Like a Single Candle Burning

[a poem by   ~burning woman~   ]

I got a snail mail letter from him
From some distant place I’d never heard of
Up in northern Canada, it said
Up by the Arctic circle or beyond.

In it he wrote in his simple style,
I miss you so much, so much
And what am I, lost in this endless land
Of snow and ice and very strange lights?

It’s so cold, so cold, way up here
And the aurora borealis is like a distant battle
Flashing ominously in tortured skies
And under my feet the pink snow crackles.

How cold is it?  Can I even explain?
It’s like standing all night in the frozen snow
Watching a single candle burn slowly
In a window across a street I cannot cross.

Near morning the candle guttered out,
The window went strangely dull black
And I knew then without any doubt
That what we’d called our love had died.

Do I write back to tell him I’m happy
With my new man and new baby?
Do I confirm the truth of his vision
And break his heart a second time?  


15 thoughts on “Like a Single Candle Burning

  1. We come from dreams ~

    Oh, how bittersweet and gorgeous! Rosaliene got there ahead of us, which was cool!

    ……….ever think of creating an anthology of your work?


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks. Anthology, well, if the stuff stops spouting out of my fingers and I can catch up to it. I must have written four pieces already today… I need to re-think my brand of coffee, maybe? 🙂


      1. We come from dreams ~

        Whaddayoomeanchangeyourbrandofcoffeethereisno suchthingastoomuchcoffeewedrinkitALLTHETIMEHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      2. We come from dreams ~



      3. We come from dreams ~

        Have a good night! I’ll be working the next couple of days; and do let me know about your hummingbird.


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