13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court

This is a true story about a vaccination that went terribly wrong. Sadly, it is only one of tens of thousands that equally go terribly wrong. Vaccination, through deliberate propaganda over time has become, not so much a science or medical issue as an emotional one. It’s become a case of pro or con, more religion that science, more faith than evidence. Personally, I’ve always been very leery of vaccines, as were my parents. We are Europeans, not Canadian or American and my parents had better education on many aspects of health than N. Americans get. For example, on the whole concept of mass fluoridation of city water supplies. The scam by aluminium mining corporations was known long ago; the adverse effects also known. But we live in a world of lying propaganda where politicians are routinely bought and paid for to be mouthpieces for, and to pass laws in favour of, the military industrial complex, Big Medical and Big Pharma. So people die, painfully and needlessly and others justify it as easily as they justify wars of aggression that cost them nothing but cost their victims everything.
Should we accept vaccinations because it is said they do “more good than harm”? Let me put it to you this way: Let’s say you are told that a thousand people: men, women, children, are going to be killed, but you have the power to stop the killing. All you need to do is take a baby from a mother’s arms… and kill it in front of her. Kill one baby in cold blood, ignoring the pleas of the mother, and a thousand lives are saved. Would you do it? Would you do it for a million lives? Vaccinators play God with individual lives and justify themselves in that they are “doing more good than harm.” Do you accept such justification?

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Source: Missy Fluegge

Dec 31, 2016

A young man was recently awarded compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims Vaccine Court, for injuries he sustained after being administered the hepatitis A and varicella vaccinations in 2009.  After five long years of litigation, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Respondent in all vaccine injury cases, conceded that the varicella vaccination did in fact cause RD’s vaccine injury, transverse myelitis, which has left him a tetraplegic.

In November 2014, HHS conceded that the vaccination caused RD’s injuries.  Even with this concession, his case continued for another year in the damages phase, during which time the parties continued to negotiate the amount of damages that RD would receive for his injuries.  Although he was compensated for his suffering and injuries, the monetary award will never…

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13 thoughts on “13 Year-Old Boy Permanently Disabled from Chicken Pox Vaccine Wins His Case in Vaccine Court

  1. Doug's BoomerRants

    Quite honestly there could easily be some situations where your choice scenario would make sense to kill the baby in cold blood.. which, “cold blood” is a descriptive more reserved for those who kill just for the purpose of killing for some personal agenda. Likely your scenario would not fit “in cold blood” given those that would be saved by your action would have little objection for the “needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few” in a purely survival situation. Also, your scenario takes away the idea of vaccines being, in some cases as suggested by this unfortunate child, a matter of statistical chance.. like winning (or loosing, as in this case) the lottery. Let’s take those thousand people.. and present to them that they will all need a vaccine to survive but research has shown that 1 percent of them will die (in other words, ten). Even if there’s a democratic vote.. the majority would likely vote to accept the risk as being “acceptable” and equal for everyone given the alternative choice of everyone dying. While I totally understand your approach and passion on the subject of vaccines, and using your scenario to present an illustrative comparison, it’s not quite realistic.

    I think what might be a better approach would be to suggest a scenario where the majority of people who take the vaccine will have less chance of cancer, whooping cough, arthritis, yada, yada and generally live a better quality of life, and not be a matter of pure survival… but ten of them will die.. that poses a little more tricky moral dilemma. Especially if the law mandates the vaccine be taken (as when children start school). But if I were a group leader and people looked to me for survival and there was no doubt killing a baby to save a thousand people would in fact have that result, I would only hesitate long enough to make that decision. That does not mean the act would not affect me for the rest of my own life… or I’d not turn into a blubbering ball of depression and post-traumatic stress. Leadership can be a bitch (which is what the new guy is going to learn very quickly after the 20th, when the nation’s dead come home on his watch).

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You make a harsh observation, but a good and necessary point. “If” (and that is a lot like “coulda-shoulda” arguments) we must look at the world “as is” in it’s crass reality, yours is the correct response. But as a being of higher consciousness, or as I was taught, I cannot accept that we cannot rise above the, essentially, offering of human sacrifice to a hungry god in order to survive. Is survival on those terms worth it, Doug? Wouldn’t I say, given my example, take me instead? The problems with vaccines are rising as vaccination becomes a means of massive profit and control of populations through children and fear. Also, and point well made by those who have, and are, studying the aspect of vaccines as some sort of cure-all: vaccines are needed less and less the more people’s quality of life improves, and as quality of life decreases, correspondingly vaccines become less effective and more deadly because of the alarming number of vaccines being forced on infants. This isn’t science, it’s fascism.

