World Bridger – a timeless vision

World Bridger  –  a timeless vision
from  ~Burning Woman~  as experienced by Sha’Tara 

There was nothingness.  Then there was darkness as I emerged from a deep and timeless sleep.  In the darkness, I heard a voice echoing. It said: “You are Tara the Planet Bridger…”  Thus did I re-discover my true purpose in non-time and thus was I re-awakened.  

As I peered into the dark, which was the dark of space, I saw two planets orbiting. Then the voice continued: “In the depths of space, two twin worlds move slowly towards each other through the eons of time… Soon they will come close enough to each other for a bridge to be formed.  Prepare yourself for you are that bridge…”

Then I saw these twin worlds.  One was pristine; beautiful, green, lush, full of life. Its waters were blue and clear. Everywhere it emanated a sense of pure joy. The other was the opposite: it was blighted, polluted, desecrated. Smoke swirled around it, and on its surface people ran here and there aimlessly.   There were wars being fought, and famine was rampant. There were plagues and diseases of all kinds. Pain, misery and death marked the passage of time there…

            When these two worlds approached one another, at some perfect timing, a ball of reddish/golden light appeared between the two planets. Inside this ball of light was a being, a woman, apparently sleeping.   Then, I found myself there: I was that being, Tara, the World Bridger. I awakened from my sleep and began to stretch my body. As I did so, I emerged from the ball of light as from a shell and it vanished.

In that space, I stretched my feet towards the pristine world and I saw them enter the soil to become a part of the landscape.   I stretched my head to the wrecked and wretched planet, and when it touched, my hair, which flowed in abundance, entered that soil like millions of roots, and I became a part of that world.  Joy flowed from my feet and horror squeezed my head into the ultimate headache. 

But now a bridge had been formed between two worlds.  Soon, people from the blighted world began to walk upon my flesh and to test this phenomenon.  Some, recognizing the bridge, gave thanks and quickly made their way to the waiting Edenic world.   Most, sadly, feared the consequences of trusting in this new thing, and chose to just wander around a bit, then return to their miserable subsistence. Another type of human came to explore my body: the ‘gold diggers’.   These brought the same tools they had been using to destroy their planet. They proceeded to cut up my flesh, looking for treasure. Finding nothing of value or interest that appealed to their blighted senses, they too returned to their world greatly disappointed and angry…

 In time, when the two worlds were again beginning to orbit apart, all those who were upon my body left. Most had opted to remain on their old world, afraid of the future presented to them.   They could not believe that this new world was ‘real.’ When I was completely clear of traffic, of human life, I tore myself free of the old world. My hair pulled out of my head and remained in the soil there. I wrenched my legs away from the new world, and my feet remained in that soil. I rolled myself into a ball in excruciating pain… and died… Rather, I became non-living, in the sense that it is understood here. My body then vanished in space but my agonized mind hovered for a time in its place of failure.  

Then the voice returned and said: “In time, when this cycle is complete, you will again return to bridge these two worlds, for you are infinite, you are of life and you are a provider.”

17 thoughts on “World Bridger – a timeless vision

  1. We come from dreams ~

    First of all: Wow. Impressive and clear! Perhaps the this-world’s ancient Norse had a partial vision of you when they spoke of the ‘rainbow bridge,’ Bifröst.


  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    I just take the visions as they are given, and I listen to the comments, the teachings, also as they come. The Voice came from an entity that claimed to be the god RA – so he said, and he also said I was both, his daughter and his beloved, as he said, “we are of infinite and eternal fabric and these are the choices we make, the lives we choose.” I have many such visions and experiences that span much distance and times. My “title” ~burning woman~ was given to me as a connection to the Phoenix, and much closer to earth, I chose it as a remembrance for all the women who have been burned alive by the Status Quo over the millennia. I looked up Bifröst and noted that there is also a connection to fire, and burning in that “myth” of earth. In “my” world, there are no such things as myths, only forgotten, misunderstood or deliberately buried and obfuscated parts of the history of earth, much of it pre-dating man. There is much history here that man was never intended to know, hence the great efforts put forth by the Matrix, especially through religion, systematic “education” and modern evolutionary science.


    1. We come from dreams ~

      I read this several hours ago as we were getting ready for one of our sleep periods. This gave me the advantage of being able to sleep on it – which I do a lot of when it comes to these things – and let a clear response emerge. RA’s words to you (and I gather that ‘words’ are only a portion of these message-visions) ring true here for a couple of reasons. We had some experience with the ‘Egyptians’ some years back. We were given a history of how the initial freedom and interchange between RA’s world and we mortals was all but destroyed by the first real pharaoh. I think his name was Menes? And it’s significant that He called you his daughter and beloved. As I understood what was ‘shown’ to us, the relationship between the immortals and us was in exactly those terms; it was the later pharaohs who took the idea a bit too literally and wound up marrying their daughters and grand-daughters.
      I agree wholeheartedly with you about ‘myth.’ Almost anyone today seems to immediately equate ‘myth’ with ‘fairy-tale,’ in the sense of a hold-over from ‘superstitious’ times. From my viewpoint, saying that a myth is fairy-tale is fine, because they are of an eternal validity. My story about Mnemosyne is just such a myth. To those who hold to the ‘superstitious nonsense’ view, well; you have my sympathy. The idea that we were never to know of these things goes back to the origins of a controlling priesthood which insisted that we lesser mortals could not approach the immortals EXCEPT through such priests. To which I have steadfastly said, “Bullshit!”
      And your title, ‘burning woman,’ befits you, as does your name Sha’Tara. For all of the women which the Matrix burned, never let the world forget. And as I sat here writing this, that part of my busy-bee brain was breaking your name into plausible pre-Dynastic Egyptian: Sha being a form of Set; Ta, Thoth; Ra, well, yes, of course! This is humbly offered to you with no insistence on my part that I’m right, or that you ‘must’ accept it LOL!


