Stop Grasshopper: where are you going from here?

[thoughts from    ~burning woman~    by Sha’Tara]

If I were a betting kind of person, I’d bet a substantial amount of my pension check, say $100, that the main question on most people’s minds these days would be something like, “where are we going from here?”  At least in the Western world, faced as it is with some quite serious political and economic changes and challenges. 

Imagine what it’s like to live in a world built almost exclusively on slave labour and stolen resources from Third World nations, or any nation that can’t defend itself against political graft, military superiority and financial corruption, and having that cornucopia gradually go empty? 

The growing number of war costs and bodies on the ground (take that metaphorically or literally) is making itself felt.  Cheap resources and cheaper labour are not delivering their quota of expectations.  Prices are rising, as is discontent, chaos, confusion and fear. Damn, but it’s really quite annoying, this constant discomfort.  It’s like the Western world is suffering from sciatica; it can’t find any comfortable position to put itself back to sleep. 

Never mind the MSM (I understand that to mean something like “Multi-Slime Media” but I could be wrong, it’s probably something much worse), I’ve been reading “alternative” media, or just a lot of blogging on various subjects such as Trumpism, war, global injustice, climate change… or sometimes switching to war, climate change, global injustice and Trumpism.  Nothing like variety, is there.  So, big picture, what am I reading?

I’m reading the confused thoughts of people enmeshed in a net of anti-human corruption called predatory capitalism.  The concept is a real-life Game played with real people who live and die at the hands of the players.  The Game itself is completely artificial, having nothing whatsoever to do with natural life as it was meant to be lived, either on this world, or on any sane world.  The tokens used are called money, and while they all serve the same purpose, they have different names in different parts of the globe.  Dollars is a popular name; rubles, yens, yuan, shekel, rupee, pound, it doesn’t matter, they are just tokens, some “worth” more than others. 

When you sign up for the Game, in very fine print at the bottom of the form, on page 198, there is a cautionary line: If you have some tokens, you may gamble and if Lady Luck favours you, you may get more, but the moment you lose your last token, your life is forfeit to the Game and you and your family must die or go into life-long slavery. 

How seriously do Earthians take this global Game?  Enough to play it 24/7, on every part of the planet.  Enough to gamble away everything they own, even their nation.  Enough to willingly enslave themselves to those who have the most tokens because they control the Game and have enough power to change to rules so the Game always benefits them.  Enough to sacrifice their children on the board and to die by the millions through a variety of preventable causes to keep the Game going.

Pathetic?  Beyond pathetic.  But if that isn’t sad enough, try to imagine billions of semi-intelligent creatures believing that if they stopped the Game they and their world would suddenly die. Billions, even those who have given up believing in invisible sky wizards called gods, believe in, and promote the Game as if all of life on earth depended on an endless exchange of tokens, either in a physical form or increasingly, over the internet. 

I taught myself the rules of the Game when I was very young because I sensed how it was designed to enslave people by forcing them to become addicted to it.  I didn’t want to play the Game because it is disgusting to me, but I needed to know it so I wouldn’t get ensnared by it; so I wouldn’t become tempted to worship in its churches called banks and gambling casinos or shopping plazas.  Furthermore, as I realized that each day of my life the Game was claiming more and more of the world and there would soon be no place left where anyone could live without holding a playing card and having a minimum number of tokens, I needed to know how to pretend to play so I wouldn’t be banished from its all-encompassing zone of control. 

I finally realized that the only place outside was through suicide but after a “half life” of playing with the thought and a couple of attempts, I gave that up.  I was offered a challenge: to live within the Game while despising it and doing everything I could to expose it as nothing but a death-dealing addiction, the number one addiction on the planet.  I could live with that. 

Once in a while I stop long enough to look at this world, and its addiction to the Game; to money.  I realize how everything, and I mean absolutely everything that has any value has been put up as an ante, a forced bet, on the Game’s table.  I see billions of players looking on in dismay, having lost everything, knowing that death is now mandatory for them.  I see the piles of bets in front of the few bloated players who only want more having no other reason to play but addicted to having more.  What do I compare this to?

I imagine a world where everyone is addicted to watching the Bugs Bunny, Road Runner Looney Tunes cartoons on TV.  It’s all they’ve ever watched, all they’ve ever seen, all they know, all they believe in.  The Game is played between Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner.  It goes on and on and on, and all those people spend their entire lives convinced that one day, one time, Wile E. Coyote will win over the Road Runner.  They spend everything betting on the coyote, despite the fact that he’s never, ever won.

