What’s with that Mind?

(A point of view from “The Other Side”  with   ~burning woman~   and Airn WilloWitch) 

 Those who are awake live in a constant state of amazement…  ~ Buddha ~
Years ago, attempts were made upon me to get me to “quiet the endless chatter of the mind and go into that silent center…” from which, presumably, would come all the great wisdom I was seeking.  I could almost hear my “Teachers” chuckling as I pondered that ponderous teaching.  Never did it make sense to me, much less did it work.  What great wisdom lies in the silence of nothingness?  Like a good service truck full of useful stuff clattering purposefully down some road or street, my mind rattles and chatters along, happy as can be… Doesn’t yours?  If it doesn’t, you must be dead! 
But I had to ask anyway, and today I got an answer of sorts.  Good teachers, naturally, never give you the answers.  They just point in some direction, usually down into the earth, and hand you the shovel.  You want to know what’s down there? Dig.  Not here dummy – over there.  Use your empathy!
What’s mind chatter?  Imagine you are a tourist lost in a semi-arid countryside amongst rolling hills.  You can sense the land is immense, but you can’t see very far.  You pull to the side of the road, reach for the map in the glove box and step out.  You spread it out on the hood of your dusty Toyota four-by to locate yourself.  There is a breeze, so you anchor the map with small stones.  The wind blows under the paper and it flutters. But you are intelligent and you know that the map isn’t talking to you to tell you where to go.  It just makes you aware that it is there.  Now you look it over and since you know how to read map symbols, you can make some sense of map and surroundings.  You can locate yourself and become un-lost (Do not confuse becoming un-lost with being found!)
Mind chatter is there to remind you that you have one, that’s all.  Shut that down and you’re left with what? 
So, what’s the mind, then?  The mind is that which contains the map to the cosmos.  Every single “thing” that is, is mapped in the mind.  Every hair on every head, every drop of rain, every grain of sand, every star, every universe, every entity is symbolically represented in the mind’s map.  The mind is, in fact, a hologram of life and as life is ever-expanding, so is the mind. 
Is it any wonder that those who’s survival depends on our blissful ignorance would have us shut it down?  Take that map off the hood of the car, fold it up neatly, put it back in the glove box… and drive on until we are so lost, we’ll accept any kind of help… from anybody?  Can you see now why this planet is in the mess it’s in?  Instead of becoming un-lost, we keep being found — and found-out for not knowing how to read our own mind. 
Everything is connected to everything else.  There are “filaments” – like silver threads – connecting everything.  When these “threads” bunch up in groups connecting similar things, they form channels, or flows (or black holes or worm holes) of great energies.  Magnetic flows, gravitational pulls, orbits, and on worlds such as Earth, rivers, warm and cold winds, tornadoes, typhoons, clouds, great ocean currents.  Down into the micro, the attractions of cells to form bodies, of atoms to form molecules, of particles to form atoms… ad infinitum.  But more, these connections form attractions of sounds to form music; of thoughts, of ideas, of beliefs.  They also form collectives.  And collectives within collectives.  But no matter what, every single “event” remains connected individually to every thing else.  It gets complicated only if you don’t know how to read the symbols. 
The awakened mind knows this.  It can see it.  Not the way eyes see physical reality.  Eyes, after all, are terribly limited concepts – they are just physical lenses designed for one purpose: to reflect  physical surroundings into a physical brain, and the physical is such a tiny portion of all that is.  But the mind can locate itself anywhere in the Cosmos.  It can see, feel, taste, touch, hear as if it were one expanded (Cosmic) sense.  And really, that’s what the mind is. 
To the awakened mind, the Cosmos contains only knowable reality.  There are no secrets anywhere, and there are no mysteries.  Only reality, a small portion already explored and an infinite amount yet to be explored, as well as an even more infinite (say what???) part yet to be created.  In this, I hear the echoes of my earlier teachings – “Nothing is impossible;  Believe all things, believe in nothing -these are the paths to freedom from the bondage of systems and time.”
Amazing? And the best part of all, it’s a ride offered to anyone willing to look at the map, not as a colourful piece of paper fluttering in the breeze, but as a meaningful, carefully drawn set of symbols representing the offerings of infinity.  If you can read your own map, you can go anywhere and never get lost.  Once this is understood, the next step is, you begin to create.  You drive to the end of the road on the map.  And you pick up that shovel again.  But now, you know where to dig, and why.  And you won’t be hurting anything there because there is, as yet, no-thing.  The gopher is safe and snug in his burrow behind you, as are the earthworms, crickets and other creepy, crawly things.  Your shovel becomes a magic wand…  
Look out Thirteenth Floor: I’m adding a new wing on this side!
And the point being?  No one needs to remain lost (stuck) in time. 

