’t even considered, and sometimes just to admire the way your magnificent mind works.

    I hope you choose to keep this site going with its thoughtful, fun and/or challenging content. Too many others I loved to read have fallen by the wayside. (Or else WordPress has made me “unfollow” them again. Hmm… I should look into that.)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Lisa, thank you for that warm comment. Yes, take a few minutes and go through your “follow” list on WP and check on who’s there, or not. I had to “re-follow” about a half dozen blogs when I realized I was no longer getting posts from them. I think WP gets “confused” between unfollow of a blog, or unsubscribe from follow-up comments. Some bloggers have great articles, but too many one line, or one word comments, so I try to control the avalanche since my average WP email “downfall” is 150/day. So yes, it may pay to check out your list.

      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        Interesting. I went to do as you suggested, checking a few of my favorites that have been silent a long time. And yes, I’m still following. When I went to check whether I was on email or reader, I clicked wrong, going directly to each site to discover loads of new material. So back to the manage screen (which I finally managed to find… lol!), only to discover I am on instant email subscription… So why haven’t I been receiving any, I wonder?

        I think, perhaps, it’s just another of those WordPress mysteries. Like why is it my cursor jumps all around when I try to put quotation marks or parentheses in my posts? The editor literally takes whatever follows a quote, dash or parenthesis, and moves it somewhere else in the text! Every time… So I have to type the first word of said “aside” and add the notations after to get it to stay in place…

        *shaking my head slowly, while an old blues song starts playing in my head*

        “Nobody knows….” 😉

  2. franklparker

    I hope that my contributions in the comments are not disrespectful. I don’t always agree with what you say, but it is always interesting and stimulating. And I enjoy your comments over on my place, too. (Have you seen this morning’s? Some might view it as controversial)

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Frank, and thanks for your comment. Yes, I saw your post this morning and slipped it into my Hold and Review folder from which NOTHING escapes without being perused. As for the thoughts and ideas, I never sensed any disrespect, or any attempt on your part to impart such. We come from different countries, we had different lives, we learned different things and walked to the tunes of different drummers. I’ve gone back over the things you said in comments, over in my mind many times and of course I can see your point. You are more practical than I, more firmly grounded in “this” reality, its nitty-gritty. You would have made a perfect elder brother, methinks. Thanks for sticking around.

  3. thesarahdoughty

    I don’t mind though expressing your opinions at all. I welcome them. You look at things from an analytical perspective, something you’ve thought through, and I enjoy reading about your results. Keep going!

  4. Woebegone but Hopeful

    You just keep on making us think Sha’ Tara with you mind-expanding words.
    I don’t see a problem with Unicorns, Pink or even Flying Elephants etc… When we consider the millions and millions of stars in a galaxy and multiply that by millions and millions of galaxies AND that we don’t really know what constitutes the majority of ‘stuff’ that makes up the Universe, well, who’s to say??
    Keep on with the good work.
    Best wishes

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Sarah, from you that means much. I know bloggers write that so often, but I sincerely “follow” your own wisdom. Your suffering has made you a deep thinker, and your questioning is genuine.

  5. Phil Huston

    Not only is it a desert topping, it’s also a floor wax! No, no! By pink do you mean a peachy sort, or more of that deeper, raspberry tinge? IS it your favorite color is there some deeper psychological metaphor? And what sort of elephant? African, or Asian? Jeez, some people and their loose ends…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      As an ESL’er, I have difficulties differentiating between certain words that resemble or sound like each other but mean totally different things. (I know, there’s a name for those things…) I just noticed that you wrote “desert topping” then floor wax. Topping usually goes with dessert – I checked to make sure I meant the sweet stuff one serves on a table after a meal, and not endless vistas of gritty, moving sands – but knowing you a bit, I thought you were having a bit of fun here. So, is it sand or is it apple pie and ice cream (that being my yum-yum favourite dessert!)? In either case, no warries, I like the desert also, although the only deserts I know are the wide open frozen expanses of wind-driven snows in northern Canada.

      1. Phil Huston

        Remind me to tell you about the fancy restaurant and going through the dessert on a horse with no name and putting the only liquid we had on hand, Boone’s Farm wine, in the radiator of an overheated Camaro in the Mojave desert. Neither experience involved artificial diary substances that were interchangeable on top of pie or the floor.

  6. sherazade

    “Like” meritati.
    Il blog come Agora oppure Babel tower cpn molti idee mai verità assolute.
    Purtroppi google translator è orribile…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Exactly Shera! Unless we can reach absolute truth – and as far as I can reason it, absolutes can never be a part of this order of duality without blowing it up! – why argue over our temporary discoveries, or belief systems? Imagine if we put all that effort into unified concentration on making the world a better, kinder, gentler place; imagine if all of us put our minds into being protectors and nurturers of those weaker than us? I could go on forever with this line of questioning. Fortunately nothing stops the one individual from living that way and as I see it that’s all we have left. Perhaps that’s the point to which “life” was bringing us; to the realization that “collectively” doesn’t work anymore and we must learn to become self-empowered, as individuals committed to our own self-chosen purpose… and may that purpose be first of all compassionate.

