Man, Dream! – The sleep of reason

Something to seriously think about. Much more wisdom on this blog by Aishwariya Ramachandran

Too much Too soon

Man, dream!
Man, dream!
Man, dream!
dream of cities walled, of malls,
gritty city streets, halls of commerce
stacks of paper miles deep
things to make your children weep

dream of guns, of bullets,
of rifle-song, of the guillotine
of obscene bombs twenty
thousand strong bursting
over the heads of

dream of empire, dream of walls,
of Coliseum miles tall
of hemp-liars, of mournful squall

dream of riches untold, bold financial
tales of gold, dream of what is bought and sold
grip ye that which thou canst hold

dream, man, dream!
dream a dream of extremes, of reams
of sunlight blocked by beams
of steel and concrete seams
of screams of young and hearted
finding nothing’s as it seems

Dream man, dream big, dream wide!
Dream of anything but what’s inside,
what resides in tides of blind
vociferous grasping of the mind


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