That is pathetic.  That is capitalism. 

Who does the Road Runner represent?  Bill Gates (Microsoft), Amancia Ortega (Inditex or Zara), Warren Buffet (Berkshire Hathway), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Koch brothers (Koch Industries), Carlos Slim (Grupo Carso), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Larry Elllison (Oracle), Ingvar Kamprad (IKEA).  These ten richest multi-billionaires in order of value, are each worth over 40 billion Game tokens.  With his endless failed attempts at beating the Road Runner, it’s easy to figure out who Wile E. Coyote represents. 

Tell me again, intelligent people of earth, why you are absolutely convinced that you must play this really stupid “Hunger Game” and sacrifice everything of value to it?  Why you believe that the Game is worth more than the very world you depend upon for your life?  I’m not sure I quite understand your reasoning.  In fact I know I don’t.

Now listen to some pertinent lyrics sung so beautifully by Blackmore’s Night, food for thought:


9 thoughts on “Stop Grasshopper: where are you going from here?

  1. franklparker

    Do you know what my problem is with this analysis, and others like it? It assumes that there is a small group of individuals who are superior to the rest of us and are conspiring to make life difficult for us. Just look again at that list of people you named near the end of your piece: There are at least 3 names there of people who started with very little except an idea they thought might help make the world a better place. They put those ideas into effect and became rich as a consequence. They are not part of the European aristocracy that created the world you despise and still control much of it. But they have been able to succeed despite that. Here’s something else to ponder: most of the white immigrants that came to colonise the ‘New World’ after it was conquered by those aristocrats, and created the modern America on the back of slavery, were ordinary people escaping from domination by those very aristocrats. In America, and pretty much everywhere else, there are opportunities for people to climb out of the mire and join the ‘masters’ of what you call ‘the game’. It is what we ‘Earthians’ do. And, if you look at the ‘natural world’ it’s what every species of ‘Earthian’ does. And so long as we keep on procreating it’s going to get harder by the hour. Equality is an unattainable objective. All we can hope to do is to make the most of the talents we have and try to leave behind a planet fit for our grandchildren.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your response, Frank. You have difficulties with the views I express. I can understand that, my views, which I’ve expanded upon through reading and observation since I was a child, have never been popular, and have upset many over the years. I could let it go at that, but hey, your response does invite a serious challenge. And, this is not only my blog, but an open forum discussion blog, so anyone can feel free to express whatever is on their minds… as long as they don’t mind a counter-punch. I’d rather be doing this in a pub over a glass of wine, but since that is not possible… here goes (being reminded of the song, “It’s only words, and words are all I have…”)

      Your ideals of the self made man are not only outdated, Frank, they were always nothing more than propaganda. Never happened. There never, ever, was any equal opportunity for all. Not here in the so-called “New World,” not anywhere. As an immigrant, of immigrant parents, I have the scars to prove I was in that war.

      Just like your revolutions to bring about democracy, or a better world. More propaganda. You never had democracy, you had a game, a “Hunger Game” of elites versus “the people” and voting was a game invented with a great deal of rules, pomp and ceremony as a sop to prevent more revolutions, to keep the field clear of debris as imperial oppression of Third World places (that weren’t nations as such yet, just “unclaimed” lands) played with an emerging industry and technology. This blended into cheap consumerism and a greatly expanded military industrial complex. Your 20th century in a nutshell. Follow the bouncing ball of war, failed revolutions, genocide, terrorism, more war and more war … and the bloating and dummying-down of the Western world under Big Macs, political correctness and fake “socialism” à la predatory capitalism.

      Ah yes, about those self made boomer and millennial billionaire way showers. Let’s take “bachelor #4” Jeff Bezos, who now owns the Washington Post, hence has his fingers firmly on the pulse of the US Main Stream Media propaganda machine of disinformation.

      Quote from Jon Rappoport: “Jeff Bezos, chief honcho at Amazon, has a $600 million contract with the CIA to provide cloud computing services, so he and the Post and the CIA are in bed together.” Nothing wrong with that, is there? That a news magazine purportedly instituted to disseminate unbiased news to the nation should be “in bed” with the CIA, business as usual. Profit before accountability, honesty, integrity or any other annoying atavistic remnants of a foolish age of Romanticism. Really!

