I Live in a Banana Republic that Isn’t

   [Off the cuff, and It’s time to say it,  by Sha’Tara]

What is Canada?  Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a democracy, it’s a constitutional monarchy.  Some will argue that it is both, as if it could ever be both.  “Is this salt, or sugar?”  “It’s both.”  Oh, sure, that makes total sense.  They have to be the same, after all they’re both white.    

Canada: this is where I live. Geographically it’s the 2nd largest country in the world, about half the size of Russia and a bit larger than the USA, with China after that.   Population however is a mere 36 million.  Compare to the US @ 320 million, Russia @ 143.5 million and China @just under 1.4 billion.  Size isn’t everything.

But Canada isn’t into population size.  She’s not into motherhood.  To put it one way, she’s the bastard daughter of the divorced  queen of England and king of France. 

After the reconciliation, as she entered into her swinging years she saw opportunity and became America’s busty blonde bitch.

Washington’s her lover and her pimp is Wall Street.  Uncle Sam brokered the deal and it’s a tight one.

Wally:  “Let’s have a closer look at those natural resources, hey girlie?  Spread ‘em.”   And “spread ‘em” she does, with gusto.  As a “country” Canada is a total whore.  Whatever her lover does, she imitates.  Whatever her pimp orders, she does.  But like all whores, her dirty deeds are done mostly behind closed doors and no one’s the wiser.  Lamestream media isn’t much interested.  Just another prostitute and if she misbehaves, what do you expect?  She’s a whore. That, at least, is the cover story.

While the rest of the world carried on over the US presidential campaign and ordinary people all over had relevant things to say, or fears to express, nary a word from the whore.  Why should she care?  She’s been “protected” under every US presidencies, her wardrobe filled with furs, feathers and leathers, her “rights” guaranteed along with his rights, her “wrongs” in accord with his wrongs.  Imagine being the consort of “the biggest guy in the room.”  Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan or McDonald, what difference can it make?  Whatever they want, she gives.

Canada: the greatest pretend nation in the world; a cartoon character without a mind of her own. 

The EU or the US want her to sign some international trade treaty that everybody else abhors, sure, where do I put my “x” guys?  (Glossy lipsticked smile.) 

Wally Street says, you’re being too lavish with the servants, girlie, I need you to tighten up there.  “Oh, sure, of course Wally, I understand.”  (Clap hands)

“No more of those frills like labour unions understand?  Cut back on welfare, medicare and payouts to natives or whomever.  Can’t you find some more effective way to cut pensioners off?  Let them be homeless, won’t affect us.   I need to come up with more dough for Wally, he’s getting antsy and I can’t have that. 

Isn’t there any untapped natural areas we can get oil, gas, potash, lumber, copper, gold, steel, uranium, whatever from?  National parks?  Yeah, anyone look into national parks for resources lately?  No?  Whaddaya mean, no?  Get on with it.  Wally promised me a new gold bracelet if I get him more oil.”

“Wally says I need more security on the farm, so let’s get that up and running, now!  And no more protestors and demonstrators, Washy hates them.  Warn ‘em and if they continue, jail them.  In fact, jail ‘em all.  Put ‘em to work to pay for their keep, just like Washy does, I don’t care, I just don’t want trouble, OK?  And for God’s sake, no more damned refugees.  What am I supposed to do with ‘em? (Stomps foot and pouts.)

Canada.  This is where I live.  You don’t hear much about it because there’s an understanding.  Lamestream media knows that living with the mob means representing its interests.  You don’t talk about the mobsters’ girls. Those who make that mistake don’t just get fired, they end up at the end of the pier in cement boots.   

Why did I write this?  It’s a heads up, you see.  Canada is probably one of the last “safe” places to live in, in today’s world.  Or so it seems, but the reality, well, think of it as Anschluss when Nazi Germany annexed Austria in 1938.  Remember, most Austrians were jubilant, as most Canadians are these days when Washy and Wally invade another country.  Official education doesn’t wipe out ignorance.   



21 thoughts on “I Live in a Banana Republic that Isn’t

  1. poeturja

    I won’t comment on the political commentary (sorry, no!) but love your writing and all the mechanics of the imagery, humor, etc. Great piece…

  2. Poetpas

    First of all democracy is not democracy. It’s a twisted dictatorial reign condoned by western society. Secondly BC is the colonial outback of Canada. At least that’s what I was told.

  3. polymath0

    Excellent imagery. I just need Canada to be one step better than America, so when I escape across the border I’m feeling one step happier. Currently, it’s about a million steps better.

  4. We come from dreams ~

    Report from the boiler room of the SS Titanic ~ we’se goin under, sher as shit an Shinola, best get inter one ah them lifeboats, miss! An ifn yer rescued, tells ’em <> and lets em takes yer up tha Saint Larry. Amerika? You don’t wanna go ter Amerika, miss! It’s a-sinkin faster an we is! Blub glub slub ubb…..

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the laugh… and the warning. But I’m afraid that ‘lil miss Canada is much too attached to her lovers and providers to pay attention. In fact, here’s an email just released by Wikileaks: “Dear Donald, I know people are sayin’ terrible things about you, and even here on this blog, this hateful man is sayin’ your ship is sinkin’. Don’t worry, I believe in you honey. If you start a nuclear war with that horrible Poutine, I know you’ll save me. Yours forever, Canny. xoxoxoxo”
      …sigh!… what can you do, huh?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      And finally, last one to rescue, I think. You know me, I have no respect for any political zoning. What’s a “nation” but man’s attempt to establish his lordship over the earth and himself, always at his own detriment of course. When you speak of “world powers” it stands to reason that all other nations are their “bitches” in one way or another. Most relationships between world powers and other nations are exploitative and abusive.

  5. Regis Auffray

    When I leave comments, I have no idea if/when they actually are received (mind you I don’t leave many because I find WordPress somewhat (very) convoluted and difficult (for me) to figure out.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Yes Joel, Canada, the geographical location, has much beauty, but that goes for any place. Once you put people on them then you have open pit mines, strip logging, polluted rivers and smog from cities. Not so pretty. Then you have to deal with the people themselves, and that’s even worse! 🙂

      1. Joel F

        People and places are the same anywhere you go i guess, just like that line from a John Lennon’s song.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Frank. There’s so much freedom in not having a nation to call one’s own, you never get bothered by that thing they call patriotism. It always sounded like a disease to me.


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