Encounter with a Mermaid

A clever write, by Regis. Enjoy!

Regis Auffray

Alone by the wild sea I sought what I might see;

When all of a sudden, before me on a rock,

Reclined one of the wondrous women of the sea –

A mythical mermaid with whom I wished to talk.

“Mermaid, fair mermaid, why is it you hide?

My wish is to see you and to perhaps know you;

But I cannot find you when you hide in the tide,

And dive behind the waves to keep from my view.”

“I hide for I’m shy and really quite wary,

And I have reason to take care and beware;

For your race’s shown itself to be mostly quite scary

And the kind souls I’ve met have been rather rare.”


“I promise, dear mermaid, that I will tell no one

About you and your sisters and your home in the deep.

I’ll keep very quiet and until you are done,


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5 thoughts on “Encounter with a Mermaid

  1. Phil Huston

    When I was much younger an sat at the feet of what I considered a wise person it was said to me that Dolphins were probably higher up the intelligence scale than humans because they could communicate on a high level and were attuned to, or in tune with, their environment. It struck as strange, not being the head ape, but now I understand it. The same reason the mother ship wanted Kirk to go back in time and find a whale…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      A great reminder, that Earthians are not, by virtue of certain accomplishments, the highest on the intelligence scale of Earthian intelligence – we just think we are because we can make things. The making of things however, could also be our undoing, or the undoing of man’s civilization. My thoughts on it.


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