Some “Advanced” Thoughts on Dreams        [thoughts from   ~burning woman~ ]


“Naturally” we become aware of dreams from sleep.  “Naturally” we dream while asleep.  And “naturally” most people can’t make any sense of their dreams, so they discount them as trash.  Why waste time trying to analyze trash?

I’ll say this: most people make lousy investigators – they can’t be bothered with the missing pieces; don’t want to have to fill those in.  Should we try to understand our dreams?  Should we “investigate” what they could mean? 

Let’s start with a statement about dreams:  We dream all the time, 24/7, and we don’t dream “dreams” as in plural, we dream one dream, endless, seamless, an expanded parallel life to our physical life.  Sadly we’ve been carefully programmed not to think that way.  We’ve been told to forget our dreams, they mean nothing.  At best we’ve been told that we dream “dreams” in the plural sense, each dream basically a stand-alone image that pops into our minds from memories, recent experiences, trauma, etc.  We need to “overcome” our dreams. 

Imagine that you are given a very large book, say a couple thousand page manuscript, to read.  Now imagine that your reading is constantly interrupted, that you continue to read but nothing registers for a while, then it begins to register again.  Pieces of the book remain, large parts simply do not compute – no memory of those.  You only grasp certain sections of what you read.  Say you begin to notice the story at page 50.  Then nothing remembered from page 80 to page 170.  Then you remember to page 220, then nothing until page 290, and so on.  With this sort of thing happening you’re missing vital elements of the story and quickly lose interest in the whole thing.  You think, what’s the point?  Meaningless garbage, you hear yourself saying and of course it is. 

So you don’t know why your dreams, which is really just one continuous story paralleling and providing alternatives and “what if’s” to your physical experiences, don’t make sense.  You don’t know, and sadly don’t much care, that when you’re occupied running in your Matrix designed hamster wheel your real life’s full story is being blocked from your mind.  You “don’t get it” and you discount it.  You discount a major part of who you are and simply don’t know it. 

Let me recall a part of my dream I had years ago that only recently began to make sense.  Briefly, I was on a street “somewhere” (anywhere) in the USA (I used to go there a lot) and there were some people shouting and throwing up barricades.  I was given a piece of wood as a weapon and was told to guard a part of the street.  Soon a motorcycle cop came down the street.  He was holding a gun and looking to shoot someone.  He saw me and came at me.  I ducked his shot, waited until he got close enough then lunged at him with my piece of 2×4, knocking him off his bike and killing him.  I was shocked at the results then realized (always in the dream) that the situation had given me little choice: him or me… or us.  He was the enemy and had made no bones about it.  I remember stripping him of his armour, taking his gun and bullets.  I remember the bike being destroyed and thrown on the barricade.  The dream sequence had flowed through time and brought in a piece of the future, when society would find itself being confronted by it’s “protectors” as the enemy; as people killers.  And society (me in the dream) decided to resist in like fashion – having been given no other choice. 

There are those benighted individuals out there who still insist that America is not a police state, despite the mounting evidence.  OK, so the line is still somewhat fluid, but that fluidity is fast disappearing.  So many individual rights have already been lost outright, or are being denied; so many people in jail for no good reason; so much corruption at the top that needs defending when people have had enough and start pushing for “the Bastille” that cops, homeland security rent-a-thugs, FBI, national guard and military will blend together in Power-protecting falanges and blood will flow in the streets.  Anyone can see this coming since the System will NOT allow common sense individuals to gain power and restore proper order in the land. 

This is what the dream does: it flows through the artificial veil of time allowing the aware dreamer to see how things happened in the past, how they will happen in the future thus allowing the dreamer to make changes; to adjust certain beliefs and routines that soon will no longer work.  This is what the Matrix fears most of all: that people should wake up to their false reality and learn to rely on their personal awareness to make daily choices; that they would lose their remaining faith in the System.   

Many people I’ve met who, having viewed the “Matrix” movies, will say they took the red pill already.  Makes me laugh when I listen to their explanations of the System, how they support this view against that one, vote for this donkey rather than that pig, watch organized sports, believe that there’s some sort of innate value to Olympic games, will say that one corporation isn’t as bad as it’s being touted, continue to watch TV and absorb fake news… yeah, some red pill.  It was a blue pill with red colouring on it.  That’s how they found themselves supporting Bernie Sanders (Mr. B S himself) thinking that would be a revolution.  Any sane individual would know that any “up there” politician in a thoroughly corrupt System could only get there by corrupting him/herself.  It’s the only ALLOWED path to power.  Sanders didn’t have superhuman power, therefore he had to toe the line. 

The dream exists outside the control of the Matrix.  The dream is self-empowerment.  Individual power, not people power.  The dream is me, and I make the dream happen.  I make it search the cosmos for large answers to small events.  The dream overrides all objections of faith, hope, love, morality, even planetary concerns.  It’s larger than all of that because… I am larger than all of that.  And after what the world knows as “me” dies, the dream continues, and I continue along with it.  I am the only one who can stop it. 