      Bezos: self-made boy, or chosen by the elites to do a job for them, with proper incentives of course? Part of the payback was to give Amazon a pretty good reputation. How many people know that working conditions at Amazon warehouses in California are likely the very worst in all of the States? That in the housing slums for workers surrounding the warehouses the pollution is so high children die from it every day? That the same situation exists within the warehouses due to dust and fumes and workers’ lives are greatly shortened? Bezos literally operates a hell on earth. Also, many writers know what sort of rip-off “publishing” empire is run by Amazon. If people knew this about Amazon they’d boycott it into the ground overnight.

      How about “bachelor #1, Billy the Gates. How many people know that Microsoft became rich by stealing bits and pieces of public domain programs put on the Internet at the beginning of the game by computer nerds eager to help others, cobbling the world’s worse operating systems along the way so people would buy and buy and buy new ones; in bed with a rising “computer security world” of anti-virus corporations who existed only because MS OS’s were sieves? How many remember that some of those “anti virus” companies created viruses and spread them so people would be forced to buy their programs to get rid of the virus? We’re actually seeing some of that coming back today through the famous hacks. Then came the deals with security agencies to observe, record and flag, all part of the MS corp. fascist agenda. Self made, or chosen? How naïve can one be?

      But the beauty of it is, nobody knows, and those like myself who make such “unsubstantiated” claims are conspiracy theorists, hence must not be listened to.

      The truth underlying capitalism is that no profit can be realized if someone else isn’t oppressed and suppressed.

      Inequality is the name of the game. Show me an inordinately rich man or woman and I’ll show you a sociopathic individual, a political ponerologist, a creature without empathy. You may claim that a businessman isn’t political since he doesn’t hold political office but one would have to be extremely naïve to buy that. All uber-rich people control the global political process, holding it in an iron fist. Fact. That makes all of their actions political. DAPL is political before it is capital.

      A squirrel does not climb trees because it’s a squirrel, it does so because it has claws. Rich people cannot, by definition have a conscience or they could not be rich in a world like this one. That’s the problem: injustice. Economic unbalance. Rich people are psychopathic; they have no empathy for the world they live in, it’s just something that is there to be exploited for profit and power.

      Think back to 2008 in the States, and the handouts to billionaires and banksters. How much was taken from social services public funding to gift these sociopaths for mishandling their money, the one thing they’re supposed to be good at doing? How many innocents died as a direct result of government decision to pay the rich at the expense of the poor? How much of the country was thrown into chaos and deeper poverty? How much, for example, affected the people of Flint, Michigan? Who cares, as long as the billionaires are happy heroes in their own minds, the media brays praise and the politicians have fatter bank accounts? Everybody wins, right? The self-made boys live happily ever after… except that now, they want more. It was so easy, surely they can get more by squeezing the lemon rind? None of these nefarious deeds needed “old world aristocracy” to bring them about.

      What price would you put on a child, Frank? What’s a baby’s life worth in terms of profit for your self-made billionaires? I think you value the billionaire billions of times more than a child who has nothing. What’s a starving child worth? Nothing, just another useless mouth to feed. Why not just eliminate it? Why not millions more, thus opening up space for “good” corporate exploitation of natural resources that no one is left to claim for themselves? That is the end game of pure materialism, Frank: a conscienceless society.

      You may not like it but that’s the face of the world you want to leave to your descendants. A world ruled by the most successful predator.

      Quote: “All we can hope to do is to make the most of the talents we have and try to leave behind a planet fit for our grandchildren.”

      I’ll make this prediction: your descendants will hate your politics and economics when they awaken from their useless, dead materialism and regain their consciences as human beings. They will abhor your values and everything your civilization “accomplished” that brought the world to its knees. It isn’t religion that’s killing your world, Frank. It’s materialism through global corporatism. Religion certainly gave it a powerful boost, but believing in gods or not today is nothing but a red flag before a maddened bull in an arena: irrelevant to the real world. What rules and ruins the world today is corporate greed backed by a conscienceless society. Young blood money and old blood elites have blended to form one solid wall of global oppression and despair.

      Final challenge: find me one, just one, truly self-made billionaire who is also a true socialist, who demonstrates a loving and compassionate approach to the world s/he lives in; who not only believes in justice, equality and sharing of resources across the board but lives in such a way. It should be easy since you believe in those people as the crème of society and you would never support such people if you thought for one moment that they exploit, oppress, condemn innocents to death, foment wars for profit or allow their businesses to contribute to climate change and environmental pollution. Nor would you support them if you knew they are masters of propaganda and maintain themselves in power through endless disinformation and lies.

