How to get more people to read my Blog

I saw a question on a blog this morning from someone called “Kate”

It asked: “I was wondering if you’d give me some advice on how to get more people to read my blog.” 

The question wasn’t addressed to me, and I did not comment on it but I think I have something to say to that query.  So, here goes, for those wondering souls out there who are concerned about not being read or followed.  

How much work are you willing to put into blogging?

How many emails are you willing to sort through per day: 100? 200?

How many comments are you willing to sincerely and thoughtfully engage and respond to?

Blogging works on an exponential scale. You start a blog, post something, then begin the real work: following, reading and commenting on others’ works.

I shouldn’t call it work, it’s more like school, or study sessions.  It isn’t work, it’s fascination, with endlessly fresh, mind-boggling information and insight into the lives of REAL people.  There is so much “out there” that people express.  There are wonderful writers, authors, and those who are just eager to share their life’s experiences.  

Can’t afford vacations, or flying?  Try blogging, all you need is time and sincerity.  

The “Process” then:  as you follow others, they follow you, then their followers read your posts and they too follow, just as you do when on their blogs.

See something you like? Don’t just read it and “like” it, click on “follow.” If it’s really not up your alley, you can always “unsubscribe” later without hurting any feelings. Others will take your place, no worry about that.  As I said already, it’s exponential, but you have to put into the equation.  You give to get.  Blogging isn’t “the Universe” just so eager to grant your every wish for nothing (I’m being sarcastic of course).  

Blogging: I think this is a great system of global communication. Another way to increase traffic is to “reblog” other posts, but some overdo that part. I was recently subscribed to 4 blogs that essentially all reblogged the same material… so I pared it down to one of them.  I can’t have my daily email load exceed 200.

For me the point of having my own blog (as opposed to just running across Word Press looking for interesting tidbits) is to say what I want to say while keeping those who follow my blog interested and perhaps at times, entertained as well.  And most importantly, to receive feed-back, love the “Like” but I enjoy the comments too. 

The key to blogging: it’s all give and take with more “give” than “take.”  Oh, and on Word Press we are “civilized” bloggers.  No insults, no shaming.  If I have one criticism of Word Press writers, including myself,  it would be that we are too well behaved to even think of critiquing another’s work.  I think we need more of that.  But that’s for another topic, if I get a “round-to-it” and get around to it.   


37 thoughts on “How to get more people to read my Blog

  1. sherazade

    Followers? They Require a hard work : not for me.
    My intent Is to Have some good relationships.
    Blogging must be a pleasure to me.
    Lavoro tutto il giorno alla scrivania.
    Poi la famiglia e gli amici.
    Posso e mi piace dedicare al blog Max una ora o a volte due.
    Tu mi piaci ma la traduzione è pessima…
    Un abbraccio
    Shera 🌷🍀🌹

    1. Regis Auffray

      Your article on “blogging” is to the point; I have stated the same (even though in no way do I probably engage as much as you do in responding, commenting, and critiquing and such) at my poetry site on AuthorsDen.

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you for the comparison. We all have to make choices and as I learned when doing environmental activism and politics, you do what you must to achieve a certain purpose.

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      A volte la traduzione è abbastanza buona – da Italiano a Inglese. Ho appena letto la vostra pagina su Bob Dylan in inglese. E ‘stato abbastanza facile da seguire, non molti errori. Forse non è così buona che va da Inglese a Italiano?

      1. sherazade

        Infatti! Io cerco di usare poco Google translation ma mi piace commentare e ho paura di nn farmi capire!
        Sweet dreams dear 😚

  2. Veronica Virga

    @WordPress we are “civilized” bloggers ???? Really. That’s an interesting observation. No shaming. No insults. OK. Censorship! Well, now I know where NOT to publish my graphic, as in pictures, not words, novel. One must take care not to offend the sensibilities of the “micro-aggression” generation. Welcome to a glimpse into the mind of a person who stays up for a very, very long time contemplating self termination, drinking coffee and observing the INCREDIBLE arrogance of the political elite (read hacks) across the planet. Yeah. Suicide. You’ve GOT to have a plan, cause there is like Cancer, or the RNC/DNC, or COMCAST, or Relgious Fanatics or Political Predators or the New York Post! No worries. Haven’t achieved that magical “affairs in order” way point yet! Soon! 🙂 Anyway, this is how my mind works 24/7/365. I like to taunt it by not taking my meds! Death is such a wimp. Or is it Hillary Clinton? they are so hard to tell apart! We are ALL Van Gogh! Anyway, there are other sites besides WordPress to publish! Goodreads comes to mind! Adios Amigos! Stay frosty! There is something sinister stirring in the darkness. It makes Pennywise the Clown look like a cherub! It’s called the Human experience. And I am Out of here because, hey, It’s a big Universe and one has to move spritely ! 🙂

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Perhaps you didn’t quite get what I meant… but as Gandhi famously said, “I must do what I must do” and so must you. Take care, and be well, Veronica.

