Arithmetical or Numerological Sequence +3 and +6 from a dream

Can somebody explain this to me?  Who is the math wiz who can decipher the following?  

Here goes, interesting apparently endless sequence of repeating numbers 3 and 6 given to me in my dreams.  I got up at 4 AM one morning to try it out on a calculator, then I typed it out on the computer when I found out it worked.  I stopped at 258, as you will see, but it seems to go on forever…

When you add the numbers within each sum result, i.e.,  84=12=1+2=3  or 249=15=1+5=6  you always get the same sequence of 3, 6, 3, 6, 3, 6 all the way.  Check it out.  What fascinates me is that the numbers within the resulting sum number (main number) when added together always add up to 3 and 6 and 3 and 6 repetitively.

Those of you in arithmetic and numerology, do you know what this sequence is?  If it is a legitimate sequence, is it known, and does it have a name?

Some interesting totals that show up: 33, 66, 111, 222.   Obviously 444 (12) and 555 (15) will have to appear if one continues.

   1+2=3, +3=6, +6=12 +(1+2)=15, +(1+5)=21, +(2+1)=24, +(2+4)=30,

+(3+0)=33, +(3+3)=39, +(3+9=12=1+2)=42, +(4+2)=48, +(4+8=12=1+2)=51, +(5+1)=57, +(5+7=12=1+2)=60,

+(6+0)=66, +(6+6=12=1+2)=69, +(6+9=15=1+5)=75, +(7+5=12=1+2)=78, +(7+8=15=1+5)=84, +(8+4=12=1+2)=87,

+(8+7=15=1+5)=93, +(9+3=12=1+2)=96, +(9+6=15=1+5)=102, +(1+0+2)=105, +(1+0+5)=111, +(1+1+1)=114,

+(1+1+4)=120, +(1+2+0)=123, +(1+2+3)=129, +(1+2+9=12=1+2)=132, +(1+3+2)=138, +(1+3+8=12=1+2)=141,

+(1+4+1)=147, +(1+4+7=12=1+2)=150, +(1+5+0)=156, +(1+5+6=12=1+2)=159, +(1+5+9=15=1+5)=165,

+(1+6+5=12=1+2)=168, +(1+6+8=15=1+5)=174, +(1+7+4=12=1+2)=177, +(1+7+7=15=1+5)=183,

+(1+8+3=12=1+2)=186, +(1+8+6=15=1+5)=192, +(1+9+2=12=1+2)=195, +(1+9+5=15=1+5)=201, +(2+0+1)=204

+(2+0+4)=210, +(2+1+0)=213, +(2+1+3)=219, +(2+1+9=12=1+2)=222, +(2+2+2)=228, +(2+2+8=12=1+2)=231,

+(2+3+1)=237, +(2+3+7=12=1+2)=240, +(2+4+0­)=246, +(2+4+6=12=1+2)=249, +(2+4+9=15=1+5)=255, +(2+5+5=12=1+2)=258…

So, what am I looking at there, if anything?   


31 thoughts on “Arithmetical or Numerological Sequence +3 and +6 from a dream

  1. We come from dreams ~

    Nooooo! None of us are good at this sort of thing, but I’m dyin’ to see who comes up with what!

    Sarar Jane

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      So am I. I’ve been holding back a long time from posting this, thinking it’s probably a really simple everyday thing, or I screwed up the “calculations” somehow. But I’ve “run the numbers” several times and always the same results. OMG! What if I’ve stumbled upon a source of perpetual motion? Free energy? Just kidding, folks, please sit down, relax. “Fred? Time for a Looney Toons intermission…”

  2. some bloke

    idk 😅

    happened to run into Timothy Leary and his crew today spouting madness about patterns in the I ching. coincidence? maybe 😋


      1. some bloke

        still is 😂 though the ‘game of life’ book i’m reading of his (and robert anton wilson) actually hardly mentions the use of substances and focuses more on patterns in nature and culture. with a healthy dosage of silliness included 😛 found it on, interesting place. 😊

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        If time ever allows, I’m going to check this out. I like silliness in books. Saving your comment to my links file. Thank you!!!

  3. Lisa R. Palmer

    Fascinating! I don’t know if it’s a significant mathematical quirk, but numerologically speaking, it’s quite interesting, especially coming from you…

    3 is the number of Creation, fertility, the Divine Feminine, birth… I can’t seem to remember the actual word that applies right now, but it has to do with something being more than the sum of its parts, as in the concept of marriage, where 1+1= more than 2; the total created has more value and significance than the simple sum of its parts…

    6 is the number of Community, society, civic-mindedness, altruism, and public forms of communication or expression… Compassion might fit in here, as well, which would make sense for you. But ultimately 6 is about collectives and collections, expressed publicly…

    Time to publish your book(s) perhaps?

