Dear December 11, you shouldn’t have…

Thank you so, so much, dear December 11… but really, you shouldn’t have… 


The backyard, yesterday, December 11, under 30 centimeters of snow.


A different angle, you’d think this was Scandinavia. Where are the reindeer?


The front yard, looking north. Still no reindeer. Too early?

What was it like two days before?  This is what the camera was looking at, in the backyard: 


These very pretty little roses blossom all year round. Today however, they are buried under the snow.

Two days ago also, in the neighbour’s back yard we had to bring down a tall and very dangerous tree.  Here it is, waiting for a friend to haul it away for fire wood: 



And today?  Today it’s just cold, cold, cold. Predictably the schools are closed.  For me, more shoveling of the white stuff, compliments of global warming.  I’ll say this, it’s good for the tire, mitten and snow suit for kids business.


19 thoughts on “Dear December 11, you shouldn’t have…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You’re such a positive blogger, Sarah… {{hugs!}} Yes, it’s pretty in the morning when holding a camera instead of a shovel. Six hours later it wasn’t so pretty any longer. Wonder why? 🙂

  1. Emma

    You too, eh? Sigh. Yep, here it comes again.

    We are having an Arctic blast in my neck of the woods. Minus 15 or something close to it tomorrow. Maybe it’s time for hell and this miserable human experiment (if there is any difference between them) to finally freeze over.

    Forgive the pessimistic tone. I’m watching the news on teevee.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      You still do that? I mean, watching the “news” on TeeVee? I heard that “TeeVee” was a deadly virus that gradually destroyed human minds, beginning at about the second year of life. According to my sources there is no known cure, antidote of vaccine against the virus. It can however, be effectively arrested in the home by disconnecting a certain instrument from its feed, be it a cable, or a phone line. One can then use the instrument to watch chosen videos and documentaries, or to play music by connecting it to a computer, DVD player or inserting a data stick (in the newer models). Mine has quietly adapted itself to the disconnected condition, periodically playing a video which we enjoy together, the instrument and I. At first I thought it would put up a fuss not being connected to its matrix but I got it young enough that it could be house trained. Though technically it comes from the family of TeeVees, it no longer thinks of itself that way. It’s a video screen. It’s probably going to experience a very long life as it is living in a stress free environment with long periods of rest. It may even be developing an elementary spiritual condition, becoming somewhat aware that it isn’t bringing any unwanted evil into its adoptive home. I think it now has the rudiments of a conscience and is acquiring a sense of responsibility. In other words, not being connected to its matrix is allowing it to grow up.

      1. Emma

        Your tender depiction of your teevee has saved mine from my foot in its screen. Now that I realize that it’s not its fault, it’s just the bad programming that has been foisted upon it, I feel compassion and mercy. I try not to get so angry.

        BTW, this would make a great story, you know? Well, of course you know! 🙂

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I suppose. When I start writing, unless I use a whole lot of self-control, or am out of time, everything turns into a story or an essay. Not sure if it’s a curse of a blessing, but it is fun to watch the lines grow…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes, everybody needs to experience snow, especially walking barefoot in it until you can’t feel your feet, then it’s time to come in and rest them on a cool surface until the blood flows normally again. As I wrote somewhere yesterday, it’s a quasi-sexual experience. Probably akin to fire walking: intense mind over matter condition.
      We hadn’t had real snow here from some years, and nothing that lasted. Looks like we may be stuck with piles of dirty snow for a couple of weeks if we don’t get a Chinook to melt it away. Enjoy Florida, stay away from lake Okeechobee, which I understand is now a toxic wasteland. When I was a kid I used to think that Florida would be the ultimate earthly paradise to live in.

      1. poeturja

        Florida in winter is wonderful but in summer, well, just one word: humidity. I’m so tired of my hair looking like a fright wig even when I iron it. So tired of feeling like I’m hauling around a wet blanket…but it’s a winter wonderland of lovely temps so I’ll tolerate it. Not near Lake Okeechobee but by the Gulf that I’d never even wet my feet in anymore…

  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    One-quarter of that depth of snow, the entire UK comes to a halt and the newspapers start squawking apocalypse style, then to really confuse the situation they post up pixs of loads of folk cheerfully sledding down hillsides.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Around here, even though we hadn’t had that much snow in 12 or more years, it only takes a day to recover. The snow is still all here – the weather turned nasty cold, so no melt except where the roads were spray-salted, but it’s now basically piled out of the way, the bent hedges have been cleared off and have straightened their backs… and there wasn’t enough to create any dangerous roof loads (as long as it doesn’t rain and turn into an ice storm, then all bets are off. Ice storms here can literally bring everything down, hydro, telephone, branches and trees in parks and yards (very dangerous situations), cave-in roofs. I’ve experienced ice-coating up to 3 inches (7 cm’s?) on cars and road surfaces. Yes, that’s when the kids really have a great time, and guaranteed: no school!

  3. polymath0

    The same thing happened yesterday. If I remember correctly, you live in close proximity to me (I’m in Bellingham). I had a party planned for nine family members and a friend yesterday. I spent a fortune of food, used an entire day cooking on Saturday, only to find everyone canceling on Sunday. They were right to do so, and although I adore snow, it was poor timing.

    Tim allowed me to open a Christmas present early in order to dissipate my misery. It worked. He gave me an outside lockable storage box, a thing I’d wanted for a while. We have five acres, and there is a lovely creek at the bottom of the hill, hidden in the woods. I rarely want to be there in the summer, because it’s infested with mosquitoes. However, during the cool seasons, I desire sitting with a blanket and/or heater, perhaps a flask of brandy, and a journal next to this creek that often has drinking deer, wading weasels and curious coyotes. Now, I can have all of that below.

    I hope you’ve found peace with the weather as well. Cheers, Friend.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Sounds like a nice place you have there. Weather, oh yes, it’s just something to talk about. It is what it is…


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