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The Sacred Cow Trinity

      [thoughts from   ~burning woman~   by Sha’Tara]

 I’ll start with a truly erudite intro, a well known and popular song that brings Matrix induced emotional tears to the eyes:

Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o,
And on his farm he had a cow, e-i-e-i-o.
With a moo moo here, and a moo, moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo,
Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o.

In case there’s any doubt about the topic, this short essay is all about cows.  A particularly insidious and infectious breed of cows: Sacred Cows.

Is there anything more popular than sacred cows on this world?  Nothing comes even close.  Man’s society (that’s the species, not the gender) functions entirely on the basis of faith in sacred cows.  Now I need to make a basic list, so we’ll all know what I’m talking about, because you see these sacred cows have many names, none of which, of course, would remind anyone of cows.  Long live misdirection!

Oh wait, before we draw up the list, it may be advantageous to actually define the term, sacred cow.  I wonder if Wiktionary can be of help here. 

sacred cow ‎(plural sacred cows)  (idiomatic) Something which cannot be tampered with, or criticized, for fear of public outcry. A person, institution, belief system, etc. which, for no reason other than the demands of established social etiquette or popular opinion, should be accorded respect or reverence, and not touched, handled or examined too closely.

Well, there you have it, exactly what I’m talking about.  Now let’s make a list of Major Sacred Cows.  It’s easy, there’s only three actually and all the rest of them fall in ever-expanding lesser categories of sacred cows.

The first: Religion, belief in Deity.  Do I need to elaborate?  I think not.

The second:  The State, Government, without which, however lame, ignorant, sick, despotic, sociopathic it turns out to be, people firmly believe they could not exist without. 

The Third, obviously is Money which under a carefully and powerfully maintained system of unjust trade which creates crushing oppression world-wide, people believe they could not exist without, in some form or other, and it’s a Cow with many different skins.

The milk from all three Cows is poisonous, not only to man, but to his world.

I live in Canada, and write from Canada, so for the time being I can point the finger at this evil Trinity of Sacred Cows and I can be reasonably sure, as of today, that I won’t be arrested, jailed, tortured and either burned alive (the old favourite trick of Christianity) or stoned to death or beheaded (the old and current favourite trick of Islam) for blasphemy.  Not that such threats would stop me from writing this, but just saying, for those who take what’s left of personal freedom for granted; freedoms that only remain in effect because the psychopaths that have high-jacked all “democratic” nations’ governments have not yet found a sure-fire way to cancel these personal freedoms.  That such a time is fast arriving, particularly in “*Pentagonia” some twenty or so miles to the south of here, is no longer in doubt.  Still, here, George Orwell could still write, maybe even publish, “1984” and “Animal Farm” without facing a kangaroo court and lynching. 

Why do I say that Religion (particularly organized, registered, politically active Religion), the State and Money are sacred cows?  Because they are not only completely unnecessary in a properly functioning world of *ISSA beings, they are an obvious detriment to health, wealth and happiness for ninety five percent of the entire human population.  Where they defecate is sacred and can’t be touched.  (Don’t worry about my statistics, I make them up as I go along, but in this case, I think my dart is heading for the bull’s eye.)

The social harm caused by organized religion, particularly when riding the political cart, has been so well documented, it boggles the mind that any intelligent person would still seek to find fulfillment or any sort of social improvement within that vehicle.  In “*Pentagonia” any individual running for the topmost political office of the land has to have some kind of verifiable and viable link to the official religion: Christianity.  Some will object to that, stating their constitution, and claim that the Pentagonian government is free of religion.  Sure, and I’ve got three sections of beautiful farmland with a clean, clear trout-filled stream running through it to sell you at cost – on Mars.  Just try to imagine a self-described, publicly advertised atheist running for president and how far s/he would get.  No, you have to be a visible member of the Ruling Elite Religion, and that’s not debatable.  It’s much less debatable in any Muslim theocracy.  There it’s blasphemous, hence punishable by death, to claim to be an atheist.  You don’t have the choice to believe or not.  Believe in Allah, or die (without even the hope of glimpsing your seventy virgins).  Oh, and don’t forget to check the belief menu du jour: there’s a right way and many wrong ways to believe in Allah.  The wrong way gets you dead.  Along with your family, but that’s only common sense.

The situation is no different with governments.  Anyone knows by now that changing labels at the top end makes no difference to the big picture.  That’s mainly due to the fact that governments do not run the country, they only rule it.   The country is run by the bureaucrats, and they are hired, not elected.  No matter who’s on top, the bureaucrat will continue to go through the motions s/he was hired to go through forty-one years ago yesterday. 

Only in rare cases, when a particular bureaucrat openly and publicly violates some oath of office, will firing take place, or charges be laid.  But that’s a drop of water in the bureaucratic ocean.  Nothing can fundamentally change.  We have the examples of many dictators, Stalin for example, who purged and purged and purged the bureaucracy until all the flags were blood stained and bones were bleaching under the snows, to establish his particular pathocratic version of government.  Millions died, tens of millions more toiled unto their death in work camps.  And where is his famous USSR empire today?  How different is Russia today than it was under the Czars, and Stalin, fundamentally speaking? 