13 thoughts on “Some “Advanced” Thoughts on Dreams        [thoughts from   ~burning woman~ ]

  1. thesarahdoughty

    I find this concept very interesting, constantly dreaming, even while awake. I’m grateful I remember some of them, they’ve been quite useful in writing ideas and topics.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Same here, only a lot more than for writing ideas. I follow a blog called “We Come From Dreams” and how true that is! I see it as an extension of myself, the part(s) of me that reach uninhibited into the past (as in clearly remembering or ‘seeing’ past lives) and into the future. Both surprisingly are open-ended. The past is just as changeable as the future; just as likely to be different as our perspective changes with greater and greater awareness.

      1. thesarahdoughty

        That’s exactly right. If it wasn’t for me paying attention to my dreams, Just Breathe and the whole universe of the books wouldn’t exist. It’s literally a dream come true.

  2. Rosaliene Bacchus

    “This is what the Matrix fears most of all: that people should wake up to their false reality and learn to rely on their personal awareness to make daily choices; that they would lose their remaining faith in the System.”
    ~ Bernie Sanders awakened our young people and got them involved in the political process. He has played an important role in moving forward the political revolution.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      “…and then he showed his true colours and abandoned them…” and my opinion of Mr. B S is not likely to change. Long ago I learned from my readings that you can’t have a real revolution by relying on old farts dredged out of the woodwork of the Status Quo. Revolutions are made from young blood that is willing to flow openly to fertilize change. Not that such revolutions succeed for they all get corrupted in the end – “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” – but at least for a time there is change, until the downtrodden reach the seats of power and the wagon makes an about face, now going in the opposite direction. But it’s the same wagon, and its load is still the same. This is what “man” has yet to realize. The world, our world, doesn’t need any more revolutions, Rosaliene, since they are violent and short termed and solve nothing. What our world needs from man, and man alone, is compassion – from self-empowerment. From “me” choosing to see “you” as either my equal, or if that is not possible, then as more worthy of available resources than I. I must put the other, the stranger, whomever, first. I have to be detached from personal cares and worries so I can take on another’s burden. This may sound like religious talk, and you will (rarely) hear it among the religious, but you will not see it being demonstrated. I work within this concept here, in my own neighbourhood, and the results amaze me. We can do this, anyone can. It’s a simple matter of commitment, not to a cause(!) but to a set purpose; a personal mindset from which we refuse to be detracted from come hell or high water.

      There are three Powers that rule this world: Religion, Politics and Money. No one can escape their grasp upon the physical body. The trick is to recognize them for what they are: enemies of life, and to disarm them through self-empowerment. Refuse to serve them even when we must work within their tentacles because such is the world we live in; a world “they” have shaped to their needs and within which sentient life is enslaved. But chains on ankles and wrists do not have to equal submission. We can live free and it is in making that daily choice that we starve the Powers and eventually regain our world. A daunting task, but what else do we have to work with? I was once taught by the Teachers a great lesson: “There are no short-cuts to sanctification.” Ah, to understand that old concept: sanctification. I know of no other force that “sanctifies” like compassion.

  3. We come from dreams ~

    Your analogy of reading a book and being constantly interrupted (by the Matrix) is totally right on. We come from dreams – I know that you understand that we’re not kidding about that.

    As an American, I agree completely that we’re living in a police state – I once made a tee shirt which read “State Police State,” wasn’t too popular with the cops but oh. well. Ghetto friends copied it for years. As for our “candidates,” a big MEH. Donald Duck Trump, multibillionaire, feeling compassion for the poor, here in America or abroad? Hilary Cunton, zombie woman from hell. Bernyoualive Sandpapers, the Great Socialist Strawman! When I am asked about the “campaigns,” I merely smile and say, “We’re fucking doomed!” “Why do you say that?” “Because we are fucking doomed. Trump will start a nuclear war, and Hilary Clinton will turn the whole country into a concentration camp, quite like the one depicted in ‘V for Vendetta.'” “Oh, come now!” America has never ever had a good president. That bears repeating……caps lock on……AMERICA HAS NEVER EVER HAD A GOOD PRESIDENT. Sara said my blood pressure is going up, my eyeballs are protruding from my head, better stop here……

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      “America never had a good president” because America was invented using the great lie: republican democracy. And the CEO’s who signed the paperwork owned slaves and women within this great democracy would not count as members until more than 150 years later, and that, after many of them being jailed for attempting to gain political parity with men – something that is still not possible. The percentage should be 50/50, and the power evenly distributed. Most of the women who make it to the top of the human pyramid of power fully endorse and empower the patriarchy agenda.

      Trump or Killary? They are stupid: they should join hands and work together at destroying “America” and when that’s done, the people who think of themselves as Americans, whatever they are, would be able to consider self-determination; the very self-determination they were robbed of in 1776.

      1. We come from dreams ~

        And Amerika – thank you Franz Kafka – never WILL have a good president.

    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Ok, Ok, stop nodding now, or they’ll mistake you for Killary and next thing you know, you’ll be Madam Prez. You’d probably make a great president. You’d get my vote.

      1. Lisa R. Palmer

        Aw, thanks! Though personally I think it would be a waste of my talents. And incredibly frustrating to boot. To have title and no power would drive me bonkers. Better to have power and no title… 🙂

        Besides, if we let our Canadian neighbors vote, we might actually improve our options, and then what would we bitch about? 😉

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