This was never my Life


A loud sigh of deep frustration:
(and the dance begins)
“I no longer understand you –
what have I done
made you so cold?
made you want to leave?”

“It’s not you, oh!
I so wish you’d try
to realize this –
it’s not you, it’s me:
the problem, it’s me,
let me explain, I…
do not wish the hole I dug
to get deeper here.

I walked beneath the trees
and under the stars
there was also
the moon
staring, perhaps sharing,
behind a shimmer of cloud.

They talked to me: the trees,
the stars, the moon;
maybe even the clouds.

The owl in the treetop
translated for me,
he told me to move on
or remain stuck forever.

These are the forces
that move me – once again.

I do not belong here, I…
I made a mistake!
This was never my life,
forgive me. Goodbye Larry.



6 thoughts on “This was never my Life

  1. Amra Ismail

    As Rosaliene says you have expressed a side of complex relationships very well. Is “Good bye Larry” a popular saying? I like that line and I’ve been contemplating on it for a while.


  2. Sha'Tara Post author

    Interesting you would ask about that line, “Goodbye Larry” – I was going to use the one that came to mind, “Goodbye Harry” which I think comes from a movie, but couldn’t because someone I know is having many marital difficulties with her man who is called “Harry” so didn’t want to commit that faux pas… 🙂 So I substituted. Perhaps it is a popular saying, as you say, because “Larry” is a common name. Just to remind you, I made a change to my WP intro in which I state that anything I publish (write) on there is “public domain” (no copyright) so that anyone can just copy and use any of the material, ideas, as they wish. The whole “fun” or purpose of ideas is creating and expressing them to see where they take us. Sometimes they solve problems, as you are hoping will happen with your new article-publishing concept, and sometimes they take us to “Never Never Land. If “Goodbye Larry” fits with something you want to play with, enjoy.



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