I’m sorry to be so blunt,
How long have you lived?

I’ve been here a long time
But I haven’t lived yet.

I don’t follow you there,
Care to explain it to me?

I’m waiting for God to die
So I can fix this world.


14 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. We come from dreams ~

    Well, I wouldn’t want to rush the old fellow. Shove him over the edge, yes.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      It’s not easy to shove a delusion over the edge without also shoving the delusional. When they die, the delusion dies with them. Hopefully the delusion will have less Velcro power upon younger generations.

      1. We come from dreams ~

        Perhaps, if we wanted, we could have a ringside seat. We don’t want.

  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    I’ll ask if I can send a message back… when I’m over ‘The Other Side’
    (And then there’s my application for 10,000 years gap-year to go exploring The Solar System)

    1. We come from dreams ~

      Yes, you can send messages, and receive them, too. No IM necessary – a direct link!

      Sara Jane

    2. Sha'Tara Post author

      How to respond… hmmm… I figure, if I could interact with a “me” a thousand years in earth’s future and she (me?) was able to write me a letter explaining what was going on then, and if I can interact with people from the “nexus” which is a non-place outside time (and space obviously) as we understand this, then surely if we put our minds to it, and if we have worked at becoming independent of the controlling Matrix (which does not allow communication between the so-called living and so-called dead) then we should be able to reach out to whomever we choose. There is a thing though which the Teachers were adamant about. Any non-Matrix entity entering the worlds (this entire universe) of the Time Lords, which are the intelligence behind the Matrix, is a spy and always in serious danger of being “captured” however that is done. So it’s dicey, hit and miss, and those who contact us have to be very sure we possess a certain safe level of disconnect from the Matrix. The very first level is to officially have our “soul” removed. Thinking we don’t have one isn’t good enough, you have to have a “legal” contract with some authority from the Matrix guaranteeing you no longer have a functioning soul. The soul, of course, is the main implant by which the Time Lord bureaucracy controls sentient lifeforms and forces it to do their bidding – which when you think about it not only makes terrible sense, but explains our inability as a species to break out of our circular evils. Some day, after the rains come and I have time, I will write some deeper explanations… in case someone leans towards the questions this may cause… beyond mere raised eyebrows, or smirks. 🙂

      1. We come from dreams ~

        For us, the “danger” is a part of the job. Sure, they can get me, or Ceannt, even Roy. For fifteen years I wondered why Roy stays a criminal in the Earthian sense, but, only a master crook can stay one step ahead of the Gestapo. We’ve a hedged bet (hedged in our favor) we won’t get caught. If we do, oh. well. We’re immortal, no matter how they (try to) decieve us; and we’re “clean,” in that we have no ties to others, no evidence of “collaborators”. We’re hiding in plain sight. I know that you don’t appreciate cursing, but allow me this little Amerikanism: fuck em if they can’t take a joke.

        Sara Jane

      2. Sha'Tara Post author

        Yes, I really hate that swearing, so fuck ’em too from me. 🙂 However Sara, it’s not a joke for them. The bastards are running out of time – a commodity they invented and is now biting them in the ass – and they’re literally dying. As below, so above: what we see here in earth, the political/economic chaos is endemic within all the worlds of the Time Lords, and all those “bureaucrats” that depend on the Matrix will do anything to extend their oppression. So… word to the wise: be careful. Yes, we are eternal, but personally I don’t want to give them even one more minute of my life because everything we give them is more fuel for them to oppress the “innocents” or those who remain blissfully unaware of the greater movements within the universe. Also, I’ve been tortured and I don’t care to experience that again. They live off of our pain so the more we deny them this pain, the sooner we destroy them. Hope some of that makes sense…

      3. We come from dreams ~

        It makes perfect sense, sister. And I’m not beyond heeding advice, “word to the wise: be careful FF.”

      4. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Now that’s an interesting topic for discussion.
        Taking it from a slightly different angle would you then say my belief in my free-will might be an illusion? (Genuine question here Sha’ Tara)

      5. Sha'Tara Post author

        Oh I get the seriousness. Here’s what I’ve gathered from interaction with many people on this strange (by earth standards) topic. People within the Matrix “believe” in this or that, or that they have,or have not, this or that. Belief. They replace their inability to prove something to themselves with a Matrix concept: Faith.

        So, Roger, do you “believe” you have free will, or do you have free will? With a belief (system) that’s the end of the line, no need to probe further, no need to prove anything, it’s a case closed. Without the belief, the only way to know is to prove it to myself. Can I think anything I want; can I accept anything not acceptable to the consensus? Can I reject any status quo law or pronouncement that I know to be skewed in favour of the rich (for example) and empoverishing to people and the planet, and can I change my lifestyle to match what I know to be true?

        The simplest question has infinite ramifications and unfortunately I do not possess the skills of an YLea (one of the Teachers) who could “say” a book of wisdom on a couple of lines. How do you test a belief versus real knowledge? YLea: “When none of it matters it will all be yours.” Cryptic and to the point. If it matters, then it’s a belief, and it isn’t mine, but an imposition, therefore not the fruit of free will. If it does not matter, all of it is mine simply because I am detached completely from it, hence it’s a choice, not an indoctrination.

  3. Phil Huston

    Come on, Sha’Tara. You didn’t need to sugar coat it. Next time just say it!


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