The Anglo-Saxons Were Robbers and Pirates in Their Own Country

After reading this article about the real “government” running the British Empire, it is well to remember that the same empire was grafted upon the so-called “republic” of “America” and today it is that imperial power that continues to oppress and extort resources and slave labour from the rest of the world through propaganda, lies, military force, arming and abetting terrorists groups, mutilating and killing unarmed civilians, most of whom are children and forcing millions to flee their homes to die, end up in refugee camps for life or become refugees in foreign lands that are increasingly becoming hostile to them. Food for thought.

Videshi Sutra

randy-Other_Spooner_Hi_Res.jpg Lysander Spooner. Image Source: Volokh

Wipe out, then, these feudal robbers – the whole race of kings, and queens, and nobles, and all their accomplices in every grade of life, and take possession of all the spoils which they and their predecessors have wrung from you and your ancestors. Put an end to their Parliaments and Courts. Blot out forever their statute books. They contain little or nothing else than the records of their villanies. Free England and Ireland, and thus all the rest of the empire, of the tyrants and robbers that are plundering, enslaving, and crushing, and starving you.

Sorry Anglo-Saxons, this post is not for you. It culminates in one of the most cutting anti-Anglo rants I’ve ever read. You can just skip to the last block quote if you are short on time. Its low effort on my behalf because I’m mostly just quoting Spooner, but its…

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