Let’s Talk about War (Part 1)

                [thoughts from   ~burning woman~  ]

(Note:  This is a five page essay.  I decided to break it up into two parts of approximately two and a half pages each.)

Preamble: for those who find the following confusing, let me remind you that I often “channel” information.  When that happens, you will find that instead of “we” I use the “you” to let you know that this information isn’t something I (the entity known as  ~burning woman~  ) am making up as I go along, but information being given to me via thought-forms which I learned to transcribe into Earth languages many decades ago. 

It’s not actually “channeling” as such, it’s received information meant to be given to anyone I feel may want to know, or … needs to  know?  You can also think of it as a prophecy, in the classic historical sense.  And you can, of course, also label the following as the twisted thoughts of a very sick mind.  However you look at it, it won’t change any of the facts, or information contained herein. 

War is a topic that is very much on earth peoples’ minds these days, primarily because earth’s “most powerful” empire has reached it’s zenith and is helplessly, almost carelessly, careening into external and internecine warfare preceding it’s final throes as a world power.  History is repeating itself and because earth has shrunk so much due to population expansion and speed of information, the entire planet is feeling the shock waves of yet another imperial collapse.  The sharks are gathering and the feeding frenzy has already begun. 

So, let me talk to you about war.  Contrary to Earthian popular belief, history doesn’t recount wars, either started, fought, lost or won.  What your history tells is stories of series of battles fought over the millennia.  You haven’t been fighting wars but battles.  Since the inception of your civilization (there is only one) you’ve been at war.  In fact every attempt at giving a new face, or new location, to your civilization has been predicated upon war.  No Earthian civilization is possible without war; it begins and ends in war.

You will insist that you have fought great and terrible wars, for example WWI and WWII.  Read your history more carefully and you realize that WWI did not end, it went into a short hiatus for adjustment purposes, proxy realignments and materiel re-stocking then picked up again bolstered by much advanced and deadlier technology.  No sooner was WWII ostensibly ended that another “war” opened up: the “cold war” only it wasn’t all that cold.  There was Korea, then Vietnam.  But those were only the main ones that concerned the powerful West. Revolutions and civil wars raged on many continents.  Bloodbaths in Africa, Central and South America, Malaysia.  Purges in China and the USSR.  Barely mentioned in your mainstream media, lost to your short-term memory.

The real war you are fighting began the very day you decided to kick-start your own civilization but it would never be your own, you didn’t invent it, you cloned it, over and over again, always with the same futile results.  You may shake your head here, because this makes no sense to you.  It makes no sense because you never see the whole picture.  The critical missing information is, you don’t know where you come from; who you are as a species; nor where you’re going.  You have no solid foundation for your existence, just speculation.

Let me give you an infinitesimal synopsis of your actual (not official) history.  Roughly, based on on-going interpretation of archaeological finds, a half a million years ago an aggressive complement of ‘space pirates’ (you know them as your gods, or God) came upon this solar system.  They tried out some of its worlds, finally settling on earth.  They built bases here, there are many remnants of those.

Why earth?  Earth had minerals, air, water, and abundance of wildlife to kill for food and pleasure.  So it began.  Over time, say after one hundred thousand years, these pirates found that as pleasant as earth was, its environment was inimical to them.  They experienced an aging process which caused these very long-lived sentients to face physical death and their highly sophisticated medical knowledge incapable of countering the problem.  So their workers on earth refused to continue under those conditions.  They rebelled, that is, they had a general strike, and had to be returned to the home planet.

The minerals needed extracting, particularly gold, highly prized for its beauty, but also necessary to maintain a viable environment on the pirates’ wandering planet which some call Nibiru.  Gold stabilized the environment – I can’t go into the science of that. What is relevant here is that they were in desperate need of workers acclimatized to earth whom they could control, that is, over whom they would have power of life and death at all times, hence the decision to clone a breed of sentients using DNA from a local bipedal race of proto-humans (earth-adapted creatures known as Neanderthals) and mixing it with their own so the new slave would have speech capability and a rudimentary understanding of sophisticated technology and ability to learn basic commands.  So they invented ‘man’ and put the creature to work in their mines, their launch pads and their fields, gardens and homes.  They also cloned amazingly beautiful women as sex toys, all part of the story.