30 thoughts on “What’s with that Mind?

  1. Lisa R. Palmer

    I wish there were a “love” button at times like this, for this piece really (really!) speaks to me at this time! Sometimes you write as mysteriously as your Teachers, dropping hints, analogies or metaphors that must be sifted through and interpreted for each individual. And sometimes you write with startling clarity. This is clearly the latter. For me, anyway…

    Unless I’m totally misinterpreting it! Lol!

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you Lisa. The treasure in these sort of “ramblings” or pickings from the cosmos is, they cannot, ever, be misinterpreted. They flow past the window of mind, and mind reaches out to hold and observe, draw some conclusions, then let go again. Those conclusions one makes from observing are always correct, no matter what they are. There is no judgment here, just the offer of energy to create. Life is all about creation.

      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        Creation… The antithesis of destruction. And it’s “solution”… Timely in so many ways. Timeless in its empowerment…

        Thank you! Sincerely… 🙂

  2. We come from dreams ~

    Oh boy! Brain-chatter!

    From where we’re sitting – well, Sara Jane is flying around the neighborhood on this lovely day, but – we love most** brain chatter. Over the years, we’ve found that it’s a very good idea to listen to the seeming babble that our brains serve up. If you’ve ever gotten a song stuck in your head and it won’t go ‘way, it’s a good idea to listen to the lyrics – sometimes. Fer example, maybe you have the old Animals song, “We Gotta Get Outta This Place” on continuous replay in your noggin. Think about it: if you’re in a shitty relationship, or have a terrible job, there’s a message there, if ya care to listen. This isn’t always true, I mean, I’ve yet to determine what the “message” was when Bobby Day’s “Rockin’ Robin” got stuck on loop. Brain-chatter can also be like a never-ending profferment of exotic foods, many of which we’ve never even heard of.

    **There is a small percentage of brain chatter that no-one needs or wants, and these are usually unhealthy ties to our past. “I should have said -” Well, yeah, I should have, BUT I DIDN’T. If you’ve gone through this, you might wish that there were a way to scoop that shit out of your mind. Or brain.

    Over 30 years ago I began to encounter self-styled gurus who told me that if I shut off my brain-chatter and tuned into the silence, I’d be in a great place. And I invariably would get into it with these assholes. How do you turn it off? “Practice!” Uhh, practice WHAT? “Mindfullness!” Hokay……what’s mindfulness? “It’s the way to turn of brain-chatter!” Oh, you’re just playing with me! What is it, really? “I just told you!” Hold on here, Jack (or Ariel, Ellen Leah, Apollo), you said words but you didn’t say nuthin. “That’s because you’re living in darkness/ignorance/blabla!” Depending upon my mood, I would either call the person a fraud, or if in a pissy mood, would ball up my fist and look threatening. This latter was reserved for those who said that they could teach me for the paltry sum of more money than I made in a two-year period. Frauds, every last one.

    Now, to return to the small percentage of brain-chatter that’s unwholesome, that’s the kind that no-one needs, and it can be turned off of you’re willing to work at it. It’s the basis of Zen, but it can be achieved with moderate usage of MDMA as well (and here, most real Zen practitioners would give me the old heave-ho). So, whaddaya do? Sitting in the lotus position helps, but it’s not needed. Sit for 20 minutes twice a day. Do nothing but sit. Let the thoughts flow. After a while they’ll seem to pass in through one mental ear and out the other. (Took me about a year without the drugs) Here’a a list of thoughts, taken from a list taken down by Sara Jane some years ago: my foot hurts>I like roast beef>my mother beat me because I hate liver>I saw a blue jay>have to pay the phone bill>I can’t stand Alice>wanna go for a drive>Freddy Mercury>deep cobalt blue…… Well, hope you get the idea. What I figured out – and I do mean figured out, it wasn’t “revealed” to me – was that they were all just thoughts, no one thought deserved any more prominence than any other. When I got used to that, I also figured out which thoughts I could listen in to, and which to disregard. That mean, my will – my ego – was involved. “But but!,” some might object, “Isn’t Zen all about getting rid of yer Ego?” No. Any Buddhist who says that it is, simply isn’t a Buddhist.

