A Day on the River – picture only


The kayak, a small channel of water, sand bars: my local paradise on the Fraser River

I’ve been thinking of dedicating a post once in a while to the thousands of pictures I have taken of my personal paradise on the Fraser River, near Chilliwack.  This picture, offered as taken without any enhancements, was taken in late August 2012.  The high waters of June are much receded here, exposing miles of sandy beaches (as depicted here), and in other places, low willow thickets, grass marshes and gravel bars.  More to come.

6 thoughts on “A Day on the River – picture only

  1. treatwilliams

    Wow to that photo…living the dream…beats the old towing canal thing people do it on round here.


  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    I suppose it’s a question of “making do with what you got”? If you want to kayak, and all there is, is a canal, then that’s where you’ll have to do it, or, as some do here, get a roof-top carrier and drive to a still water area like Cultus, or Harrison, lakes. Cultus is crowded with power boats in the summer and Harrison is known for its sudden wind storms that overturn small craft. The River is practically at my back door and provides all the “excitement” any kayaker would want, except for extreme white water which isn’t my cup of tea. I like the open spaces, the powerful but navigable currents, whether traveling up or down-stream; the endlessly changing scenery, the calls of birds along the shores, the wildlife, the smells and of course those open sandy places inaccessible to anything but a kayak. Thanks for the comment, Treat.



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