Des Paroles qui ne Valent Rien

Once upon a time I spoke French.  I was born in France after all, and raised with French speaking Canadians.  Then I moved to the English parts of the country and French was heard no more.  The following is a reminder to myself that I can actually speak and write that language.  I suck at grammar in both English and French so the French part may have grammatical errors in it, I can’t tell.  The verse is silly, can be meaningless, if rhyming, but it does hide a deeper meaning.  Translated, sort of, below the French part.

Des Paroles qui ne Valent Rien…
[petit poème de la   ~femme qui brûle~  par Sha’Tara]

L’étoile du matin
Je regarde mon bien,
Et de çe qui tient
Je n’ai besoin de rien
Et tout vas bien.


Meaningless Words
[from   ~burning woman~  by Sha’Tara]

The morning star
Is extinguished
I scan my possessions
And of what clings,
I need none
And all is well.



22 thoughts on “Des Paroles qui ne Valent Rien

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Romantic, yes, so I’ve heard. But if it’s accents you like, try some Mid East or Far East languages, LOL!!!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you. Hey, I’m almost on par with you guys who speak so many beautifully musical languages – and English, I actually do speak 2 languages, and if one counts Spanish, maybe 2 and 1/4!!! I read yesterday on a blog that the human brain “reads” English and Portuguese the same way. Now then, why don’t we all understand Portuguese? 🙂

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you! I think that as one presumably intelligent species with the ability to speak, we should all seek to speak one single language. I know, I know, we still wouldn’t understand each other because, well, it’s not in our programming to seek understanding, but it would make blogging easier… 🙂

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey, Roger! I’m sure you manage quite well. Having been raised with French Canadians, I can mangle French with the best of them too… Thanks for your comment… Me like much…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, kutukamus… not sure what triggered your comment, I’ve re-read the comments thread and saw nothing on nature knowing what it’s doing… but if I said that somewhere, it would be most interesting because I don’t believe for one moment nature knows what it’s doing, it’s just doing what it’s more or less programmed to do and that can mean anything, some of it quite deadly. All that to say, beats me too. Beats me even more, based on observations and history, we got this far.

  1. polymath0

    You are from France? I never knew. It’s great that you know a second language. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish forever, but I can’t seem to get any good at it. Anyway, I’m impressed by your many skills.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks. Nothing really to crow about. Someone once remarked that it was easy to be God and appear to know everything: you just have to live long enough! However, age by itself doesn’t cut it: you have to be willing to observe and to endlessly change your mind about everything. You need to find someone to speak Spanish with. Any alien language is best learned by immersion. Another way is to never miss a chance to read installation or operation instruction manuals/sheets in Spanish. You have the pictures, the equipment and you can match the words. I learned English primarily from reading labels on cans and bottles. Later I learned more of it in a couple of years in English speaking schools, and then the rest by total immersion. Reading is one thing. Hearing with comprehension is a whole different world. But if you have the reading and writing, you’re halfway there…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, and let me explain. You don’t have anything wrong, I do!!!!!!!!! I always sucked at grammar. Conjugating verbs was a nightmare. Figuring out articles, pronouns, conjunctions, verbs, adverbs and the rest of the damn family an even greater nightmare. It wasn’t only French, the problem carried on with English. I can memorize (“see”) words, what they look like in certain places in a sentence, but there will be mistakes as I don’t have the rules – they mean nothing. It’s a sort of mental thing. My first year (and last) of official college, I passed my English lit in the high 90’s… and failed English grammar with a score under 50%. So it’s always been. I remember arguing that with the counsellor. I said, and quote: if you gave a driving test, would you include a section of equal worth about engine construction and power train, to actual driving? If a girl got 100% on her driving test but failed to explain the difference between a crankshaft and a camshaft; a differential and a transmission, would you fail her? That’s what you’re doing to me. I can write English, i.e., I can drive it very well, but I can’t tell you the technical reasons why it works. This is nuts! And I stormed out, never to try again. Stupid is as stupid does, my momma always said (Forest Gump)

      1. roughseasinthemed

        I did really well at French initially, great teacher, so I got put in the top stream. Change of teacher and couldn’t work out what she was teaching 😦 Then got a better teacher. Finally sorted out, je vais, tu vas, elle/il va. Why did no one explain that? Uh? But maybe Latin helped. Very rigorous.

        Actually, we weren’t talking English. We were talking French. Which is now my third language (Spanish is my second).

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Latin? OMG! Asterix and Obelix come to mind… and what was the name of the village? Petitbonum? Can’t remember that either.

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