    Now for the part that ought to make some people absolutely aghast: You can get to “this place” using guided MDMA sessions with a therapist who knows how to work with the stuff. Caveat emptor! MDMA opens the door; it doesn’t push you through. It’ll give you a couple of hours to live in a state where all thoughts are equal. THEN IT WEARS OFF. If you weren’t paying attention, you’ll be back to square one within a week, max. Trust me, when you’re that stoned, you can’t pay attention and have the experience too. It’s like the old saw: you can’t have your cake and eat it too. These days I’m honest about these things. If I use them, it’s because they make us feel good. And then they wear off.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks again, Roy, for that in-depth look at how another dealt with/deals with, that “terrible” mind chatter. Makes sense. I like your conclusion: “they make us feel good. And then they wear off.” Kinda sums it all up nicely, don’t it? 🙂 That is why the Teachers warned me against seeking “the feel good thing” or “the pursuit of happiness.” Waste of good energy. Feeling good, or happy: these cannot be pursued, nor are they to be found. They exist in an unmade state until “I” act in such a way that the results will be akin to what could be called happiness. In my case, a deliberately chosen path, to act compassionately. Not because I want to change the world – gave up on the “pubertan” concept long ago – but because I want to test “me” and change me. It’s boring living an entire life just being me. I need change in my life and by changing “me” I can make irreversible change upon which I can build, and build. Being “born again”? Christians have no clue what that really means. It means re-inventing yourself day by day, or at least, year by year. I cannot think of anything more exciting than remaking myself into something I thought I should have been born as. No one is born pinned to a display board. We have the freedom to change and there is plenty of energy available to do it with. All it takes is the will. The drive. The desire. The drawing purpose. Whatever the trials in the process, the end result is joy and certainly in joy will be found a happiness that doesn’t wear off.

      1. We come from dreams ~

        Thank you in return! That’s the whole idea about getting stoned; they give you a little vacation from life as you live it every day. You vacate the premises for a little while, then come back home. I wouldn’t want to be on a permanent vacation, i.e. be that zonked all of the time. MDMA aka ecstasy has a couple very much stronger cousins, one was known as STP during the 1960s and the second one was BZ. They both lasted for over 24 hours. I had the great misfortune of having tried the former one day in 1971 and was blown into a world where the intensity of the “feel good!” got stronger and stronger and STRONGER. After an hour – which seemed like a couple of days – I sincerely wished for it to end. It didn’t, not for another day. I was out there for 27 hours and was basically holding on to the tail of a lightning bolt the whole time. And it seemed like I had been away for several centuries. Several friends had had the same nightmarish ride and we agreed that it shouldn’t be used.

        Change is self-wrought. There’s simply no other way. To look to a (human) teacher or guru is foolishness. Those who do are giving up their will to someone who is not them. And people wonder how it is that people like the Reverend Jim Jones appear and lead their followers to take Kool-Aid laced with cyanide! It happened in Germany during the 1930s. People – “das Volke” – gave themselves over to Adolph Hitler. You experienced their brutal inhumanity. At the end in 1945, all of the top Nazis killed themselves and each other (with the exception of Hermann Goering and a couple of others). These days, we’re seeing the insane nationalism of Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and the 14th century Wahabbi Muslims. There is no difference.

