Syria-Birth of Unhypocritical Terrorism

This is the end result of systematic oppression.

november winter

I stare at the insensate bodies of my parents, drenched in the viscous red fluid
My sister, taken away by the troops, naked
Comforted by empty tear glands, and my hollow heart, I surrender my innocence
The way your aircrafts sprinkle armageddon on us, the way they make me smile, it’s strange
The city is a graveyard, bombs are like roses falling from the sky
Peace, and love are now merely an illusion

You made us shiver, you destroyed us, inculcated fear in our minds
But remember, there’s always a limit
Fear is born out of terror, terror is born out of terror
I was a little boy, now a psychopath, feel the rage
The world is sleeping, the world will be awakened
You’ll regret this demolition when you see your children, slaughtered
Brace yourself, war is about to begin.


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6 thoughts on “Syria-Birth of Unhypocritical Terrorism

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Rosaliene, you are so sadly correct. I had a thought in the night: if most biological families are de-facto dysfunctional, with so much abuse and violence, what hope is there that a planetary “human family” could ever co-exist in peace? The more people are forced to co-exist at close quarters the more the oppress and abuse each other; the more they fear, distrust and hate each other. With freedom of choice, money and distance sometimes peace can be bought, but the species is going in the opposite direction: less space, less food, less amenities.


  1. A writer from the East

    I wonder when did Syrians hurt Americans to warrant the mindless war on that beautiful country which was my home a decade ago. But than EU-NATO and US etc are full of hypocritical narratives.
    Strong stress on the line “Brace yourself, war is about to begin.”
    May God or whoever is up there help us all. ameen.


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      America has turned into a mindless beast that has devoured all it could while it could just take it under a blanket of lies and now must come into the open and show itself for what IT ALWAYS WAS: a predatory empire. It began with the genocide of the land’s original inhabitants, then the Mexicans, then like Sauron’s Orcs, it’s military spread like a disease over the whole earth. Syria did nothing to America, and neither did any other country it invaded, conquered or installed dictators in. It’s about money and power, and now the world has awakened finally to the reality of “America” but many still can’t believe their senses, especially within the US borders. Most Americans still remain in denial about the system they support and fight for. They’ll never wake up. They will have to fall, and suffer total defeat, both economically and militarily.

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      1. A writer from the East

        Well said Sha’Tara it is good to note that there are people in the west aware that such duping won’t change the truth and that they are standing and voicing the critique on war policies of that super power. If you note I wrote over the weekend a post on the last year’s bombings done by US, the reportage is bleak and grim. All those people that are suffering must have a justice or no?


      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Quote: “All those people that are suffering must have a justice or no?”
        Since recorded literature we read cries for justice for the oppressed. Since forever we’ve seen movements that helped, then the crushing machinery of war driven by sociopathic leadership sweeps across the lands and destroys all advances in social justice. Will there ever be justice for the oppressed of this world? I like to think so. I want to think so. But history is against those of us who want it so. Something needs to change within individual “man” to create a new field. For others, I don’t know what that can be. For me, as I’ve expressed often to the point of boredom, it has meant changing from a belief in retaliation, to working within, developing a personal “state” of compassion, as in a life-changing process regardless of consequences to me, so that in time my subconscious will rely on pure empathy when it moves among the world – so I won’t have to think about it any longer; so I won’t have to make decisions, or choices, even if it means I die for it. It’s easier now, at 70, to accept this because I’ve lived my life. I don’t know what that would mean to someone who is 20 and has a life to live and the passion to live that life. I can only guess at how difficult such a choice would be to make especially if one gets involved in having a family – and entangled in the force of attachments. I know it was a choice the young Gandhi made in South Africa, so it is possible. We must know by now that no justice will ever arise from violent retaliation or revolutions for these entail gaining power over, and power over always gives rise to the counter force, or power against. America has boasted of being a world power for a long time, and still does, thus creating the counter force that will destroy it – a force no one can stop, not even America if it were to change its ways, which it cannot do. Force is a deadly trap. Those who crush America will take its place and will erect their own world power. The evil will change hands but nothing essential will change in the exchange. So, justice? I honestly don’t know what that can entail. We can’t bring the dead back to life; we cannot re-create the lost loves, hopes, dreams, or lost rights to life, liberty and happiness for all. What can we do?


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