  3. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Good advice.
    And I agree with your view of WP. Working on Word Press is indeed a way of meeting civilised, rational and open-minded folk. I can exchange views with all sorts of folk here because we have a common ground of writing/imaging for art and/or experiences sake.
    I think there is a shared respect hereabouts; sort of “We’re a million light years apart on our views, but you phrased and constructed your writing so very well I just had to salute it. And you made the effort!!”
    Fresh air on WP, makes a change from the toxic stuff I encounter on FB from folk who in theory I should be agreeing with!
    Keep up the good work Sha’ Tara

      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh, sorry. I thought you and Fijay at “Blog On” were pals, or followed each others’ blogs. My mistake. Yes, Fijay, English lady, is taking a break from blogging. She has some interesting points made on her blog. I don’t think she’s pulling it down, just staying away from it while she re-assesses where her life is going. Link:

  4. aishahnaaz

    You’re absolutely right. WordPress is more professional and people are polite even on criticising. They appreciate and encourage others. There’s a good culture here. And there is one more point, when I joined WordPress for the first time, they suggested me to some places like ‘poem writing 101’ ‘blogging 101’ etc. Once you complete 101, there are next levels. There you can write on different topics, learn new things and writing styles and improve your skills. It was a really good experience. That was my previous blog though. When I created this one I was lazy to write that frequently so didn’t go for it.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment. I started with “blogging 101” too until I got a few basics on how to actually get started, then dropped the technical stuff to learn the rest on my own. I’m still with the first blog layout they gave me at the start and haven’t had any time to do much changes or upgrades. Anyway, I can post my writings and people read them, and it’s a clean page so I think it’s good enough. And… it’s free. Thanks again!

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      Oh, one thing I was going to make a point of, as it is important. We “ESL’ers” can have problems with English words that look the same but mean very different things. Your use of the word “criticizing” is incorrect in the context but many people use it that way. Criticizing someone means telling them their stuff sucks. Which isn’t the case here. The actual word to use is “critiquing” which means pointing out grammatical or other errors in a piece and suggesting alternatives, in a helpful, friendly manner. So, when it comes to writing: criticizing: NEVER! Critiquing: when appropriate. For example I sometimes “critique” a piece of writing that uses French since that is my mother tongue. This is helpful for writers who want to use a French line, or write a French poem using cyber-translators which aren’t yet all that reliable. Just a thought for you.

      1. aishahnaaz

        Aw. Thank you very much. I really didn’t know this. 🙂 My English is not that good, so I really appreciate your corrections. 🙂

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  6. Phil Huston

    Okay. So more or less readers/hits/likes, if that’s an issue? Go for it. Here are three more. First. Run spell check. Second. Decide who your audience is and make it worth the visit. Third. I will really lean on this one. If you write serialized or thematic pieces, put them in their own drop down menu so anyone interested in reading them can find them instead of banging around a site finding them between haiku, short stories, recipes and pet pictures. Try not to make a creative blog another stream of consciousness social media site. My rant. Five thousand followers? Go for it. Run spell check, write for your audience whoever they are, clean off your desk once in while for the rest of us.

    Rant over, You may proceed.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Wow, Phil, thanks so much for that additional, bonus, unexpected advice. Makes sense. I want to post one of my novels on the blog, so now I’ve got to figure out something I’ve never done: open a new section (page?) or whatever it’s called so that goes in one place, in “uninterrupted” installments. What you call a “drop down menu” here?

      1. Phil Huston

        On WP it’s dead simple. Create a page, give it a title and content describing what’s going on. Add that on the top level of your menu. Every post related to that page’s content, add to the menu, drag it as a sub under the page you added. Click save menu, feed the dog, go to bed. Depending on how your site is set up your latest and greatest is still your landing page. But say I come late to your novel. I should be able to see a “my novel” menu where I can click in and read it in its own little world not out there with all the other things that jump out of that busy brain of yours. Think of a menu page as the cover of a book or a folder on your desk. Fiction, poetry, reblogs. Current stays up front, like content gets sent to its own room for people who might like to find their way around what you have to say.

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thanks so much, Phil. I’ll work on it, figure it out and if I get lost, I’ll scream for help… Don’t worry, you’ll hear me: just listen for that B&W horror movie heroine scream that lasts for 5 minutes before she faints in the arms of her ravisher…

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Well, you see, it’s like hunting… the drum won’t work. You need a net, then you stalk ’em, then you corner ’em and snag ’em! How? The net is what is called “comments” here on Word Press. Sorry, I’m in “that” sort of mood. You’ll get comments don’t worry about that… some morning you’ll download a couple hundred emails and go… Yikes! Did I sign up for this? Wind Talker, that’s a great name! I have a “WindWalker” friend here. Very “spiritual” kind of human.

      1. Maria Wind Talker

        Thank you love the analogy 😁 I do comment and like blogs, been on here four years with this blog and two yrs with my biz one. There’s two wind talkers, interesting synchronicity. Blessings.

  7. Sue Dreamwalker

    I totally agree and I came via your blog via Maria Wind Talker’s reblog of your post.. Below is what comment I left her.. So I will copy it here..
    Many thanks and I love the look of your blog
    Comment in reply:
    “Yes blogging is putting in the effort.. I can not tell you how many emails I had on returning from holiday it eventually tipped over a thousand.. I managed to get through 200 of them.. And visited many who never leave a comment upon my blog too.. Because I clicked follow.. The rest I am afraid I didn’t have time to comment or they had done reblogs so I pressed Like.
    Blogging is a two way process and we can make many wonderful new friends via its media..
    Great reblog Maria xx ”
    Hugs Sue xx


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