        I have my will and it is functioning properly. And, to paraphrase you, I’m not a bug pinned to a display board. One of the Byrds (I think the late Chris Hillman) understood that and wrote a lovely song about it called “Change is Now:”

        Change is now, change is now
        Things that seemed to be solid are not
        All is now, all is now
        The time that we have to live
        Gather all that we can
        Keep in harmony with love’s sweet plan
        Truth is real, truth is real
        That which is not real does not exist
        In and out roundabout
        Dance to the day when fear it is gone
        Gather all that we can
        Keep in harmony with love’s sweet plan
        Change is now, change is now
        Things that seemed to be solid are not
        In and out roundabout
        Dance to the day when fear it is gone
        Fear it is gone
        Fear it is gone

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you again. Nothing I can add to your comments here. (I just heard my keyboard heaving a sigh of relief…)

  3. DhyvD

    Very well written.

    Question: did you have some significance to the number 13 in the last part, “Look out Thirteenth Floor…”, or was it just arbitrary? Fine either way, just reminded me of something so I was curious.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      “The Thirteenth Floor” is a movie about traveling through time, the hero using his mentor’s machine to follow him, travels to the Al Capone days and inadvertently drags back a character from that era to his own, etc. At the end the plot resolves when the hero is taken by the heroine to “the 13th floor” where he discovers the reality of infinity, where creation is on-going. The concepts fascinates me, and “the Teachers” have explained that it’s the way it is. As we evolve in consciousness we eventually must take our place of responsibility as creators instead of actors. These “lower” worlds are designed to help certain willing individuals evolve into those who create; who teach; who travel through the cosmos to rescue worlds fallen in disarray. The key to understanding all things, according to them, is put thus: “As below, so above.” Here we mimic in small ways what we subconsciously realize is cosmic reality: there’s worse, there’s better, out there but overall this world is a small piece of the mirror. There is nothing special about earth, not is it a stand-alone experiment. Despite our essentially brain-dead science insisting on physical “proof” for everything (then proceeding as if such proof is immaterial after all) our material reality is but a lesser aspect of life in general. For those who evolve themselves, pushing themselves off the treadmill of “karma” as repetitive Matrix motions through self-empowerment, the future is very interesting.

      1. We come from dreams ~

        To answer your question, the 13th Floor Elevators is a band from Texas that began in 1965. They were the first ever “psychedelic” band and only they recently got back together after a 48 year hiatus. They were amazingly prescient in their lyrics, borrowing the best of Buddhist and Neo-Platonic ideas about evolution and spiritual growth. They weren’t an “oh wow I am like so stoned” group, either. Unfortunately, their focus was exclusively on LSD. I say “unfortunately” for reasons I explained in earlier posts in this thread.

        The movie sounds fascinating and we’ll be watching it, toute suite! (I love how the WP spell-checker doesn’t recognize little French expressions which have passed into English – n’est pas?)

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Spell checkers and translators can’t cope with the vagaries of languages, in fact most people can’t write their own language(s) properly either. It’s “n’est ce pas” by the way, and yes, the spell checker should have picked up on that. If memory serves, it wasn’t until recently that high rises, particularly hotels, didn’t have a numbered 13th floor, going from 12 to 14 because of the number 13 superstition? So the elevator buttons would not have a 13? I suppose I could do a search on how that superstition evolved? Or… wait for you to ‘splane it? 🙂

      3. We come from dreams ~

        Probably you’d do best looking it up. As my rather faulty memory serves, the number 13 was the property of the Devil in the middle ages and likely had something to do with the fact that it’s a prime number. For once – I don’t know! 😛

      4. Sha'Tara Post author

        Seems to be based on some rather shaky superstitions. One elevator company says that 85% of their number pads do not have the number 13, jumping from 12 to 14. Apparently it’s worse in China, there being three numbers they can’t use as they relate to death and bad luck. Good thing we’re living in rational, scientific times world-wide. Excuse me, got to go: the Voodoo guy is waiting to read my fortune from scattered chicken bones and gull droppings collected from the front porch of the local morgue. It’s bad luck to make the witch doctor wait.

      5. DhyvD

        I think I did watch the movie, but didn’t make the connection to your post. Thanks for explaining. Transformation, of dead matter and hopelessness, into living and expressing, might be what my notes on “13” boil down to. So it certainly gels with self-empowerment, and an interesting future.

