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While You Were Sleeping

This poignant story from a young eastern writer written in the form of a letter just struck me. A child, a young girl is abused by her violent, drunken father with her mother maybe even aware of the goings on but is left on her own to deal with her fear, pain and helplessness in her long recurring nightmare until she resolves it the only way she could. This story may be fiction, or it may be her personal experience, but we know, how well we know, it is the experience of millions of children, girls, women on this world. A story of lightning force expressed in a child’s meek and self-effacing voice; a child who, despite her horrible mistreatment and abandonment, still sees the good in those who could have helped her but didn’t.

The Grateful Dead

(**Sha’Tara – the burning woman, I owed you one. Unfortunately, it’s not just a fiction – for someone out there, it could very well be the reality.)

Dear Mummy,

You might be surprised to find this letter waiting by your bedside, but I couldn’t think of any other place where it might catch your attention. I am also sorry that you would waste the next few minutes reading this while you could have finished so many chores around the house before leaving for work. Trust me, if I had any other means to tell you what I have to, I would have. But there are none.

From my childhood I have seen you always in the same state – rushed, agitated and sweaty. No matter how early you woke up or late you slept, the mountain of work you had to accomplish never diminished. You accepted whatever life…

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Awakening to the Greater Reality

[thoughts from    ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

          Over the years which this world has claimed from me, the one I refer to as “me” has awakened from the induced mind-sleep of the Matrix environment that holds this world, and this universe, in its bondage to the space-time impression of reality.  No longer the zombie, I awakened to a strange reality that when shared with others who appear as like to me, did not understand it.  They feared it, mocked it, or avoided it. 

          Early in this incarnation I became aware of the greatest loneliness: having no one else to share this awakening and disturbing “me” with.  Then came acceptance of the fact that even in the most intimate of relationships, or groups of like-minded action people, I remained completely alone.  Then came a new longing: for being truly alone.  Never do I feel more lost than among people interacting on their various social levels whose emotion-laden stories, however poignant, however brutal, or however marvellous, bear no similarity to my stories.  I hear them, as in a movie, a novel, a dream, or the thundering of a stormy sea against the rock-strewn shore in the darkness.  The only connection I feel is through my choice of compassion as my life’s companion.

          I awakened to my own reality of past lives and gradually future lives manifested also in my hungry mind.  I learned early on that I come from infinity, from spirit, formless, existing beyond time and space.  I learned that I am a mind, that which encompasses infinity without and within space-time, and I learned that I am also of this place, a place called Earth.  I learned bits and pieces of my history, and discovering my many names, which as they were added to each other, allowed my mind to expand to n-th degrees beyond the limitations of Matrix-controlled *ISSA lives. 

          It took a lifetime to realize the necessity of rejecting the Matrix programming I was born with; of overthrowing the labels my parents, and society in general, chained me to; of rejecting, one by one, every aspect of mankind’s civilization as having any worth in my quest for self-awareness and self-knowledge. 

          I know why I did it, but how I did it could be of some interest to others in a similar quandary, i.e., being in this world but not of this world.  I did it by plunging myself wholeheartedly in everything the Matrix offered me for success: my religion; my schools (education); my family; my politics and finally, my profession and the things I owned and accumulated to “prove” my worth.  I left no stone unturned to make sure I knew what each one offered, and this is what I discovered: each one was a dead-end street.  Each attempt at proving my Earthian worth to myself fell flat.  I could have succeeded in any endeavour.  I had the brain skills, certainly, with determination and focus.  I possessed charisma (and note that I write that in the past tense.) 

          Here’s the funny part: I offered myself in service of the Matrix’ three major powers: religion, politics and money.  But because I explored all of them and not just one or two, I literally broke out of the labyrinth.  I discovered their utter emptiness; the smoke and mirrors; the three wizards desperately trying to keep their illusions going.  But such illusions only work on zombies.  Break out and you can never again be captured by the siren song of their artificial life. 