      1. Doug's BoomerRants

        Truly, I understand your passion, Sha’Tara, and I would not even debate the basic concept of the morality you are suggesting toward the imposition of vaccines. Each person has their own moral compass. I am more trying to explain the nature of man versus the constant hope that man will someday become something that he’s never been. Hope certainly springs eternal. But until that day there’s a practicality of living real life. Part of the way you feel might be attributed to the idea that we have created a society where you personally do not have to worry about your own personal survival on a daily basis, hence we can “afford” to spend time on more cerebral and philosophical issues… and apparent theoretical moral and real injustices to our own kind.

        Recently I’ve been looking into the threat to humanity from the wide and apparent reckless use of antibiotics. Not from the chemical makeup but because of the rapid adaptation of bacteria and viruses to such treatment that will likely evolve into future super-bugs… and have been. Waiting around to get some virus and be treated with antibiotics is likely not the preferred method for humans to stay healthy. Vaccines allow our internal systems to develop specific immunities… organic fighting organic, rather than using chemicals. I can’t say I share the idea that use of vaccines carry with it some suggestion of human sacrifice since the potential for death is statistically random and possible for anyone. If your main issue is that fact that certain vaccines are mandated by law, then that has some consideration. But consider this… if there were a 99% chance of keeping your child healthy at a 1% risk of your child dying from the vaccine itself, what call would you make? If it were me a lot would depend what the vaccine was all about. If it were a cure for pimples I might not think the vaccine would be worth the 1% risk. If the vaccine is for a deadly virus making its way across the country… I’d take that risk for my child’s survival.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, well, tough calls all around. I’d say that my concern is more on legally mandatory vaccination under pain of punishment. If vaccines were truly effective, seems to me that anyone could choose to be vaccinated, or choose to have their children vaccinated and if they didn’t, the vaccinated wouldn’t be so concerned since they carry their own life insurance, that others don’t carry the same insurance. Yes, the powers that be are using a procedure to increase their own power over people by turning a medical procedure which should always remain a free choice, into an emotional, political issue. I have to agree with those who question the effectiveness of vaccines by the reaction of the vaccinated to the non-vaccinated. If they were so secure, why the paranoia against those who choose not to participate in the political brainwash and insist on the right to free choice? That’s what makes me wonder… Are we individual human beings, or are we sheeple and wards of the State as we were once wards of the Church?

  2. franklparker

    I’m with Doug on this. By all means, ‘take me instead’, if my life will achieve the same effect.
    On the specific case, I note two things:
    1. This was an unnecessary second vaccination – surely the family doctor has some responsibility in this, as does the mother for not questioning his decision.
    2. The length of time taken to resolve the case – surely down to greed on the part of the legal profession.
    This story does not make an anti-vaccination case. It makes the case for careful record keeping and double checking of ‘facts’ by the medical profession, and for a legal system that is fair to both sides in a litigation, not simply feathering the nests of high priced lawyers.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It’s a difficult issue. The point in talking about it is to remind people that it isn’t black and white; that vaccines are no panacea; that there are other ways to resolve ill heath, namely, pushing for a greater quality of life across the board. If a deadly virus is going to go viral and threaten millions, the chances are likely that it will emerge from areas of homelessness and malnutrition. If I were to “go public” against vaccines, it wouldn’t be to ban vaccines outright, but to point out, as does Jon Rappoport so well, that we need to tackle the source of the diseases, not rely on stop-gap measures which is all that vaccines ultimately are. The other concern I have is trust: do I believe the vaccine pushers? Not for one split second. I know their track record, and I know that pushing vaccines is not out of concern for public health, but out of concern for the bottom line. How much money will we make on this new vaccines? Can we invent a new “disease” so we can push a new drug onto it? It’s the name of the game and we should all be wise to it by now. My bottom line is, vaccines are a product of a little success and massive doses of propaganda. Where vaccines are credited for success is in areas where quality of life has greatly improved, so which is responsible? I know, an endless argument, or discussion. Meanwhile, just be distrustful of across-the-board legally mandated vaccinations for very young children. If the government pushes something, there’s got to be something wrong with it. 🙂

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      By the way those were excellent points you make on how this case, and all cases of vaccinations, were, and are, handled by the system.

