Defining Capitalism

thoughts from    ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara

[Quote:  We have entered the looting stage of capitalism.  Desolation will be the result. – Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the US treasury and associate editor of the Wall Street journal.]

When something has always been, and you want to make a “new” point about it, a smart writer will say something like, “we’ve never seen this before…”   Look at the quote again, emphasize “entered the looting stage” as if somehow capitalism could have ever existed outside a looting stage.  Capitalism is totally predatory.  It’s akin to those great dragons of Tolkien lore that issued forth from Thangoridrim and Mordor to prey upon the worlds of Elves and Men in Middle Earth. 

It must be understood eventually, should man have an eventually, that capitalism is a debt concept.  Capitalism’s modus operandi:  “By whatever means, put the world in debt, then loot the world ostensibly to repay that debt.”  The trick for a less than bright mental human flame is to recognize the darkness that is capitalism; to call a spade a spade and admit that hey, we’ve all been royally conned, and are being even more royally conned with each passing day. 

Capitalism is a disease.  Hence the cure (should anyone with a half a brain cell want one) isn’t more of the disease.  It’s to actually call it what it is, and destroy it. 

How do you destroy capitalism?  That’s the simplest thing.  Stop going into debt, and stop putting others in debt to you.  Money doesn’t make babies.  When you are asked to pay back $15 for the $10 you borrowed, you’re being asked to either make some counterfeit money (as do those who lend it) or to steal it from your neighbour.  There is no other way under the sun that a debt incurred under capitalism can ever be repaid.   Few have any qualm about stealing from their neighbour, especially if that neighbour happens to be a total stranger, or better yet, a declared enemy. 

You don’t care?  You think that because you have a job, or your house is paid for, you can think, “I’m OK, you’re OK?”  You think that because that drone that just blew up an Afghan wedding party didn’t blow up your wedding party, it’s OK?  You think that the makers and users of the drone care more about you than about the Afghan bride and groom and their family?  You can’t figure out that the only reason you’re still alive is because you’re worth more as a consumer and you have nothing of value the predators can’t have for the taking without a fight?   

Under capitalism, anything that makes a profit is OK.  If that means perpetual war, then so be it.  If that means corruption, lies, cheating, buying the justice system, rigging elections, polluting land, sea, and air, then so be it.  If it means destroying nations and committing genocide, so be it.  This whole game has absolutely nothing to do with right and wrong; with morality; with common sense.  It has to do with dollars, yuans, rubles, and whatever makes those valuable to the psychopathic 1% of the population that has enslaved the 99% to do its bidding.

The USSR economy was collapsed because it had begun to build something that could be looted.  The Middle East is in a shambles because it has resources that can be looted.  The less-economically viable nations of the European Union (Ireland, Greece, Spain) are being looted.  Africa is  moaning in disease and drowning in bloodshed because it has natural and labour resources that can be looted.  Latin America’s democracies are being destabilized and destroyed because there are resources there the dragon of Wall Street needs to sate it’s insatiable appetite for blood and bone yards . 

And on Wall Street… or any other place where the 1% capitalist looters gather, there are hundreds of fake smiles baring blood-stained teeth when the psychopaths dance around the facsimile of the global debt cake.  And are these dragon servants to blame for the condition of the planet?  Not at all: they are performing according to their nature, and the 99% whom they have enslaved also are performing according to their own nature.  No one’s to blame.  A thing is what it is, and it isn’t something else until someone, some crazy individual says to herself, this is bullshit, I’m not following that agenda anymore. 

And when things change for that one individual, everything changes… but justice prevails: they only change for that one individual.  The rest must continue to fuel the destruction of their world by whatever means the 1% elites have chosen to exercise.  The rest must continue to pay, to fear, to worry, to harbour anger and resentment, and to die in hate and hopelessness.  

13 thoughts on “Defining Capitalism

  1. We come from dreams ~

    Oh my YES, this is what I’m talkin about! This is getting reblogged. Having lived as an outlaw for most of my life (think Robin Hood), I’ve skirted and danced around the money machine, and at this stage of the / my game, I’m hardly going to change my ways.


  2. Woebegone but Hopeful

    Welcome to the world of European style socialism
    (There’s a kind of sweet (I’m being patronisingly sardonic) naivety about the way American commentators and politicians label some US politicians as ‘socialist’, when actual fact the views of these ‘socialists’ would fit them somewhere in the middle of the European political spectrum)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Roger. I actually was defining capitalism, which has nothing to do with socialism, except when “commentators” or politicians indulge in misdirection. Socialism, in my view, is best defined in Jesus’ comments in the gospel according to Luke, chapter 6. Once people “get it” that that is how it’s supposed to work, then we can talk about socialism. Currently some even refer to Bernie Sanders as a “socialist” – and he’s as much a socialist as a dodo resembles a great albatross. What do people object to the most? The dreaded concept that perhaps global, social justice demands a fair and equitable sharing of ALL of earth’s resources. If peace is a valid concept; if we want justice for all, we must begin by shedding any valid thoughts we may harbour concerning capitalism. Injustice begins when I allow myself to think I’m in some way more worthy than someone else. The day I no longer believe that; the day I no longer think that, or take that for granted and act on it, that’s the day I may qualify to call myself a socialist.

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      1. Woebegone but Hopeful

        Hi Sha’
        Sorry I didn’t make it clear. Your post was certainly in the socialist realm by European standards. (compliment)
        I certainly could relate to it.
        Yes, Bernie Sanders wouldn’t fit into the socialist camp over here in the UK; maybe the Liberal Democrats, which are a sort of middle-of-the-road ‘Let’s all be nice’ party…. they were wiped out in our last General Election (sad really, they mean well).
        In the meanwhile.
        Take care.
        Keep writing.
        Best wishes


  3. Phil Huston

    “I actually was defining capitalism”
    I usually don’t even bother with politics and economics because a gangster is a gangster. However you are oversimplifying your direct hit on estate builders and the entire 1% concept of I have my million, go get your own regardless of who or what I raped in a system that condones that rape to get it. You raged on more than the machine, you raged on the lack of heart in it’s (unfortunately human) avariciously motivated center.

    “…and to die in hate and hopelessness.” There is no justification for this truth as wine is drunk and marble is polished and an old woman with a battered suitcase and few teeth stands at the bus stop living like dying was a bad thing, hanging on to the spark that money can’t buy. Don’t let anger overtake you, the tapestry of injustice is God’s own poetry.


  4. Sha'Tara Post author

    Thanks for your comment. I wouldn’t know where to begin replying coherently to the points you make. Perhaps re: anger. Anger can be a great motivator, as can any vice or virtue. The question is, what will it motivate me to think, say, do? I’ve never had any qualms about hating evil, including evil doers. They’re not victims, they’re predators. Hate what is evil, cling to what is good: still valid advice.


  5. Géd

    The title is somehow misleading, capitalism has a definition everyone can look in a dictionary, so it does not need to be defined, it must be fought and replaced by something different from communism (communism is often opposed to capitalism, but there are many other ways)


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thanks for your comment. I suppose I could have used “delineating” instead, but it wouldn’t make much difference to the contents of the essay. Capitalism is exactly how I define it here. I’d be interested in reading some of your ideas on how to replace capitalism in today’s economic chaos.



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