          Break out and you can begin to sense the greater reality.  You feel that inner freedom that makes things of earth indeed seem like the paltry items a prisoner is allowed to keep in his cell.  You realize how much of a prison earth has become for man, and how with each passing day as man’s limits to growth are exceeded in rising numbers and dwindling resources, the prison tightens its security and adds to its bars and razor wire; to its walls’ height.  How those who manage the prison increase the pressure upon the prisoners to distrust, fear and hate each other so they will rely upon the guards and wardens for their safety; so they will never realize that their only value to the prison system is how much they sweat, shed tears, bleed and die to serve, feed and entertain their oppressors.

          I learned to look beyond the prison walls at a different world which I call the cosmos.  I looked at life in infinite freedom and discovered the  means to escape the prison and travel across space and time.  I no longer needed a body to do this and realized the limitations of the Matrix programming.  It could not follow me, in fact it was unaware of my “escapes.”  All it saw was a body, either asleep or dutifully performing its slave’s work.

          No longer a slave to divinities, politicians or bosses… or of emerging revolutionary forces which I knew if successful in their bid for power would only replace the existing oppressive structures with more of same old, same old.  No longer lining up to the trunk of the snake oil salesman and his alcohol and cocaine-laced cure-alls.  I taught myself the freedom to spend days alone in nature, observing changing seasons, the rise and ebb of waters, the movement and calls of birds, growing plants and the various fauna that inhabited them and lived from them.  I saw earth as I was meant to see it without Matrix blinders of fear or need of conquest and destruction. 

          I’ve just past the seventieth year marker in an Earthian body.  Seems like a long time in earth times, but a blink of an eye in cosmic terms.  Quite a dichotomy, living between worlds, having a physical presence tied to a tiny world and a mind presence ever seeking new knowledge, adventure and experiences in endless, nameless places and non-places. 

          Now I observe this tiny world seething with discord, it’s self-styled ruling intelligence without a clue how to proceed into its near and threatening future.  I observe this intelligence plunging itself deeper into oblivious mindlessness, into planetary denial of its own reality.  Unwilling to take responsibility for itself as a species it can only turn upon itself and its world, a mad dog chasing and eating its own tail and hating the tail for causing it pain as it is being chewed. 

          What can I say more: that I’m glad I’m no longer a prisoner of the programming?  Certainly I am glad, for myself.  How do I feel about the rest of this world; about its growing insanity and its denial of the doom it has created for itself?  I’m a compassionate being and I experience the deepest of sorrow for this world.  It’s not feelings I have, it’s awareness. 

          In a no-time and no-place, in the Nexus, is a world I call Altaria.  My Teachers studied and taught there and I’ve got a “date” for my own entry into that world.  When I am there I will be asked this very important question: what did you do, within your limited sphere of influence, to try and motivate your people to realize their peril and change their ways?  And I will have an answer, and it will suffice.  “I offered them the gift of compassion, but they turned it down.  Ineffective, pie-in-the-sky they replied.  So I offered them sorrow instead.  They didn’t understand that either.  They could not understand how experiencing sorrow leads to joy and creates empathy. I thought it was because these ideas are too simple.  Then I realized they are much too complex and involved for the average Earthian mind, enslaved to Matrix programming, to grasp how a certain kind of powerlessness gives rise to the greatest of all power.  Though they are inveterate gamblers they dared not gamble at this table.  So I played alone and won.”   

          And by the way, for those who wonder at these thoughts, this is not fiction.  This is my life.  I’ll let you all know when I write fiction.

*ISSA: acronym for Intelligent, Sentient, Self Aware


“The coming years will prove increasingly cynical and cruel. People will definitely not slip into oblivion while hugging each other. The final stages in the life of humanity will be marked by the monstrous war of all against all: the amount of suffering will be maximal.” Pentti LinkolaCan Life Prevail?