      1. Sha'Tara Post author

        Thank you. Of course I accept your interpretations, or deep diggings, in the spirit in which they are offered. I certainly have nothing deeper or contrary to supply and any new information is greatly appreciated. I write what I was/am given; what I can remember of the messages, teachings, warnings, prophecies, visions, as they come to me in these mental bundles of information which my mind has become quite adept at opening up and interpreting – at least to the point where it makes sense to me. Interesting that you also know about the “superstitious times” which, in fact, were much less “superstitious” than what we live in today. In the spiritual sense, man has been de-evolving for several thousand years now, and the latest “Darwin/Dawkins” madness of faith in evolutionary pseudo-science posturing against the older superstition of organized religion is indicative of why the planet is being systematically despoiled as both forces align themselves with money and numbers in an attempt to destroy each other, which of course can never happen. There are, so I’ve been taught, 3 “Powers” that rule earth with a dictatorial iron fist, in rotation upon the One Throne: Religion, the State and Money. Science of course is the ultimate prostitute: it will serve either or all of the 3 Powers according to how much they’re willing to pay – and it will say whatever they want it to say and its pronouncements will be as those of a god to the dummied-down sheeple in awe of what they think is their technocracy. Science will do whatever her pimps demand and the resultant death and destruction will be inconsequential – for its slaves have no conscience. Many thanks again for your input. Any and all insights you can, or wish, to share, this is the forum to do it on.


  3. Hargun Wahi

    Tara means ‘a star’ in Hindi. What does your name mean otherwise?
    That was a fascinating and interesting dream..and the knowing your purpose of course is big reawakening. Great post 🙂


    1. Sha'Tara Post author

      Thank you for your comment and query, Hargun. The name has many interpretations, even beyond my own awareness. Sha, short for two main aspects I do know: Shalom (peace) and Shakti (primordial divine energy in Hinduism – quote: Shakti is the divine force, manifesting to destroy demonic forces and restore balance. Every God in Hinduism has his Shakti and without that energy they have no power.) So, much in keeping with Shalom, only more active in purpose. Tara in the old tongue of my people means Earth; and as you say, star in Hindi. There are many other “connections” to Earthian history, for example my personal connection to the Egyptian god, RA, which is also part of my other, non-Earth names; Altra and Altara, my spirit male and female aspects. All part of an extended cosmic and timeless spiritual/mental/physical “family” genealogy. My “people” are also part of that group of spiritual entities known as the WindWalkers.

      To add, and to demonstrate how history is like a flowing river with many tributaries, and how our names form bridges between these tributaries, let me show you another connection, this one to India through Christianity, the religion of my earth parents. Briefly, my Teacher, El Issa, although her name means the exalted ISSA which is an acronym for intelligent, sentient and self aware being, also takes her name from the man the Christians call Jesus, whom they elevated to the level of god as Christ. When Jesus was a still a young boy he travelled to India in search of knowledge and wisdom for much of that had been lost through the endless imperial wars in what we know as the Middle East and Greece. In India, the people called him Issa. It is now the Arabic name for Jesus in Islam (I believe).

      When we research the thoughts that fill our minds day and night; when we think about who we are, and the endless possibilities that stretch into our past and our future, that is when we begin to awaken to the truth about ourselves; that we are incredibly more than our “system” would have us ever realize. Our names, sometimes given, sometimes chosen, but particularly the chosen ones, possess much power to help us understand our place in the cosmos and serve as guides in helping us develop a purpose in life.

      Thanks again for your query.

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  4. Lisa R. Palmer

    I am speechless, and in awe. I have the “truth chills” happening as I read this…

    Thank you for sharing your vision, and for opening up about you…



  5. Sha'Tara Post author

    Lisa, there’s something amazing about you. You picked up on the fact that I have been holding back from revealing that aspect of “me.” It was a difficult decision, but then I thought, perhaps these thoughts, these vision, would be helpful, or enlightening to someone; perhaps someone hesitating on the verge of committing to a larger, more spiritual life, afraid that in today’s materialistic and commercialized world there is nobody who thinks like the ancient gurus, avatars, teachers, shamans, peace weavers. Well yes, we still exist, as we always have, and most of us are/remain hidden behind Earthian body masks in order to survive. The path is totally inclusive… 🙂



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