Walking Barefoot and going Naked

[thoughts from  ~burning woman~  ]

There’s been quite a bit of talk out here in blog planet about walking barefoot.  It is even said that walking barefoot on the earth is healing to the body.  A dangerously revolutionary concept in re-awakening awareness and consciousness of what it means to have a physical body that is meant to be connected to the earth, not to a rising megalith of technology.  So let’s look at man the civilized technocrat as he proudly stands today, master of his earth domain, and let’s look at an alternative lifestyle, a what-if when man encountered a fork in the road of his evolution and chose the path of civilization and technology over the path offered by nature.  At the start of man’s right-hand path choice he didn’t realize that his civilization could only proceed to the degree that he conquered, denigrated and systematically destroyed all vestiges of his natural roots.  Man’s new world would be an artificial one which in the end would enslave him completely.

Technology has made man less and less sensitive to the natural environment.  It’s given rise to several generations of whiners, bitchers and complainers about “the weather” even from those whose sole contact with the great bane of “the weather” consists of a dozen or so steps from a centrally heated or air-conditioned building to a heated or air-conditioned vehicle.  But it’s not just modern technology that has made man into an unnatural borg-like creature: it’s all of man’s civilization right from the beginning.

Archaeology demonstrates that man’s civilizations arise spontaneously as if out of nowhere and from nothing, without natural or rational explanation for their sudden appearance only to fall prey to destruction and decay over and over again.  Our great global capitalistic-technocratic civilization today is poised on the edge of its own irrevocable downfall, the “sword of Damocles” hanging over its raison d’être.  And here we go again, and this going is being accompanied by horrendous loss of human life, of indigenous species and this time may well result in a planetary eco-environmental disaster making current non-mutated biological life as we know it impossible.  I’m not saying anything new here and it’s all available to anyone who still doesn’t get it. 

So let’s go back to that famous fork in the road; the great bifurcation.  At the time, most Earthians chose to ignore the lure of civilization and quietly took the left hand path leading to the fair, sweet, unspoiled empty lands and wilderness for which man and his fellow earth wanderers, were made.  They walked away in their innocence, naked and unafraid, to pluck juicy fruits dangling from healthy trees and vines, roots and herbs growing along the path for the digging and the picking. 

Oh, and here’s a tidbit of information most, if not all, “civilized” Earthians are blissfully unaware of, and deliberately so: on that left hand path into the untamed frolicky wilderness of earth there were then no predators.  That’s right, and I can just hear the intake of breath, see the snide smile and the shaking of the head: nuts!  Yes, there were lots of nuts, also for the picking, and free as everything else.  But seriously, those terrible predators that get so much mileage in Disney movies and corny virtual reality shows, and so much bad press from children’s tales… they lived side by side with man and his children and everybody was… vegetarian.  There was no killing; no bloodshed and very little pain.  Death came about naturally, was accepted, and nature continued to offer her bounty as that which died returned to the soil to become part of that which lived on. 

For those who think they really know the “Bible”… here’s a quote to make anyone think:

Genesis 1:29 Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

Genesis 1:30 And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground — everything that has the breath of life in it — I give every green plant for food.” And it was so.

I imagine a world where the choice of paths had not materialized; where “normal” was not interfered with.  What would earth look like today if man had not become civilized and had not “discovered” technology?  Let’s look at the obvious and let’s try to determine if man made the correct choice in not only making an idol of civilization and technology, but forcing those who had not, into it’s polluting, deadly melting pot, and if they would not, enslaving them and killing them outright. 

What happens if you don’t wear shoes, but must walk barefoot?  You are basically guided by your feet: you cannot go where the terrain would destroy, burn or freeze your feet, so you remain in foot-friendly zones.  The rest remains for the livelihood and safety of “others.”

What happens if you don’t learn to wear clothing?  Again, your body dictates where you may live.  Any area too cold, too wet or otherwise too harsh for “the naked ape” body would be naturally eschewed.  So those areas would remain the domain of others who could live there and man would never become a threat to them. 

What happens if you don’t learn to make heated shelters?  Again, your species is limited to those temperate zones where sheltering or sleeping comfortably on freshly strewn grasses and leaves can be done.  You stay within zones nature says are suitable for you and you leave the rest alone.  And again, the “others” can find their own life in non-threatened areas of the planet.  

What happens if you don’t learn to make and wear armour in battle?  You remain much more vulnerable to sticks and stones and choose to avoid pitched battles with strangers, instead making attempts to live in relative peace with them.  You don’t become “warriors” in any case because you really have nothing to defend.  You can always move on.