“Bring back normal, get our cable TV back no matter the cost, nuke whoever you have to, just give us our lives back!”  You have to see the end of all this taking shape, I know you do. […]  Mediocrity cannot rule, but in the 21st century it can obliterate us all.  I leave you with the root of our collective demise, the reason Obama or Clinton or Trump types enthrall the masses so:

“Most of our pocket wisdom is conceived for the use of mediocre people, to discourage them from ambitious attempts, and generally console them in their mediocrity.” (Robert Louis Stevenson)  (Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. )

There is always a heavy demand for fresh mediocrity.  In every generation the least cultivated taste has the largest appetite. (Paul Gauguin)

The soul is the weariest part of the body. ―Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky


The Gathering

                    [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

The Ancient surveyed the group with his mind.  “I see we are all gathered – let us proceed.  Agenda, please, Orija.” 
Orija closes her eyes and intones: “This Great Gathering, ninth of a series of ten, is called to decide the fate of Earth as it is called — or that part of it that lies within our jurisdiction.  It is the only item on the agenda.”
“Very well.  Begin.  I recognize Volarian Mosl as the first delegate.”
“The Volarians are, hm, have been, quite uncomfortable with the energies emanating from the Sol planet.  We are proposing a terminal solution before the discomfort spreads further.  It is known to us that some Belgelian great houses have offered limited space folding capabilities to a segment of Earthian humans who claim descendance from those known as the Nibiruans.  We know the Belgelians are ready to establish space stations in the vicinity of earth to entice Earthians to train as crew for their trading vessels.  As a result of this technically illegal move, we of Volar have been forced to strengthen our shields against the possibility of a sudden eruption of Earth humans — whom we consider to be corrupted beyond redemption — within our space. 
The situation among my people is volatile as we have not had to deal with outer world aggression in long ages.  Even our oldest mages cannot remember the days of war.  We are asking, once again, and for the last time, that this august Gathering do something definitive to resolve the issue of Earthian aggression.  We will not wait for another Gathering.  If nothing is done now, our space guild will take action as it sees fit to protect both our space and our trade routes.  Since our worlds are closest to this potential source of galactic war, our solution may be the final and complete eradication of the Earthian cancer.  Our scientists have developed a fast-acting virus that will wipe out the Earthian pseudo-humans completely but leave the rest of that world essentially intact to heal itself in time.
“Thank you Volarian Mosl.  Your position has been made abundantly clear to us.  Who else wishes to express thoughts on the Earthian problem?”
“I, Jessik, ambassador for the autarch of Narssis wish to express our thoughts on the matter?”
“Yes, ambassador Jessik, you may speak freely.”
“Thank you.  I have a question to pose to the gathering.  Regarding the Earthian pseudo-humans, as a species evolved on only one world, with limited intervention from outer world peoples, can it be said here, before this august gathering, that over the time we have watched and studied them they have been freely given all the necessary information needed to move in a direction,  or should I say, to develop in a way consistent with that of the rest of the Galactic family?  My point is this: can any Earthian claim that we, in some way, failed to give them all the necessary support to develop their minds and their hearts in accord with the Galactic aim of cooperation and mutual support for the sake of all life as we know it?
This is of paramount importance to us Narssisians as adjudicators of the Galactic Code.  Once Earthians discover the workings within the Galaxy after leaving their planet, they may be legally instructed by their galactic sponsors to put in a planetary claim that critical information was withheld from them and  further claim that whatever crime they could to be charged with, such as genocide or planeticide, would not apply since they were ignorant of the basic requirements of the Galactic code?”
“The question has been heard and entered.  Would the Guardian Angels respond to ambassador Jessik’s question?”
“We are the Angels of Aglamar, guides and guardians of all newly-evolved intelligent, sentient and self-aware species within the galaxy,” responds in perfect unison a chorus of voices from unseen entities scattered throughout the Gathering, “We fully understand the question and our response will be truthful and final.  
Since the beginning, the Earthian pseudo-human species has been observed, guided, taught and shepherded by the very best of our specially trained Guardians.  Nothing was held back from them.  Many of our agents went and lived on Sol planet Earth as teachers.  It was not unexpected that the earlier Guardians would be treated unfairly and unkindly by the fearful, hate-filled creatures.  It was however quite unheard of that this treatment would continue and intensify.  After waves of persecution of those who heard and obeyed the teachings of the Guardians, it was decided not to send any more.  We chose instead to contact Earthians through the use of thought forms, or visions if you prefer, awakening empathy in some of them.  It was our thought that Earthians would be more likely to listen to their own.  But again experience gained on other worlds failed us here.  They did not listen.  No, let us rephrase that: they emphatically refused to listen to the wisdom expressed by their own teachers.   
They used the knowledge brought to them to develop an inhuman form of technology that made them insensitive and brutish.  What limited knowledge of the good we sowed among them over the millennia was apparently and for all practical purposes, lost.  Few there are of Earth who today understand even a little of what life is about.  We have made plans with the Galactic Space Guild to attempt a rescue of this remnant. 
As Angel Guardians, it is our intent at this juncture to withdraw ourselves from any further involvement with that species of pseudo-humanity.  Sadly we conclude they are lost.  There is nothing more we can do to awaken their lost sense of empathy.  We regret to so inform the Gathering.”
“Ah, thank you Angel Guardians of Aglamar.  The darkness of deep sorrow clouds our thoughts.  Do we wish to continue this Gathering?”
“Representative Weill-Straat from Qobel.”
“Yes, representative.  Qobel is recognized.
