Hidden History Of Our Solar System

For those who truly wonder about “where we come from” and what’s with us in relation to our natural environment, what I can say is, no one’s ever written it clearer and more succinctly than this article does. This human mind is simply amazing. Enjoy.

Too much Too soon

Cosmic Disclosure: Too Much Too Soon  – Episode 2

If you take a quick glance at our solar system you quickly realize there are some unique and intriguing anomalies. To name a few Uranus is completely toppled over on it’s side, Saturn has a permanent Hexagonal Storm on its northern pull, the rings of Saturn are constantly reforming/changing and have been observed being manipulated by massive craft multiple times the width of earth. In this installment I am going to be going over how all of these anomalies and more are inter-related exposing the history of the solar system you have been deprived.

-Evidence On Earth

It may come as a surprise to you that modern humanity is not the most advanced civilization to arise on this planet. Our whole solar system has undergone a recursive history of civilizations advancing and advancing then either collapsing in on themselves or branching…

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2 thoughts on “Hidden History Of Our Solar System

  1. Rosaliene Bacchus

    Intriguing, Sha’Tara! I’ve been reading about and following these so-called ‘theories’ since my youth. The “Ancient Aliens” series on the History Channel is one of my favorite programs. So much has been and continues to be hidden from us.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It’s all part of the same huge conspiracy to keep our real history hidden, whether it’s 9/11, the ancient history of Earthian civilizations, the Panama Papers, Wikileaks right down to the endless shenanigans of local city governments “cahooting” with developers and privatizers. It’s in this secrecy that “they” keep their power and turn us one against the other.


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