  3. Phil Huston

    I thought maybe you’d swept the conspiracy monster under the bed for the winter, but alas. Let’s take this to somewhere in the world eith rampant child killing diseases. What do you think? Propaganda or hope that out of seven more than two make it? Where there is life or death and no lawyers? Or here. Where your doctor can’t find your medical records because they’ve changed systems four times and the tests you had five years ago are buried in a PDF folder somewhere so who knows what you’ve had or when so here’s some more? Vaccines aren’t evil, nor were they invented by ne’er do wells. Someone was trying to help someone else. Someone tried to sell that as a good idea. For profit? Probably. Still. A sloppy “system” killed the kid. Period.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hi Phil! Who, me, give up on conspiracies? Reality is made up of conspiracies. In the capitalist system, it’s all wheeling and dealing. What may start out as altruism, or some egotistical drive to be the first to discover, or invent [whatever], will either disappear with no trace, or it will have to face the ugly bidding of the market place and create profits for its buyers and promoters if it is to “succeed.” If it doesn’t create some serious financial benefit for the elites, it won’t be allowed to exist. That is especially true of anything, however beneficial to the race, or the planet, if it looks like it may harm a current profitable system. The funny thing about free enterprise capitalism is that it can’t stand competition, yet claims to be based on “healthy” competition.

      1. Phil Huston

        I’m good with that. The point about the vaccine killing the kid is what I was after. Incompetence killed the kid, not the evil and nefarious “they” and their propaganda machine.

  4. DhyvD

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Unfortunately, simple stories spread better than complex ones, and the real reason why (excessive) vaccines continue, is that they are promoted as helpers rather than hopeful helpers. For example, in one movie I watched, (I think it was Arrival), they referred to “booster shots” and “side effects” of the vaccine. Implying that it “boosts” the immune system.

    Although a work of fiction, it reminded me of various conversations, and a data-based, rather than insight-based, view of reality. Simplicity over accuracy.

    It seems that the dialogue is no longer the complex theory that vaccines “retrain” the immune system and thus make the immune system by giving it a weak enemy. Instead, it now has become magical thinking that the vaccines directly and immediately boost the immune system response.

    Ironically, vitamins, fresh air, and a good sleep for a few days or weeks would actually boost the immune system. Relaxation and awareness building techniques would boost the immune system, immediately, and cumulatively. So might moderate (for the current body development level) exercise.

    Vaccines, properly made, and administered to a healthy person who has a chance to recover, might actually have been of help… even so, directly building the potency of the immune system, through lifestyle improvements, would work better.

    However, recent trends in counter-litigation make it unlikely to find out how effective a particular vaccine is, and the bar for being “harmful” is far too high. From what I understand, the focus on vaccinations over actual health is going to cause a lot more harm, a lot more premature death.

    We really live in darker times, for the most part, because it is difficult to even have a discussion about these things without a heal care provider acting as a salesperson/technician rather than an actual conduit to gain greater health.

    Trusting your own body, and living life, rather than trusting authority figures, and complying with society.

    It is difficult to do, even in the best circumstances. Even to feel that your body is your own, rather than a tool used by the socially defined “Person” that was created for it.

    There is always that doubt, that temptation to trust too much, to suppress the problem rather than dissolve the cause.

    Most people cannot choose freely to non-comply, especially the young, the vulnerable, and the under-represented poor/former middle-class. That is sad to think about, but on the other hand, there is much more information and better techniques being produced almost daily.

    Perhaps what we need, though, is more accessible channels of preventative information.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you very much for that insightful response. As Jon Rappoport has pointed out tirelessly, what is needed is not the myth of vaccine cure-alls, but better nutrition world-wide; better housing, less stress, in fact health comes from a quality lifestyle. The question is, can a world the size of earth accomplish this with over 7 billion humans, never mind all other species increasingly vying for survival on a world of dwindling (and grossly wasted) resources. I think we need to look at common sense and justice as the building blocks to a decent future for everybody.

      1. DhyvD

        Other people have done the math and found that the Earth can support 11 billion people easily, assuming artificial fiscal pressures were not distorting everything…

        …If we can support a vampire-class fiscal system, imagine how much we would support with a more fair fiscal system…

        We live in “interesting times”.

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