“Qobel resents the implication that Earth is of no value.  We have put much energy to develop a plan for adding Earth to our inter-planetary trade franchises.  Qobellian trade ships are orbiting the planet, out of the range of their scanners and shielded, of course, and await the results of several delegations sent surreptitiously to many of the greater Earthian trading houses which they call Capitals, Banks and Corporations.  As always we are advocates of free trade.  We believe that the Earthians are uniquely adapted to the concept of trade and understand its function better even than some Qobellians, to our shame.  There is a native trait in the Earthians that renders them immune to any suffering their trading may bring to life, including the life of members of their own species.  They understand the value and necessity of trade.  In fact, one of their most admirable traits is their willingness to sacrifice any number of lives for the benefit of trade and to go to war to protect and enhance trade on their world.  To us, the Earthians demonstrate the only hope for further advancement of civilization. The wish of Qobel is that we be given a free hand to fully interact with Earthian trading houses.  We wish, in fact, to enter them as trading partners.
“Thank you, representative Qobel.  Your request is entered, though you may realize, causes a great strain on this Gathering.  Please re-think your position in regards to the Earthians and present it at our final Gathering on this issue.  Is there anyone else here who wishes to address this issue?”
“Yes, I would please.  My name is Luenia Echabak.  I am, huh, was, from Earth.”
“Luenia Echabak from Earth.  You are recognized and may freely address the Gathering.”
“Thank you.  I wish to say something profound on behalf of my world but after listening to the delegates, I am afraid my voice will seem rather small, frail and distant.  Perhaps even confused.  Yes, I am confused.  I wish to speak for Earth but everything said here about the people is, sadly, quite correct.  They have been given all the knowledge needed to live up to the demands of the Galactic Code.  I know because my tribe lived according to the code and we were happy and healthy for long years.  It was because of our adherence to the Code that my tribe was enslaved and finally destroyed.  Earth was an abundant planet.  No one ever needed to go without either food or shelter.  It was known, even to the technos that peace was better than war – but never quite as profitable.  It was known to all that health was better than disease, but also not as profitable.  It was known that cooperation was superior to aggression, but again, not as profitable. 
I have a complaint to voice at this Gathering and that is, when the predator/prey concept was introduced to Earth, where were the Angel Guardians then?  Did you not know that such a concept would bring horror upon a world designed originally to be a simple paradise of loving interaction between all the species of life upon it?  Or did you know but choose to do nothing to prevent this deadly poison from being brought to us?  My people revered all of life.  We did not kill for we found abundance of food among the plants of the wilds.  We never experienced hunger or lacked for anything.
I will tell you what happened to my world and to my people.  Both were given free will and free choice much sooner than they were able to understand their implications and responsibilities. The freedom came before the knowledge was given.  So it turned to lust and degradation.  When the knowledge was finally introduced, it was too late.  The poison was burning in every heart and every mind.  Only those scattered in small tribes in deserts, mountains or small islands on the seas escaped for a time.  But it came to them also, and when it did, they died by the millions.  I myself was a victim of the earliest of earth’s techno civilizations. 
Perhaps it is not entirely the Earthians’ fault that they are as they are.  Perhaps they are not redeemable, and certainly this Gathering cannot pay heed to Belgelian and Qobel desires to take advantage of their inhuman traits, their lack of empathy and their innate greed.  Better to let them destroy themselves and cause their planet to simply go to sleep under them, holding back her seasonal bounties until all surface life is gone.  Perhaps that would be the most compassionate thing to do. 
To bring them out of their world at their current state of understanding would be to plunge the galaxy in endless wars.  They are a mindlessly competitive species. To allow them to proliferate more would be to increase the level of suffering the many must endure to support the luxuries of the few.  There is no balance on Earth.  What love there is, if it can be called that, is of a sexual or parochial nature – and predatory. 
Since those of us who were willing to demonstrate a better way; who would have made a difference, are not wanted on Earth and since the Angel Guardians have decided to abandon their efforts on behalf of those who were once my people – but are no longer – I don’t know what else to say.  I am not condemning; I am not accepting.  I am simply allowing.  Please understand I do not seek redress, vengeance or justice for myself in this.  I only wished to share my awareness and experience.  May this Gathering act wisely in this grave matter.”
“Thank you, Luenia Echabak, ambassador for Earth.  Your thoughts are felt and understood by the Gathering.  We weep and mourn with you.”
Earth humans are a pretty smug species.  That such as the above could actually be taking place, seems of no consequence here.  It’s business as usual.  That over 30,000 innocents die each day of preventable causes is acceptable collateral damage for the sake of free trade.  “The spice must flow” as is said in Dune (the reference is from the Dune books science fiction series by Frank Herbert).  Whatever the cost, resources must flow to the factories, and the goods must flow to the stores and from thence, to the homes to be turned into garbage.  That such garbage and effluent require the living sacrifice of 30,000 innocents – mostly babiesyoung children and their mothers – each and every day, is cool with most.  It is not shocking revelation, just more “so what”.  And once again this world stands on the brink of nuclear war, and what’s the general reaction to this real danger?  Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die…?
Do we possess the knowledge to make our world into a paradise but simply refuse to do so?  Are we without empathy for those who suffer and die because of the system we support for our selfish ends?  Are we doomed?  Are we an irredeemable species marked for eradicationIs there no longer any choice, or are we simply unwilling to pay the price necessary to make the required change? 
And what is that price?  What does life demand of us?  Of me in particular

