Western Sanctions Killing Kids with Cancer–a video that can’t help but make you furious

All my life, I’ve been a “Western” type person. I was born in Western Europe and lived most of my life in Canada. Doesn’t get more “Western” that that, eh? Life in the West means I was bombarded from day one with Western propaganda: how giving, how humanitarian, how charitable, how quick to come to the rescue in times of famine or disaster are Westerners. Our schools, product of US infiltration, British Empire racism and Catholic intolerance were hotbeds of the worst kind of political and religious brain washing. It’s no wonder that to this day a vast majority of “Westerners” are still wearing their dirty propagandist diapers and refusing to allow anyone to change them. In my opinion, the following video says all that needs to be said about the quality of Western thought versus the propaganda. If you watch this video and remain proud to be a Westerner and supporter of Western style capitalist “democracies” then not only is there no hope for you, there is none for your nations and your US/British empire. Millions more of innocent children and helpless civilians will die under policies inflicted upon the world by the Hegmon’s attempted regime changes but in the end, and there’s always an end, it will be the Hegemon’s turn, and its puppets and those who believe in it and support it. If you happen to be an American and you believe you can make a difference by voting either Trump or Clinton, you’re still infected by Imperial propaganda. If you happen to be British and you believe you hold some sort of moral high ground over the people shown here, well, I don’t have a printable word to describe you. The intro to the video said it can’t help making me furious. They were so right about that.

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All in the name of regime change–and because the US thinks it has the right to tell other countries who they’re allowed, and not allowed, to have as their leaders. Arrogance, particularly of the US variety, is lethal.

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3 thoughts on “Western Sanctions Killing Kids with Cancer–a video that can’t help but make you furious

  1. Lily Von Valley

    Western regimes are intent on global depopulation, and the ‘regime change’ or ‘bringing about democracy’ is but, as you know, euphemism, indicating the processing areas, so it would appear consistent that sanctions hold back cancer medication for these kids in the video – everything about it is sickening. 😦

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment. If I didn’t know so much about psychopaths, and particularly how psychopaths always gravitate to leadership (control) positions, I’d be asking myself how any decent person could do such things. But they aren’t decent people, they are monsters. If there is a hell, that’s where they emanate from and where they will be returning to. If no hell… karma?

      1. Lily Von Valley

        No, there’s no decency in murder; some might try to justify (or aesthetify) it but as you said with information being at our finger tips from many sources, propaganda has lost its power, and not all people are so easily fooled – i like the way would seal their sealed – hell or karma . 🙂 Lolx

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