  7. poeturja

    Love your blog (yeah, I use that word indiscriminately, but I do!). Have to disagree,though, because my flying elephants are a deep turquoise… 🙂

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      No way can your elephants be a deep turquoise ’cause that’s the colour of my mermaids! Them’s fighting words, lady! Just kidding, of course. See how easy it is (a) to get into a fight over stupid stuff, or (b) joke about our particular symbology? Meanwhile, keep plunking that ukulele, hey?

  8. polymath0

    Really, I just want to “Love” this post instead of simply “liking” it. It started with the fantastic reference to, “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.” Your blog regularly demonstrates my respect for true and deep humanity. I certainly hope you aren’t being hindered by criticisms from others, but only engaged. Your posts and your commitment to interacting with other bloggers is a highlight and a delight. I only have time to visit WordPress once every 1-2 weeks, and when I do I search you and a personal friend out before anyone else. What you say is reflective, valuable, and bursting with thought and analogies. I agree with most of what you say, though not all, but your inherent moral character is obviously your strength (and when I don’t agree, it is usually something in which I may or may not change my mind someday). Your moral strength makes you a friend and sometimes adviser. Please and please do not censor anything for the masses. Your true followers follow you for your honesty and wisdom. I want to hear what’s true more than what feels good. So, here’re some fish, please keep on warning the Earthlings. To keep with the theme, I’m more of a mouse than a dolphin and much less of a human (but leaning toward a Slartibartfast).

    PS: I love unicorns, always have and always will. I’m quite hopeful that if/when I see one it will choose me as a companion.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for that lovely and light-hearted comment, Polymath. Unicorns, oh yeah! Can’t wait to meet one in “real” time.

  9. adamspiritualwarrior

    There is a Hidden Reality that can interact with ours, slightly offset atomic quantum phase in a different dimension and whole Civilisations are there. This is very different to the model of reality NASA is giving us. Maybe I’m the ”nut down the street” mentioned in the last sentence
    September 5, 2017 at 8:17 am
    Since childhood I’ve experienced night terrors: jumping out of bed, running across the hall, one time running half way down the street before I awakened.
    As of late I’ve been jumping out of bed and running out of my room in an attempt to find “someone or something” which has never been the case. The other night I ran out of my room and then proceeded to head back in and seat myself on the floor. I could feel a presence all around knowing something was there, yet not knowing where. Two other times I could feel a presence in the corner and the other time by my door. Another time running down the hall to see if my Mother was okay.
    There’s been several occurrences where you’ve posted articles only for me to have a correlating experience within that general time frame. Unveiling the truth is giving back a power that is as of yet unknown.
    So thank you for your unrelenting work Aug.

    Terran Downvale
    September 5, 2017 at 9:16 pm
    I just posted a similar comment. The PRESENCE. I know what you mean! It was that experience that made me KNOW there is a hidden reality that can interact with ours. And I knew that if such a thing existed, it would be of great interest to TPTB and they would have surely made a science out exploring the phenomenon. So hearing about the “secret projects” Aug talks about years later made perfect sense. The idea mainstream science puts out there that this is some “fringe” subject that they still know very little about, if it even exists at all, is such a joke and a lie, obviously. All the phony “psychics” they put on TV to give people the wrong impression. They want people to think this only exists in the realm of science fiction. The REAL fiction is the contrived “mundane” reality they have created for us to keep us distracted, misdirected and uninformed.

    September 6, 2017 at 10:41 pm
    Yes very true. And the moment they can’t deny this hidden existence to the sleeping masses any longer they will pull their signature move and say “we knew they existed all along. We were just looking out for the best interest of the people. ” The lies will be piled on top of lies right up until the point where they will instantly turn into the victims. People will be sickened, confused and lost. They will then turn to the “nut” down the street for some clarity as to what’s going on.
    I will be waiting with loving arms and an understanding for all.

  10. adamspiritualwarrior

    Two Underground Races Discovered: Higher and Lower Awareness Races. They have gained access to this reality through the opening of an electromagnetic portal between this reality and a reality that is offset by a degree of rotation and thus exists as part of a different temporal context
    Maybe I will now begin to prepare you for what is to come, as others have and yet as others have not.

    There are two races. They live underground and are descendents of one another. They have gained access to this reality through the opening of an electromagnetic portal between this reality and a reality that is offset by a degree of rotation and thus exists as part of a different temporal context. In that reality there are descendents of humanoid bi-pedals, these are considered surface dwellers that we call humans today.

    Underground there are ancestors, these ancestors exist in different forms, in different societies. The basic spread is high and low awareness. Violence, animalistic tendencies, lack of compassion and the presence of constant struggle is associated with the lower awareness races. The alter-descendent of this race, the brother race is of a higher-awareness spectrum and thus they do their best to keep the situation safe and beneficial for all. They are more compassion, of a higher intelligence, more self-controlled and thought to be self-aware as a result or relation to.

    These races that are almost one are capable of utilizing advanced scalar technology. Most races use advanced scalar technology. This is because this reality, the projected atomic form is scalar in nature. This, to construct a kind of standing wave computer system through a functional arrangement of minerals, crystals, metals, coils and so on, would not necessarily require moving parts or even a keyboard for input or a monitor for displaying the information.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for that information. I have long been enamoured of a computer system that I could simply “think” to; operated on a level beyond the senses, strictly by mind. I know such “machines” exist but they would be dangerous in the hands of current Earthians. I’ll have a look at that link you posted. Thanks.


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