Who Am I? A Life Or A Matter In It?

From one observer to another, this had to appear on ~burning woman~ This is for those who use observation (looking out) and introspection (looking within) to define themselves, as who they are compared to who they’d rather be.

An Obvious Oblivion Blog

I observe things. The people, places, situations, nights and the words. I observe. I deduct. I react. I do my ownjudgement. I observe the way a person folds his arms, way his eyebrows bend or the lips twitch. The way a person puts on his shirt, folds the sleeves. The way a person retains the Universe, the stars and the constellation in his eyes.

I read. I learn things from them. A person whom you havecasuallymet for the first time and he holds the door open for you. I learn the kindness and courtesy from them.

A person you are interacting with, for the first time, opens up and tells you every dark and bright tales of their life. I learn honesty and trust at first sight from them.

A person who keeps calm when I am over-reacting. I learn from them the value of a relationship.

Small gestures: They…

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Knowing, promising, loving: what does it mean?


             [thoughts from    ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

Can anyone ever say that they know someone else?  Can anyone ever promise anything to anyone else?  Can anyone say I love you to any other?  Yes, anyone can say those things; anyone can promise anything to anyone else, anyone can say they love someone else but what is that worth in reality?  It’s just feelings, emotions, desires.  It’s what is wished but where is the power that makes it all real?  Where is the power that guarantees what you want; what you claim; what you desire above all else?  Where is your power to “make it so!” and assures you that nothing can ever change your commitment?