One can see by the above that “overpopulation” and the Earthian species overrunning space naturally reserved for others would not have happened without civilization.  Also man would not have developed the incredibly stupid hubris of inventing weapons of mass destruction to threaten not only his own civilization, but all others and perhaps the living biosphere.    

And here’s one more: what happens if day in, day out, everybody around you, from baby to oldest remains naked?  Well surprise, surprise but you don’t notice such a thing as unusual.  So you don’t become a misogynist male; you don’t rape your women or young boys.  You don’t need books of laws of sexual taboos with attached punishments for violating those laws.  When you need sex, which in non-civilized societies isn’t the driving sickness it is in crowded, controlled, stifled city-type living, it is easily and simply satisfied for both sexes. 

In conclusion I want to repeat a teaching I got from one of the Teachers, Phaelon.  In his list of attributes that define a true human being, was this one:  “When you find you can walk naked among others of your own species and feel no shame, know that you are a human being.”

Which closes this essay:  Why do Earthians feel ashamed to be seen naked by each other?  Why do they experience the need to measure themselves by how their bodies look to others through pride or shame?  Why do they associate nudity with sexuality?  And why does this shame persists even among those who have deliberately rejected organized Religions and the gods who purportedly made those arbitrary and unnatural rules regarding sex, gender identity, and the type of clothing a male and a female may wear?

I am completing this sitting at my back yard computer “desk” under a bright, clear autumn sun… totally naked and feeling wonderful.   Want to join me? 



11 thoughts on “Walking Barefoot and going Naked

  1. Sha'Tara Post author

    If you got this in an email, it’s likely my corrections will not show. If typos make you wince, please read the whole thing on the blog, as corrected. Thanks.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Actually and honestly? Yes, anyone who feels so inclined could come here, in this secluded back yard and go naked all day… and the neighbour people who wander in don’t mind it at all. Some do ask before crossing the gate, “Are you decent?” in which case I reply, “Always when I’m naked.”

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  2. franklparker

    I, too, like sitting or working in my garden ‘as nature intended’. It’s wonderful feeling the sun and the breeze on one’s skin. Right now the nearest houses are empty. When we do eventually get neighbours I fear they will not be as accepting as are yours!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It’s a funny thing with people: they have to be given time to become used to something, and they need to feel that there is nothing threatening to their own beliefs, or lifestyle. They have to know that it is up to them whether to accept or reject. The “trick” is to never offer some alternative as if one were superior – that’s what so terribly lacking in the world. Nothing should ever be forced on anyone else, and that’s a truism I’m afraid Earthians have a long way yet in grasping. Anyway, I’m glad you’re one of those who knows how to contact nature, and thanks for your reply.


  3. We come from dreams ~

    Once in a while – a very great while – I’ll be working in the very hottest part of summer here; and at sunrise, I’ve found myself very close to a cold, freshwater river. Off with the clothes, and into the drink! A night’s sweat and dust, and crab-ass moods dissolve. I emerge, dripping with water; rather shrunken in a vital area, but I don’t give a hooooot.

    Bible, lemme see, bible……that cute little story of the tower of Babel tells how “everyone” got together to build this fabulous tower. It meant that they had to co-operate with each other, to actually create a civilization. Well……old Nobadaddy (Blake’s name for Him) wasn’t too pleased with all of this and made everyone speak a different language. Oh. Well. There goes civilization! Yet, in the Babylonian equivalent to this story, the Epic of Gilgamish (I think), a savage hunter is brought into the city and becomes civilized. Before you know it, he has a Lexus and 5000 followers in Twitter. Something like that!


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ah but Nobadaddy didn’t end civilization at Babel. By spreading the Earthians all about, he ensured civilization(s) would pop up everywhere and some would take root and flourish. Brilliant move. Had he ended civilization we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today. Which brings up a question I intend to take up on my blog: is civilized man in essence better than uncivilized man? In the larger scheme of things, do any of civilized man’s accomplishments actually mean anything? And if someone answers, “Yes” to that, I’d say, compared to what? How can anyone assert that civilization is a “good” thing? Apart from the so many evils of man only possible through civilization, how about living in cities? Is it such a great boon to be forced to live the way we do now? Uncivilized man would not need cities, just open and free land as nature offered. Did man not make a terribly bad deal with a Devil when he accepted to become civilized?



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