      At least no decent human being would.


  2. Phil Huston

    “Equality is an unattainable objective.” The pursuit of equality shouldn’t be. Forget money and religion and all the cultural garments. There will never be equality without mutual respect. I don’t care how much money someone has, or power, or stuff. Equality begins between people and genders and races and religions. I am not suggesting that at some point we will all hold hands and sing “Kumbayah,” but starting a grass roots movement of mutual respect? That wiil change the world, one life, one scene, at a time. One world, one day. I don’t care who runs it, as long as we can offer each other an umbrella at the bus stop, sans pigeonholes and contempt. All this other blame crap is no better than a four talking heads talking over each other CNN speculation fest. It will be what it is. Fix ourselves, fix our world. Or is that just too damn simple to grasp?


  3. Sha'Tara Post author

    I like your examples. It’s how I live my own life, of course. But we can still discuss “issues” and ideas. This is a blog after all. Ideas have power in themselves if they are put in action. We don’t usually jump from a blank state into, say, compassionate action, or mowing down total strangers with an automatic rifle. Ideas precede our acts. So we bandy ideas around here and wherever. We “talk” – not necessarily at cross-purposes, nor to confuse. Sometimes we’re quite sincere and open about stuff. As in your comment. But we cannot ignore the powers, or forces, that mold our thoughts and determine our acts; the things we were taught that may or may not be true; the things we believe in that may or may not have become outdated or obsolete. By discussing them openly we expose fears and fallacies. This is where we learn to develop an open mind, if there is no condemnation associated with judgments made. Philosophical discussions are not meant to be easy, or simple, and they are never based on agreement. Ask Socrates… 🙂


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Rick. After years of attempting to set a positive, honourable direction to my society, as an activist, I finally backed away. The collective thinking refused to expand to see the global picture of our effect upon the environment and “the poor and oppressed” of the world. I made a deliberate choice to go it alone, as a self-empowered individual, and the family, the community, society, could either choose to see something in it to emulate or not; I was detached from “their” choices. It was the only way I could see to move ever forward and not be suddenly yanked back.


  4. Dennis Cambly

    One becomes aware of freedom when it is lost. Corrupt government officials will delight in the removal of one pawn from the game. To stand on a cliff of a mountain and shout “I am free” is an enlightening experience. One must get off the board game to experience freedom from consumer based Corporatization. Society, in general, is hooked into believing the next TV, mobile device, computer, car, video game will satisfy the hunger. Any satisfaction is fleeting and requires a newer and better model of the same material goods. The thirst can only be quenched when for a brief moment compassion flutters into the mind and heart. It is an honorable feeling with a moment of peace.

    What is required In order to reach a sense of freedom and compassion are my question to everyone. When did you begin to value a material object more than caring about another person’s life? What have the wealthiest, in terms of money, do to assist in setting you free? What did almost everyone who handed their destiny over to the likes of Bill Gates, Apple or Google gain?

    You paid and continue to pay for two operating systems made to spy on everything you do. Google feeds you the paid results from corporations eager to put you further in debt.

    Inherently humans have a competitive nature. Those who gather money in great amounts removed your competitiveness. This is the reason for the loss of reasonably good paying jobs especially in the west. The non-competitive media handed you a blame game rather than the truth.

    Planet Earth is in pain from the damage done by an insidious need by humans to take more than the planet can give. The path ahead is a long and tough one yet the return to humans is wealth beyond money. An array of individual businesses world-wide numbering in the hundreds of millions await your creativity. With all its’ fury the planet is asking for your help to repair the damage done to her. Can you drink the water from a nearby creek or river? Is your favorite campsite missing the once beautiful forest(s). The list is endless.

    Step away from whatever device deters your beautiful mind from freedom to think for yourself. Be the one who tosses a pebble in the pond so others can benefit from the ripples. At first it feels scary then the feeling turns to a smile. Share it with everyone on this tiny planet.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      This was a wonderful comment to read today. Thank you! Your points are well made so I don’t need to go over them. To one question: No, no one can drink the water in the little river that flows past the back of this house. The current “header” picture with the red barn on this blog shows a bit of it – on the surface it’s beautiful, but its waters are poison. The current trends: over populating, poisoning, carnage, destruction.



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