Oh yes, I can already hear those who claim that some ‘higher power’ can do that.  But you know what that is like?  It’s like a certain book that makes the claim for itself that it is not to be doubted.  That is like a man who says something is true because he says it is true, and because he says it, it needs no further proof, or evidence.  “I feel it, other people feel it too, and that’s as good a fact as any.”  

Then there’s the lesson of history; the lesson of experience; the lesson of one’s life.  Do we discount such evidence in favour of hopes, desires, claims based on feelings? 

Our problem as human beings – and yes sooner or later we become that kind of complex entity – is that we exist in-between worlds and we’re always trying to escape the pull of one or the other.  For the most part we cling to any claim or theory that says we are earth creatures, evolved mammals not much different than the animals around us.  True evolutionists will even take a further step up the ladder of false research and deceit and put some animals a step above man in intelligence.  I have to admit it’s a tempting step to take, and I’ve hinted at that more than once myself.  But it simply is not true.  The creature that calls itself man is highly intelligent, whether it uses that intelligence for good or ill; or whether it uses it at all: it’s still there and a very large part of it is not shared or shareable with other earth animals.  Evidence?  Well, let’s see… would writing be acceptable evidence?  Philosophy?  A space shuttle?  A garden hoe?  A bubble-packed MP3 player?  How about a nuclear submarine equipped with a dozen Trident missiles?  Come on dolphins and chimpanzees, beat that huh? You simply cannot define intelligence one way one day and another way the next.

And back to the beginning: we know we should be fully able to know someone else; we know we should be able to fulfill and keep our promises and we know we should be able to say to someone, I love you, and never have to wonder if that state of mind, or that feeling, is going to peter out and leave us stranded, empty, incapable of re-awakening the fire of love we experienced; if we’re going to eventually have to admit we are no longer in love, and bail from the relationship or settle with it and make our bed as comfortable as we can for the duration. 

We have a nature totally alien to any other nature on this world.  It encompasses at least two realities that never blend: the spiritual and the physical (or material).  Our “spirit” exists on a non-physical plane whereas our bodies and attendant desires exist within the constraining, limiting, terminal material order of things.  That’s the fact of the matter, and the source of our endless confusion, or state of denial.

So, I’m a human being.  I am both a spirit being and a material being.  Now comes the million dollar question: which source do I take orders from?  What is going to rule my dualistic life?  Will I develop my intelligence enough to enable myself to work with both sources that define ‘me’ as a human being?  Or will I develop into a primarily spirit (non-material) entity, or a more physically-centered one? 

If I choose a more spirit type of expression, chances are I’m going to become a religious type of person.  I’m going to make myself believe that some unseen and highly improbable deity has control over my life and I’m going to have to learn to serve that deity.  Maybe I’ll even study theology in order to “prove” to myself that what I am doing is correct and proper, and is saving me from becoming a pagan, or worse, an atheist who ardently denies the existence of God, or gods, billions of people like me believe in, worship and serve in various ways.  I will thus rob myself of half of myself.

If I choose a more material type of expression, chances are I will become an atheist.  Chances are quite good also that I will begin to denigrate religions in whatever form as nothing more than superstitious nonsense.  I will likely seek to anchor myself in scientific knowledge that will help me counter the religious mindset.  I will most likely accept and support the theory of evolution as a better explanation for life as I find it than if I read the biblical book of Genesis.  I will thus rob myself of half of myself.  

The dualistic entity has to take sides; it’s condition gives it no choice in the matter: faith in invisible sky wizards who demand adoration or faith in a material universe that science is in the process of explaining, and will eventually explain to everyone’s satisfaction or confounding.  There is a saying, that you cannot serve two masters for you will like one and abhor the other.  You cannot serve both, “God” and “Money” or we could make that the “spirit realm” or the “material reality” as our brain/body encounters it.