Over time, the pirates had a falling out and began warring with each other, something they indulged in on their home world, hence their desperate need for remedial resources.  The proto-human clones were re-programmed (you call it brainwashing) and trained for warfare.  They were used extensively in these endless resource and land claim wars and while the A’s (aliens) were few, the humans were proliferating so much it didn’t matter how many of those were killed: there were always more.  The wars intensified with no clear winners or losers, as is always the nature of war, and finally the pirates’ civilization collapsed in nuclear explosions and cataclysmic effects of alien weaponry and they abandoned the planet.  The very first civilizing empire on earth collapsed.  (It wasn’t quite that simple, but it suffices for the purpose of this article.)

Left to their own devices, without the leadership and technology of their gods, the Earthian creatures suffered terribly from famine and diseases and for a time lingered in hopelessness and died in vast numbers.  Atavism came to help the remnants and gradually most of the survivors returned to the wilderness and learned how to survive and even live very good lives without a technology their forebears had not been able to exist without.  They knew how to make basic tools and weapons with wood and stones and they had fire.  These you call hunter-gatherers. (Leaving out huge amounts of fascinating information here because my topic is war.)

(Part 2 next)

15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about War (Part 1)

  1. Lily Von Valley

    Oh yes, quite accurate in your analysis of the continuity of War and how it is patched in our lives, through our time line – there in the beginning and end. A terrible condition, but seems the only consistent quality in the life’s of ‘earthlings’ . 🙂


  2. Phil Huston

    For some reason “we” require a scapegoat, a common enemy, a commonality of hate and dominance. Does it come from the beginning of time where my dinosaur isn’t your dinner, or my God isn’t your God, you have too much hair or are the “wrong” color. Some one’s grass is always greener, gas is always cheaper, dirt and women more fertile…your occasional pleadings for empathy decry this sort of behavior, but “we” can’t seem to get past it. The real solution? Use the hardware we’re equipped with in ratio. Two ears. One mouth. One race.

    One world. One day.


  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Interesting, has some linking in with what is known as the ‘Realist’ school of thought which asserts conflict in within Human Nature.
    There is also a school of thought which maintains that in future centuries historians will view the entire 20th Century as one war similar to The Hundred Years war betwixt the French & English royal houses, of the Thirty Years War in which every European power piled in using religion as an excuse for seizure of territory.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment… trying to imagine me in a school… a school of thought even! Realism, well now, that seems like a good thing. Maybe if people were realists they’d stop making the same stupid mistakes century after century. It’s a wonder population numbers continue to rise when most of that population is deserving of Darwin Awards on a yearly basis. As to the “informers” claim to planetary endless war, isn’t it quite accurate that as far as history records, man is always at war somewhere, and over the same issues? The endless war need not be necessarily bloody either: what about the war on the poor and dispossessed? The war on women? Oh, and let’s not forget the “good” war: on terrorism and drugs (said tongue in cheek).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        I’ve read a great deal of military history. There is dread logic which takes over, and it won’t go away.


  4. A writer from the East

    Lovely post and I am glad to have read this one for sure, as I got similar thoughts that the WWII never really ended and that human mind’s capacity to go at war never really changes despite all the destructive examples we might have seen in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Libya, Congo and elsewhere.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’ve been having some “disturbing” thoughts lately, that doing violence unto others is a programmed aspect of the Earthian mindset and no matter how many time new “systems” of thoughts, of law, of religion or economics, are implemented, man innately functions as a violent predator, doing violence to, and as much as circumstances permit, others for some sort of personal satisfaction. Stealing, looting, raping and killing are foremost in the mind, and given the opportunity, that is the way the species tends to go. This is, for whatever reason, particularly true of that part of the species that discovers technology, from the spear to nuclear warheads. Notice how Trump’s popularity rating rose as soon as he (presumably) ordered the bombing in Syria (he apparently did not, but he took credit for it nevertheless). Then there’s that news you posted of the lynching of a university student in Pakistan: barbaric mob rule using religion as its excuse. But it’s all boiling out of the heart of man, always has, always will until the creature either wipes itself out, or something breaks the programming. And how is that programming done? It’s what people call the “soul” – an implant by which the “Powers” manipulate individuals to do their bidding. Long story, so I’ll stop here – people hate being told the problem is with their precious soul even though they have no clue what that is.

      Thanks again for your comment. Keep up the good work and do take care o’ you, always.

      Liked by 1 person


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