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well we all know why, in marriage, 1+1 equals more than two, and that usually very quickly… I’m investigating putting one novel on Smashwords. It will be free, as per my policy. I’ll “announce” it on my blog when it happens. Right now I’m flooded with work, and I’m not complaining – good time of year to be working since most days aren’t kayak friendly – I prefer those hazy, lazy days of Summer for that. Thanks for your comment and input. I didn’t know that about 3 and 6 – could be a reminder to expand my thoughts on the value of collectives? Duhhh, I dunno…

  4. Lisa R. Palmer

    I just realized that this dream kinda fits with many of the “messages” I’ve been receiving lately, about the rise of the Divine Feminine, and its attempt/ability to salvage some life on Earth. It isn’t just about Gaia herself awakening to rid herself of this plague of humans, but also about women, and men, awakening to the power of their archetypal female energies and powers. It’s about healing, nurturing, peaceful and respectful communication, creation, compassion, empathy, etc…

    Just thought I’d throw that into the mix for symbolic interpretations as well… 🙂

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      OK Lisa, I checked that website and “my” pattern is there, at the end of the article. I still know I’m a complete dud when it comes to math, but I’m amazed that I could remember such details from a dream. 3 – 6 repeating, but if you keep adding them, you keep getting 9 also. It’s all in there. Thanks for posting that link and do thank your friend. Maybe direct them to my list so they can check it out, if time permits.

      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        Will do. Glad it turned out not to be a dud. I hate posting links I haven’t checked out myself, but the timing of it was too perfect to ignore. Synchonicity… 🙂

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Coincidence, synchronicity, synergy… any others? So now that I know the sequence is known, and I knew nothing about it, let alone what it might mean, what does it mean for me, coming from a dream? I feel like Shelley Long to Tom Hanks in “The Money Pit”: Will you tell me what you’re saying?” And I wouldn’t be surprised if, after figuring it out, I’ll get this answer, “I know you believe you understand what you think we said but we’re not sure you realize that what you see is not what we meant.”

  5. franklparker

    I’m not sure there is any great significance in these numbers beyond the fact that mathematics is the way we describe and understand the universe. Since the universe is composed of patterns it is to be expected that mathematics follows those patterns. It’s like expressing surprise that grass is always green.
    On a slightly sillier note, but related, I was born on 2/11/41 (or 11/2/41 in m/d/y notation). Those digits add up to 9 (whether or not you include the 19 in front of 41). I got married on 18/9/63 – all the 9s and resolving to 9. Every 9th anniversary the numbers in the date resolved to 9 (as it would be bound to), until 18/9/99. After that it no longer works. Eg the 45th anniversary was on 18/9/08 which resolves to 8 (or 1 if you include 20 in front of 08). My 18th anniversary was on 18/9/81 (in d/m/y), which is a palindrome. Next year it’s 54 on 18/9/17, once again resolving to 8 or 1. Of course, if you add 8 and 1 ….

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks Frank for that sort of explanation. Since I really suck at basic math, to even remember the sequence from a dream, well, I thought it might be important, maybe even something basic to understanding life, something I’d been looking for. Let’s see what the rest of the “crew” comes up with.

  6. Phil Huston

    I have no idea but much of it and you will be invited to watch my head explode

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Oh god, no! I can’t even imagine what a Pandora’s box that would be, with all your as yet undigested thoughts flying off in every direction!

  7. theburningheart

    In order to interpret a dream you need the whole context of the dream, here you are just providing the numbers part, but you need to tell us the whole dream, with details as how those numbers where given to you, and by who? Where? How? In what fashion? your feelings? etc.
    The numbers themselves may mean a lot, or nothing, depending on other factors in your dream. Some may even say play the lotto with them!
    Don’t know if you are aware that since ancient times they were very aware of weird properties of numbers, and they did what we call Magic squares, since they keep giving the same value, in any way you arrange them, they also gave letters of the alphabet numerical values, you can google it if you don’t know about it..

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      OK, thanks for that. I’ll check on the Magic squares, etc. Lisa Palmer sent me a link that led me to realize the sequence is known as some sort of 3-6-9. What it means to me, however, that I don’t know. As to what was going on in the dream, I cannot remember, I was so “shocked” by the mathematical numbers popping up – I’m no math person, quite the opposite, although I enjoy playing with geometrical figures and have always been fascinated by the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, and the Golden Mean ratio. When I was a kid in school, bored out of my mind, I’d draw spirals. I wanted to see how far down, and how far out, they went. I didn’t comprehend the concept of infinity then and I suppose it was my way of looking for God. I wanted to actually understand an absolute, go figure. Now I accept them without understanding them but they come in handy in understanding anything else contained within an absolute, for example, “standing” in the cosmos (infinity) looking at the universe (finite concept). While it takes much of the awe of looking at a universal immensity, it does put it in perspective. Prometheus unbound…

  8. poeturja

    The Romani/Gypsy keeps everything simple (according to my Gran). So for me, in numerology, I look at the end result of numbers and then my Drom Ek Romani that is similar to the tarot (or vice versa). Three=Empress, Six=Lovers, Fifteen (Devil/Temptation), etc. I do that with the day of birth and reduce it down. That doesn’t mean I scorn any other numerology idea. Love the answers you received in comments and post them when you come up with some possibilities. Thanks!


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