So there’s the rub.  How can a human being exist under such conditions; under the strain of such a powerful dichotomy?  How can a human being ever know itself, never mind anyone else?  Simply put, we cannot.  So, with a little help from the propaganda ministry, we learn to fake it.  We fake it for God; for the school, for the nation; for the corporation; for the family; for altruism; for the evolution of mankind even.  We make claims for ourselves outside of ourselves and we go through our lives as mindless slaves of a system we can’t begin to keep pace with, or as leaders within the same system we still have no clue how it works.  And that pretty much describes mankind in general.

Does it have to be that way?  Of course not.  There is a part of me that is totally and truly mine, neither spirit nor flesh.  That’s my mind.  I can evolve myself into a state of mind where I reside neither in the spirit realm nor in the physical realm but have reality in both.  I can decide for myself to become a mind being.  That’s the place where everything slows down for me and I can see/sense a new reality of all things.  This is the place where neither faith, hope or love have any worth for they are no longer needed.  Think about that, for my rejection here isn’t paltry.  These are three of the often quoted greatest virtues in the world of man.  The dualistic person could never function without some aspect of these three forms of energy.  Only the self empowered mind being can do that, and in a very real way.

I have mentioned this before many times and I know that few people actually “get it” and I’m not surprised.  The dualistic person cannot live in self-empowerment, it’s quite impossible, for it needs a “master” or someone/something to love, to hope for, to have faith in.  It needs these things in order to dream its two-dimensional dreams, dreams that pull it forward towards some sort of goal, however short term (going out for a fun time with the girls tonight) or long term (Jesus loves me, I’m going to heaven) so that goal has to promise something good for the “faith-hope-love” self. 

To the mind being such goals become totally meaningless.  We don’t have “goals” we have a clearly set purpose and we link our entire existence to this purpose.  The purpose doesn’t change in nature, it’s the purpose being who changes to become the purpose.  If you follow my reasoning then, the mind-being is autonomous, self-empowered, and makes all her choices based on her set purpose.  There is no longer any gray areas; no longer any doubts.  There are no longer any fears as to short term happenings.  No need to confide in anyone, no need to make promises, no need to need.  That’s right: the self-empowered being has no need to need anything… or anyone.  The mind-being neither seeks death nor eternal life for we transcend both.

You’d like to recognize us if you ever meet one of us?  It’s not hard.  We don’t do love; we don’t do special or exclusive relationships and we never worry about what could happen to us, physically or spiritually.  We exist in self-awareness and self-knowledge, independent of all controllers including all divinities.  We really never have enemies since we do not seek friendship (though we may have detractors and may leave trails of very angry “faith” types in our wake and may well find ourselves dead at their hands). Others may freely befriend the self-empowered, but they will ultimately be disappointed if in doing so they expect to become special in the relationship. They will be frustrated when the self-empowered refuses to listen to their “secrets” and their gossip.  The self-empowered already know all the secrets and all the gossip.  They are aware that for the most part these secrets, that gossip, are intended to hurt and that’s not part of their reality any longer.   

What makes us different is our ability to see through the fakeries of System teaching.  We’ve examined love, found it wanting, and replaced it with compassion.  Why?  Because compassion can only be produced from self-empowerment.  Unlike love which is reciprocal in nature and requires input in order to continue to output.  Even God is constrained by this energy requirement in his stated relationship with humans.  We’ve considered faith and found it disempowering.  Instead of trusting in things that by nature and history we know to not be trustworthy we choose to “believe all things, believe in nothing.”  We do not build arguments against others’ beliefs, nor do we accept any of them as legitimate except for those who hold on to them.  As for hope, that is the realm of the child.  A child should hope; needs hope in order to develop.  But once having reached the age of reason a human no longer needs such training wheels.  There is no longer any hope, just reality, and the willingness to travel back in time to past lives and experiences, then push oneself ever-farther into that nebulous future using one’s purpose as one’s personal “ship” to explore realms beyond time. 

This question has already been asked: “Who needs to hope for what they already have?” 

Perhaps a good close would be to say, we don’t live in details but in generalities.  We don’t need to know because we already know.  We don’t need to make promises because we don’t want anything from anyone and we have no control over events thus making any promise futile. And if we exude compassion, any sort of love could only be a hindrance on our path.