        Perhaps I will revisit it, I remember attempting to craft a project to represent what I meant, but many interruptions intervened and I am not sure how much I translated into form. For sure, it was not complete.

        Perhaps, for now, that small summary is enough… it did remind me to continue reviewing my notes.

        Some things cannot be easily put into words….

  4. sherazade

    Un argomento molto pregnante che affronti e si amplifica nel dibattito .
    Leggo con grande interesse. GRAZIE.
    Shera 🌷🍀🌹

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I hope the translator worked well for you.
      Grazie per la lettura e il commento. Spero che il traduttore ha funzionato bene per voi.

      1. sherazade

        You cant’n immagine how bad could be.. I understand better with my terrible English 😦
        Raining hard in Rome what abt your country?
        Ciao shera

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        I’ve been using the translator to read your posts because I have no Italian. I get some of it, and I know that with persistence, I’ll “fill in the blanks” eventually. I has been raining very hard here too, but today is partially sunny. Temperatures are quite warm for this time of year. Nice, I can still walk barefoot outside without any discomfort – people here think I’m crazy. OK, they are right, well, at least, eccentric: my trademark. (I won’t use the translator to translate this, hope you can sort through it.) Thank you for commenting.

      3. sherazade

        I can support an easy discussion and a ‘normal’ speach 😉 difficul are yr very interesting posts.
        Ciao 🙂

  5. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Isn’t it just a great big, wonderful 14 billion light-year Cosmos? And we’ve only just started to scratch the surface. Spiritual, Aesthetic, Scientific and so forth, our vehicles.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Hey Roger! Yes… this universe, so they claim, is 14 billion years “old” or it could be 140 billion years or to the 8th power… and still not even a blink of an eye (and “I”) to the cosmos. People tend to confuse “universe” with “cosmos” – but the cosmos is everything, and non-thing, what was before, what comes after because it exists outside of the time/space “continuum” (whatever that means, I’m never quite sure) but cosmos means infinity (and for those needing the time thing: eternity). By virtue of having a trinitarian nature (hence our tendency to have Trinitarian godheads) of spirit, mind and body, we are children of the cosmos. We transcend time and space, hence this universe, or however many universes there may be, or that we may choose to imagine exist. We “are” and that’s the wonder and frustration of it all. Many choose to exist as physical entities – I pity them, but it’s a legitimate choice. Many choose to believe in one physical life “and after that the judgment” and a place in either heaven or hell. Many choose not to choose, kind of hoping that if they don’t commit, well, then they don’t have to plan for a future that may or may not be there; they don’t have to take responsibility for things that may not matter to them in the end; or if there is more than meets the eye, some kindly disposed power will be there the wink, smile and point to the next level of entertainment. Then there are those really annoying ones who insist they know there is more, much more, to life than this one, or the religiously mapped one, and throw the whole thing into an uproar. Dreams, past lives, future lives, visions, prophecies, Teachers from outside universal boundaries and so forth. Cosmic beings already, even if temporarily “trapped” inside flesh bodies. I was only going to say a couple of things about the cosmos.

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Good synopsis of a literally a very large concept.
        I’ve encountered folk who consider themselves rational and decry anything which they can not prove by the exercise of Logic (ir their idea of logic); it comes across as very limiting.

  6. Fijay

    :D:D:D I actually love this post ShaTara …and you DO get the ‘clearing the mind’ stuff …for you it seems to be getting ‘absorbed’ in something ….gardening or Kayak’ing ….you CAN’T just switch it off at will …well you can …sort of …get there very quickly at times …you have to focus on SOMETHING tho ..for me it’s closing my eyes and ‘noticing’ my breath …how it enters my body …the rise and fall .. ..as it enters and exits …and it sounds a bit like the ocean …and when ‘thoughts’ come in …as they often do unless you’re some kind of saint …just let them pass like a film reel …don’t follow but bring your attention back to the breathing underneath …Oh bloody hell ..what’s the point? ….I can imagine you raising your eyebrows as I type …hmmmm ….and for me ….the purpose of it is to give myself those breaks to get on with what I need to get on with in THIS life otherwise I just fall in a heap on my cushion exhausted …..Anyway …Goodnight ShaTara:)


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