Do I even need to talk about money?  Money is the ultimate illusion; the ultimate gamble; the foremost path to absolute despair for a growing majority of the world’s population.  What is money?  Well, it’s numbers, and it’s something between an incredibly popular and long-running soap opera and the weirdest of organized sports whose players (everybody) are owned by bankers and plutocrats. 

The problem with money is, it possesses no intrinsic value.  A dollar bill is a promissory note – a promise to pay – and when you consider the kind of minds that come together to make that promise, well, believing it takes even more faith than believing in an invisible sky wizard.  In today’s world, at this moment, the world’s money is counted in trillions upon trillions of dollar-euro-ruble-yuan-camel dung-casino chits’ worth of debt.  That’s it: the only real value ascribed to money currently is debt which is avidly bought and sold as wonderful collateral. 

They must have stopped teaching arithmetic after I left school because it was taught that if you have three apples and you owe your neighbour five apples, you are short two apples.  That’s it.  If you cannot find some way to replace those two apples, you’re in debt and your neighbour is entitled to take from you anything of value to make up his loss of his two apples.  That was the game.  Now you can sell your shortfall to some ding-dong from another planet who then sells it to another loony from another galaxy and as the loss is moved from idiot to idiot who can’t possibly understand the basic rules of the game, you no longer have a debt… that is until the bouncing ball makes its rounds and comes back to knock on your back door:  “Hi honey, I’m home!” 

So, look at those three Sacred Cows, man’s Sacred Trinity of Powers, and see if, through some bit of logic and common sense you can’t figure out what’s wrong with worshipping those things.  See if there isn’t, tucked deep in the back of your human mind, some rebel idea waiting to be brought forth into the light, even if you need to purchase a twenty dollar LED light bulb to do it.  See if that idea is developed enough to give an inkling of what life could be like without Religion, Government or Money.  As John Lennon would say, Imagine.  Is that so hard?

What would it take for people to live peacefully and contentedly side by side everywhere in the world?  Could it just be the desire to live in peace?  Not a chance.  Any desire has the life-expectancy of the average New Year’s resolution.  Desires are based on feelings and… well, let’s not go there except to say, as long as people insist on interacting based on feelings, they should never be let out of the nursery.  Desire for peace, desire for equality, desire for acceptance, any desire: you can pile them on, three-thousand thick, liberally douse them with water, cut off the oxygen and they’ll still go up in smoke with nothing to show except more of same old. 

Not desire.  Not wishes.  While I’m listing the “nots” what else is guaranteed not to work in any effort to topple sacred cows?  Love.  There’s the real problem; the real illusion.  Love is what makes people worship, and there’s nothing to worship but sacred cows! 

So here I go again:  the one and only “solution” and the certain death of all sacred cows: compassion.  Think of compassion, not love.  Forget love.  You can repeat that infamous biblical bit spouted by that false apostle, Paul of Tarsus in his letter to the First Church of Corinth.  It’s “the love chapter,”  as in, “1st Corinthians thirteen” (feel lucky now?) All About Love.  What it isn’t, what it is.  What it could be, should be, would be… whatever.  All I need to know about love is what the greatest “love” Religion in the world has done in its name, or in the name of its loving Deity.  That closes the book with a snap loud enough to wake the whole snoozing biblical research library. 

How do you define compassion?  First, it’s something you have to choose to become; it’s not something you do, and it’s not something you can turn on and off at will.  Compassion is a way of life as well as one’s ultimate purpose.  It doesn’t have rules on how it expresses because it is infinite in scope.  Compassion is never reciprocal.  Think about that: never reciprocal, whereas love always is.  Unconditional love is a total contradiction, an oxymoron.

Compassion is exponentially self-sacrificial.  The “self” becomes the famous burning bush; the living sacrifice, the self-ignited and self-fueled fire to compassion.  Compassion is the flaming arrow into the mind that lights the fires of empathy.  The compassionate being in time must of necessity become an empath.  Again a very misunderstood word that.  An empath feels what you feel, the happy, the sad, the glowing health and the pain.  The full empath knows all of it, all the joy and all the sorrow, all the time.  Compassion will lead you there and once empathy is fully awakened, there is no going back, not ever, not even for a Star Wars sequel.  And, obviously, an empath cannot, by nature, harm another.  That’s the whole point and that’s what Sacred Cows are designed to blot from the human mind.

It should be an easy conclusion to arrive at, that compassion leads to self-empowerment; to the power to take responsibility of all aspects of one’s own life since that life is now expendable in service of others.  The compassionate being has no use for, no need of, any sacred cows.  They’ll be allowed to finish their lives, wandering the cities and the plains until they die of boredom and old age.  In a compassionate world sacred cows cannot survive because they cannot reproduce.    

*ISSA: acronym for Intelligent, Sentient, Self Aware.

*Pentagonia: based on its real power center known world-wide as “The Pentagon” – a previously nameless empire cum-nation of war, perpetually at war, whose economy is based primarily on making and selling weaponry and using them in war-making against helpless civilians, volunteer doctors, wedding parties, schools, hospitals, unarmed non-white children, whether on the other side of the globe or at home.  Citizens of Pentagonia who until now had no name and perforce had to call themselves “Americans” for the continent they live on, are called Pentagonians.